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An Open Letter to Salam Shaheen. By Ghassan Kadi. 31 August 2017

By Ghassan Kadi.
31 August 2017

Salam Shaheen, who also calls herself Hiba Syriana and Hiba Kelanee, was one of the first Syrian activists to start a Facebook group with the Syrian war at heart.

Others claim that they in fact started that group that was later on known as “The Syrian Revolution; the Untold Story”, and that she hi-jacked it and pushed them out. After having dealt with those who make the claims and Hiba, I find their story quite credible.

It was back in October 2011 when Intibah (my wife) and I were eager to find a pro-Syria FB group to work with and help tell the world the story of Syria to the wider world. We stumbled into the very recently formed group (TUS for short). Before that, we spent quite a bit of effort trying to work with many activists elsewhere.

I knew back then that TUS was an English-only group, but I made a little post in Arabic clearly stating that I am a Lebanese citizen by nationality, but have Syrian parents, and I consider myself a Syrian because I do not believe in the borders that were drawn by the French and British colonialists and their Sykes-Picot lines in the hills.

Ironically, some alleged supporters of Syria now, who are American, British, and even Israeli, yes Israeli, are saying that as a Lebanese national, Syria is none of my business. How ironic indeed!
Back then, it was up to a handful of English-speaking Arabs like myself to bring out Syria’s true story, and when in time we realized that there were some Western activists who genuinely wanted to help but lacked the local knowledge of history and demographics, we “educated” them; yes, educated them because many of them did not know the basics, after all, that was our job; as Syrians to tell non-Syrians, the untold story of Syria. Isn’t what the name of the group implies?

Those who were genuine were happy to learn. Others learned and did not acknowledge, while others refused to learn; because they had their own agendas.

Ironically, the main reason behind the infiltration of Jihadists and their munitions into Syria was corruption. In a recent interview, President Assad conceded that corruption is endemic, and that it exists even within the walls of the Presidential Palace.

As the online “movement” progressed in leaps and bounds therefore, and as the “Anti-Syrian Cocktail” was availing billions of dollars in funds and pouring money endlessly from bottomless pockets to fight Syria at all different levels and in every manner possible, it would be very foolish and naïve to even imagine that the enemies of Syria did not at least try to infiltrate the highly successful and very effective Syrian online defense groups.

After all, if they staged Hollywood style movie sets to film massacres to blame the Syrian Government for, why wouldn’t they do the much simpler and much cheaper act of penetrating the movement?

It was the task of Syrians and their genuine friends and supporters to vet out suspicious characters, and they did. The task was very difficult and daunting given the limited resources they had, but it all worked well.

The first crack in the solidarity of the online Syria support group was when a character who calls himself Arabi Souri started to accuse Russia, Iran and Hezbollah of being anti-Syrian.

Many, including myself, tried to talk sense into him, but to no avail. He teamed up with an American-Israeli person who calls “herself” Mary Woodward/Miri Wood, and then later on “Mary Shabiha Woodward”, and filled the movement space with anti-Russian rubbish.

Despite the mountain of evidence against Arabi Souri and his Mary, despite the many publications they made that attempted to drive a wedge between Syria and her supporters, despite them insulting Syrians who disagreed with them, and on top of that conjured up derogatory terms to describe them with, Hiba did not see any evidence of this pair having a negative effect on the movement. Instead, she decided to attack the Kadis for confronting them and exposing their nonsensical divisive and dangerous rhetoric.

Those implants could have easily been dealt with had Hiba Syriana/Salam Shaheen taken the right action; but she did not.

Long before then, Intibah became a co-admin whose main task was to vet out new applications; a task that took her up to 10 hours a day 7 days a week. During that period, membership grew from a shy few hundred to nearly 10 thousand. Yet, Hiba was so adamant to support clear enemies of Syria against loyal long-term members; a stand that eventually led to Intibah and myself leaving the group.
Hiba/Salam was ragingly furious when another admin removed the infiltrators Arabi and Co from the group, and when questioned why was she defending them so vehemently and attacked those who were exposing their treachery, she had no real answers; instead, only unsupported anti-Kadi claims of attempting to control the group. She even engaged in sending private messages to members accusing me personally of causing trouble.

