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Intibah Kadi, 5 August, 2017

On July 4, 2016, Ghassan and I made the statement below after weathering months of fierce, targeted, dangerous and highly mischievous political attacks on us. These were aimed to silence the voice of Ghassan, the first Indigenous person from the Levant to write regularly in the English language on the War on Syria.

More than a year later, it has become much clearer as to what is going on in the on-line and media defence of Syria movement. It has basically been hijacked and diverted, much like the strategies we hear Soros does to existing movements.  An incredible irony took place; the initiator of the defamation campaign has written extensively on Hybrid Warfare and employed from that suite of strategies, tactics to silence Ghassan.

We have seen a line up of "friends" of Syria, eager to believe the fabrications against a good, patriotic, competent indigenous analyst such as "Ghassan Kadi". Who are these "friends" of Syria engaged in attempts to silence him? Over a year later, we can see who they all are. Almost without exception, they are all the "friends" of Syria who have made a name for themselves as "experts" on Syria or "activists" for Syria.  Some are just opportunists, but a number it seems have some serious questions attached to their names. The one connector, alarmingly, is that they all have turned on us and defended a proven Christian Zionist operative. Even one of them, who should have known better than to engage in such smears after relying on Ghassan Kadi to get him quickly up to speed on Syria, admitted how much of a teacher Ghassan had been to him and wrote this in the inside cover of his book for Ghassan.

True patriots like Ghassan are completely entitled to analyse difficult issues and offer their opinions and opinions are all they are. Nothing remains hidden forever. In time the President of Syria himself will hear the true story about the hijacking and subverting of the Syria social media defence movement and the story behind the analyst and writer of the book he received last July 2016.

Here is the original statement made over a year ago by Ghassan and myself.

By Intibah Kadi, July 4, 2016

Ghassan and I decided that we would make this statement as there are some curious claims and possibly some fabricated screenshots circulating around (which can be addressed later).

Our Identity.

*Most friends here on FB who have got close to me know my real name. Almost all who were reasonably close at least knew what country I lived...
in. When in a situation of discussing our life and story, it matched exactly that of reality, but I might have said to some “I live in a Western country”. I often mentioned that we have a home in the “Levant” or specifically mentioned the name of the city and that we basically abandoned it and that is the truth. I never lied to anyone! In fact, compared to the majority on FB fighting for Syria I was very forthcoming about who I really am!

*I had the right to be vague about some personal details as is common in potentially dangerous activist work. Even I offered a few to know about me and they didn’t want to know (!) Ghassan about 6 months ago made a post where he invited anyone to pm him if they wanted to know our identity.

*So our ID is not a big secret from GOOD Syrians and their supporters.

*Naturally putting our names in a link on “global” settings on the page of a well known Syrian activist who is watched by the Takfiris was rather a devastating experience for us as we are from the region – from Syria and Lebanon. Ghassan has had many threats made to his life so this was not a good thing.

*Why such a need for the use of pseudonyms? Simple: because where we have a home it is now dangerous for us. We had to abandon it at the end of 2010. We had been planning to move our base to Damascus and spend half the year there and the other half in Australia. Where our home is, the city was filling up to the brim with Jihadists and a lot of community seemed to be getting increasingly radical. Those who did not like this just tried to keep quiet and invisible as the madness was carrying people along.

* Ghassan’s parents were secular people who were lifelong SSNP activists. The father was many times imprisoned and once for 4 years...ALL for trying to unite Lebanon back to Syria. His father insisted on staying in his city despite the growing radicalisation and that was an issue even decades ago.

*The Syrian connection? Both parents of Ghassan were born in Syria as per birth certificate: one remained a Syrian national and one got Lebanese citizenship after the Sykes Picot Agreement. So half the family are in Syria and the other half are in Lebanon.

*Being brought up in a SSNP family, Ghassan was always told he is Syrian and that is what all SSNP people say as they don’t recognise the Sykes-Picot Agreement. As the wife of European ethnicity, I am actually regarded in the SSNP community as “Syrian” but never ever have I told people I am Syrian! But I am part of that community.

*So we took on our pseudonyms and thought our unique perspectives would be very helpful, given our good English writing skills and straddling both societies. We have served the online-English speaking social media defence of Syria since 2011.

*I was admin of The Syrian Revolution; The Untold Story for 3 ½ years but Ghassan and I had a disagreement with the founder about the content and strategies regarding the group. The disagreement initially began after the other admin and I agreed to get rid of two disruptive members whose aim was to run down Syria’s allies, particularly Russia. The founder of the group was very unhappy about the removal of one person, a Syrian, who she added later on when I had gone. After that Ghassan and I, with a few friends, set up REDLINE SYRIA as many friends asked us to stay around and not leave FB.

Federalism Issue: Part One.

