Tuesday, September 3, 2013

AL JAZEERA...AL HAKIRA From May 22 2011 by Ghassan Kadi

Al Jazeera...Al Hakira

By Ghassan Kadi, 22 May, 2011

Qatar behaves as if it is totally immune to the events in the Arab streets. It is even involved in the NATO action against Libya.

Qatar has never been a beacon of democracy and freedom. It is as far from the Western values that it stands to protect as the Saudis. The country is an autocratic non-democratic dictatorship. The Prince of Qatar is a polygamous man with a favourite show wife. The Al-Thani’s monopoly of the country’s political life and wealth is not any different from that of the Gaddafis.

The Emir allowed Qatar to be the US headquarters for the invasion of Iraq.

Aljazeera, the Emir’s pet newsagency, is actively engaged in inciting violence and spreading lies about Syria and the Syrian regime. It is not distinguishing between the need for reform in Syria and inciting sectarian hatred. Is Aljazeera short-sighted enough not to foresee the back lash of sectarian Sunni-Alawite war in Syria (God forbid) on its own soil? How could it not when such a clash is not far from materialising in Bahrain?

With or without any sectarian conflict, the rules of the game will change when the change sweeping the Arab world will reach the Emir’s door steps and those of his big Saudi brother. In reality, after the toppling of Bin Ali and Mubarak, and the forthcoming toppling of Gaddafi, the Arab regimes that are most deserving of the same fate are those of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, the UAE, and no doubt, Qatar. That day may come sooner than the Emir wishes.

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