*I spoke out recently about a letter the HQ of the SSNP sent to an “analyst” in response to a most mischievous and potentially damaging article. The “analyst” was requested by the SSNP to post their letter publicly. That was done but in a twisted way to portray himself as not having done something wrong and to look like SSNP Head Office criticism of my husband which, given the “untold story” behind this, is most bizarre. Whether the SSNP officials contacted his employer or the Russian government or just him… I have no idea. However, because I poked the fire, the whole accusation of my husband Ghassan Kadi being a supporter of “Federalism” has surfaced again.

*A personal conversation I had with a Serbian in mid-March this year was posted in some Syrian groups as “proof” that Ghassan supports “Federalism” of Syria. My responses in that conversation actually go in Ghassan’s and my favour…of course! I wonder if anyone actually reads?

*I cut out the other person’s comments so that we can just focus on my answers. It all centred around the article my husband was about to publish on The Saker called “Syrian-Turkish Border Security: Check Point Taurus” and which was later on, in a bizarre twist, used as a document of “proof” to show the SSNP was doing the dirty on Syria! (See Federalism Issue Part Two below)

*If someone repeats lies often enough they begin to believe it as well as others! It seems that if we say “A” then the detractor says we said “Z” or if we say “red” they say we said “green” and if we say that, just like the Government of Syria and the SSNP say, that we want unity of Syria …then we are accused of advocating partition. Ghassan, as a Syrian, has the right to think about difficult issues for Syria and write. Non Syrians might have an opinion, but this campaign was just unbelievable.

So what was said on 21 to 22 March in the pm that was shared? This was supposed to be incriminating of Ghassan! I wonder if anyone actually analyses the rants against us!
I am responding to a “friend” about Ghassan’s article.

“My dear you said this "Ghassan made a big mistake supporting this Federalization attempt which is contrary to the Majority of Syrian's will”

“There is NO way on the planet, not in the entire universe that Ghassan supports this and ALL he said was that if this federalisation were to happen we could take advantage of it.”

“Ghassan lived his entire life in a family that tried to reunite greater Syria. His dad went to jail for four years for this and maybe about 26 other times was jailed and tortured for his work in reunification. He knows all about these kind of strategies on the ground and in reality as you have also experienced.”

“A good strategist has to be able to look at situations and turn them into opportunities to his advantage. And as in Ghassan's article if you examine it a little closer, you will see that he is clearly saying that he is NOT in support of this move but that, nevertheless, there is a silver lining there and if this autonomy does materialise we have two options: (1) Either use that silver lining to our advantage or (2) sit back, cry that we are victims and do nothing and therefore allow this federation issue to really become a division and a partition.”

”If you can't see that this is what Ghassan's article is about then I think you need to re-read it.”

”I am not sure if you are close to Ghassan's age...but he is 61 and there was never a time in his life where he lived in peace, harmony and stability. I assume you had some of those good years under Yugoslavia?”

”He has a sixth sense about politics in the entire region. The day he heard about "Arab Spring" in Egypt and Libya he had a feeling that this was going to be a big thing for Syria.”

”So I can really hear you about your incredible experiences but I haven't even scratched the surface of Ghassan's personal experiences.”

”He did not write that article because he likes the ideas in it - he was writing in a realistic manner based on his observations and experiences and in dealing with realities especially about the much needed and missing ability in the region of trying to turn adversity into an opportunity where the only other option is surrender.”

”Of course the Syrian government must prevent this model but this is about the case if it is not preventable”

”It is not about manipulation of Turkish Kurds it is about Kurds on both sides making a comparison about who has better rights and lifestyle.”

”The Kurds will support whoever supports them and of course they were in the past and there will be elements of them who go with Israel and USA. If the federation thing did happen and Syria can not prevent that then you go and do a big propaganda job and win them over.”

”Forget about politics, communism and NATO...people left East Germany and went to West Germany because they believed they would get a better life. People will gravitate towards a better the event of this awful federation scenario happening a plan can be made to turn that plan upside down and that is ALL that the article was on about.”

”Did you know that Iran is the biggest winner of that terrible invasion of Iraq. How? Because the Iranians stood back, they knew that America will not be able to control the ground, stepped in later on with their diplomacy and contacts and turned the whole scenario to their advantage. Now this is strategic thinking. This doesn't mean that they took part in the war, or supported it or it doesn;t mean that they were not worried that USA would achieve all its objectives...all of these possibilities were on the table. So they just waited for the right moment and gradually stepped in. This is strategic thinking.”

”And this does not mean we want the same to happen in Syria that happened in Iraq, but to demonstrate how you can turn your enemies plots against them.”

*Now, let me tell you what a well known and respected senior Syrian had to say in late March this year to all this silliness
This Syrian said
“---, I have read Ghassan Kadi's articles as well as your responses. I have made comments of the subject in various posts of mine which I would like to summarize here so that you become aware of my point of view.

First, The possibility for the Syrian Kurds to separate does not exist as long as Syria is not invaded, then divided by a hostile foreign power.

Second, No one, including the Syrian government has a crystal ball to pre-determine the will of the majority of Syrians, and no one has the power to exclude the Kurdish issue from the Syrian national debate, including the illusory proposed federation, which will be given careful and serious consideration before the adoption of a new constitution

Finally, it is unfair to accuse proponents or opponents of a 'Kurdish federation' argument, because federations, as you know, do not necessarily mean separate, independent states. Given Ghassan's argument, it is demonstrably an over-reaction to accuse Ghassan of "advocating' the breakup of Syria.

Thanks for your interest in Syria's history and future.”

Federalism Issue Part Two
Why the Attack on the SSNP?
*The SSNP is in partnership with the Syrian Government and it’s a really important alliance. The history and philosophical platform of the SSNP is the very last of any party in the region that would advocate any partition of Syria and if you want to know what it considers as Syrian original boundaries here is the map attached below.

*Why did the “geopolitical analyst” write a whole article accusing the SSNP of advocating partition? Was it purely written to just discredit Ghassan? Is that possible? If that was the case, the “analyst” shot himself in the foot as the SSNP had to deal with him.

*The whole theory of the article was based on two supposedly “incriminating” pieces. Ghassan’s was the main one which even had a link to it in the body of the “analyst’s article” which I think was removed. It is
The second article is some Foreign Policy magazine that attempted to link the SSNP with USA and that they were secretly working together, something so impossible!

*So, the “geopolitical analyst” based his theory on a lie he put in the mouth of Ghassan, considered him an SSNP member just because of his father’s background, and then made a whole lot of generalisations and fantasy and then…turned it into SSNP party policy!

*The “analyst” never presented any evidence or a link to any SSNP official declaring that they support federalism! But he wanted to convince the audience that it was the case!
Why? What was he trying to achieve and why?
Was it simply a miscalculated attempt to stain Ghassan’s reputation or to stain the reputation of the SSNP or to create divisions or all these?

*Just recently the same analyst stated that he thought Iran was about to betray Syria and support the ousting of President Assad and some kind of Federalisation. He says many wild things about other countries and situations where usually he says they are traitors of some sort. He said this about the Cuban government without providing solid proof, and accusing India of backstabbing BRICS and many good Indian academics totally disagree.

*I have no idea what this young man’s agenda truly is and I was a great friend to him and can not fully understand what has happened. We did share with him our concerns about some of his inflammatory articles that could spark racism or,in an earlier instance, sectarianism. But we always felt he was close enough for us to be open with him. I hold a lot of his secrets and even though he wants to hurt us, who knows why, I am not going to stoop to his level and reveal things that could really hurt his career or cause extreme embarrassment.

*An interesting fact: before Ghassan published his first article about Kurds, amongst other things, Ghassan and I used to have almost daily communications with the “analyst”. There was a healthy exchange of ideas and information sharing. We often asked eachother questions about certain issues. The moment Ghassan published the first article called “Kurdish Autonomy: Partition or Master Plan?” All of this stopped, overnight. Instead of communicating privately about it as we normally would, in a matter that sought clarification etc., the tone suddenly changed and even though Ghassan’s letters to him fully explained that this was not about advocating partition, the “analyst” remained committed totally to his stand.

*Ghassan took this article to many people for independent assessment and they all concurred with him that the article was very clear about its message and that it did not advocate partition in any matter, shape or form.

*If there was any need for anyone to provide an explanation to the other, the onus was on the “analyst” to explain why he made his sudden, unwarranted, unexplained and stubborn knee jerk backflip.

*At this stage I see this “analyst” surrounded by the likes of an anti-Russian “troll” and Christian-Zionists, the likes of which we have been discussing recently, and notably a deeply hateful right wing, domineering friend who has no business with Syria. They all are currently engaged in pursuing quite extraordinary efforts to defend a particular Christian-Zionist. It is truly bizzare.

*For more information on my research into Christian-Zionists you can visit Ghassan’s or my page and there are about 6 different posts from myself, Ghassan, and two others. They are also in Redline Syria but it is easier to find on our personal walls.

Threatening A Young Activist In Syria.
*Where is the evidence that Ghassan and/or I threatened this Syrian?

*The Syrian Activist apparently showed “proof” by posting a profile of someone who sent a message in Arabic about “slaughtering” the “Alawite”. That was her proof and it now becomes fact?

*The last person in the world I ever thought would attack me was this Syrian. I had almost no relationship with her other than now and then “liking” her posts and saying something complimentary about her work.

*Prior to that, maybe in 2013, or some time like that, I was asked by a friend to give the Syrian (who I did not know) some feedback about how to present herself in her videos.

*I gave some feedback and also alerted her (and others did too apparently) to stay away from the group who work at degrading confidence in Syria’s allies but she obviously did not take that advice.

And this is all.

*There was NO personal talk about myself. I gave my feedback and noticed she decided to get close to those elements and stood right back instead, on some occasions “liking” her videos and giving an encouraging comment here and there but never “liking” her articles in that odious publication of the detractors of Syria’s allies.

*So why did this Syrian activist suddenly attack me? Her statements are contradictory about the threats Ghassan and I supposedly made, the supposed statements I made to her about myself and the Federalisation statements are just not correct. They are confused and jumbled as if just plucked from the air or just repeated without actual cognition.

*I noticed the Serbian person’s (who released his and my private conversation) had been involved heavily behind the scenes and then very publicly in attacks as fabrications on us and also the “analyst” wildly liking everything despite knowing the truth about us. The Christian- Zionist and her fan base were involved as well and a handful of others who over the years we exposed and questioned their loyalty to Syria. They all of sudden formed an alliance to attack us. The irony here is that just prior to that half of them did not even speak to the other half but then they suddenly found, in our articles, a threat to their stature in the on-line Syria support community.

*So they put their differences aside and decided to attempt to lynch us. And, when they had nothing of substance to say, they resorted to fabricating stories and exposing our identities in the hope that they would harm us badly and irreversibly. They have no qualms at all about siding with enemies of Russia and Christian-Zionists, all whilst they claim to be defenders of secular and independent Syria.

*When Ghassan wrote his article on The Saker warning about the encroachment of Christian-Zionists on the Syrian Orthodox community, those alleged defenders of Orthodoxy were gobsmacked. They were neither able to find any flaw in this argument, nor were they honourable enough to endorse it. So, they went silent. And even now that they go back to previous articles and accuse Ghassan of endorsing “federalisation”, they remain to date unable to make any comments about that very dangerous encroachment on Orthodoxy and, instead of looking into this serious issue, they are turning a total blind eye to it, and even worse, they are trying to muzzle the debate about the incursion of Western Evangelism into Syria.

Why the turnaround against us of that “analyst”?

Why insist on misinterpreting Ghassan’s work?

Why initially regard Ghassan’s article as an official SSNP manifesto?

Why believe unsubstantiated lies that we have sent death threats to other activists?

Why go through the trouble or editing and cherry picking bits and pieces from different articles, that have no relevance to each other, and then bundle them up together to make them look as one, and try to use this to incriminate us?

Why line up with haters of Russia?

Why cast doubts about strategic allies of Russia?

Why overlook the dangers that Syrian Orthodoxy can be facing?

Why cover up for a Western Christian-Zionist Church that blatantly supports Israel and makes Christian faith conditional upon loving Israel?

*Morally speaking, all “evidence” that the “analyst” and his henchmen and women have presented has been based on lies and deception.

*Ideologically speaking, the intents of the “analyst” and his henchmen and are in total disaccord with the global political left and the anti-Empire movement. What is also interesting to see is that the attack we have faced uses tactics and has the hallmarks of the Western MSM (mainstream media) of editing, lying, fabricating and slandering.

*Religiously speaking, the actions of the “analyst” and Co do not seem to give any care or attention to Orthodoxy as they claim to do.

*Finally, legally speaking, in a court of law, the stands and actions of the “analyst” and his henchmen and women are considered defamatory to say the least. Such actions are illegal. Ghassan and I reserve the right to take legal action against the “analyst” and his major henchman in accordance with the laws of the countries of their residence.

*Those critters will not silence us. They can go to any height and depth in their support of each other. They can scratch each-others’ sores and hope that they will find a way to intimidate us and “frighten” us. We pity them because we know that they have nothing against us; nothing but lies, and soon they will run out of more lies they can fabricate.

*Soon, they will fall against each other, like they did in the past, and instead of scratching sores, they will be snarling and biting one another. And after they fall apart, each will find enough rope to hang him/herself.

On the surface, the actions of the “analyst” carry the tag of attention-seeking and career-building at any cost, including risking legal action. At a deeper and ideological level however, I conclude by saying to him and his supporters that THEY ARE THE ONES WHO HAVE A LOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO; NOT US!

Here is the original link to the Facebook Post and below that are some examples of the nature of attacks on us and others from the region.

The first two links are examples of the kind of people who threw anything at us to try to discredit us and the third link shows examples of the “friends” of Syria (who made a name for themselves as journalists/analysts attacking the patriotic families from the region. The fourth link concerns a "gatekeeper" who was most interested to see what he perhaps considered a native rival done out of the way.
The fifth link explains how a Syrian leader in the online movement is ultimately responsible for the hijacking of our movement.

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