But the dubious stand of Hiba did not stop at protecting Arabi Souri and his Israeli aid. In crescendo style, she defended army deserters, evangelists, profiteers, aspiring analysts with poor and dangerous vision, and the count is huge. Wittingly or unwittingly, step by step, as she lowered the defense walls of the TUS, she made the movement vulnerable to other scavengers, and she welcomed them all in for as long as they hated the Kadis and were prepared to attack them and slander them.

Yes, for some reason, Hiba developed a personal dislike for me in particular, and was unable to put her emotions aside and focus on Syria. And even though she always claimed that she was against discord and attacks that she deemed as personal (within the movement), to say she allowed TUS to be used as a venue for slandering the Kadis would be a gross understatement.

And when the defense lines of TUS, the biggest and most prominent of all pro-Syria groups were breached, every single English-speaking allegedly pro-Syria online group became a swamp infested with freaks of a multitude of objectives passions, and agendas, and a few of them had anything to do with Syria herself.

One by one, with the help of many patriotic Syrians and non-Syrian genuine supporters, those dubious characters were exposed, and every time one of them was exposed, they all honed in together like flies on a corpse and started lashing back.

Directly and indirectly, Hiba opened the door for them and gave them the key.
All we did was to expose suspicious characters and provided the solid evidence against them. That was our job. If exposing the enemies of Syria is what our friends and us are guilty of, then we carry this as a badge of honour.

Slowly and gradually, implants (mostly Western) were allowed into the movement, all whilst Hiba/Salam still held the key to either get rid of them totally, or to discredit them, she did neither. She actually fed them, promoted them, and had them replacing genuine Syrian patriots to the extent that she finally appointed a proven American Christian Zionist as a admin to TUS. At this stage, Hiba made sure that she “appointed” admins who were loyal to her personally, giving them details of her strife with the Kadis and the admin who removed Arabi Souri, but she chose to keep.

As some former “friends” used TUS to slander us and post lies and details of our identity, even our photographs, she was happy to keep those posts on her group and those members in the group. And while we are on this subject, when people attack in a way that they think they will be hurting you, they hit with their hardest weapon. Because those lowlives who betrayed the trust had nothing of substance to say against us, they thought they could hurt us by exposing our identity. Is that their best shot? When Hiba/Salam was asked by other true friends how does she allow such atrocities to take place, she never answered.

For a long time I am have been toying with the idea of writing about this, but after the unwarranted personal attack that we faced in June 2016, an attack that aimed to oust us and silence us, I walked away from FB feeling disgusted. I preferred to remain silent because I didn’t want to be seen ranting about a personal attack. I equally felt that the English online Syria defense army has already done its job, and did it successfully and that the “untold story” had been told and reached the ears of the entire world. But the story of the “War on Syria” is not at all personal, and the online component of it has to be told. What different individuals were subjected to is only a reflection of what happened to Syria and all genuine Syrian patriots everywhere.

However, more than a year later, I am publically calling out Hiba Kelanee/Syriana/Salam Shaheen and saying to her for all to see, that the entire current problems with the pro-Syria English online groups are mostly her fault and her doing. When she had the key, she invited the wolves in and threw out her compatriots.

This is treason Hiba.

It is quite understandable why resistance leaders use pseudonyms and we support this concept. We later on shared our identity with some “friends” who betrayed the trust. However, Hiba/Salam did not trust anyone with her identity, but she was happy to facilitate the betrayal of the identities of others.
“This is treason Zeinab.”

The demise of the English online pro-Syria movement and the reason it ended up as a circus of attacks and counter-attacks cannot be attributed to one person only, but no one single person has caused it so much damage and discord as much as Hiba did; and I consider her personally accountable.

The irony is that those nefarious characters that Hiba facilitated and helped reach the top have developed their own wings. She is now irrelevant to them. Thanks to the training wheels she gave them, they can walk and even fly without her. Even if she decides to deal with them in the manner that she should have in the past, it’s too late. They have already abandoned her, and even though they still claim to be friendly to her, it is only because they want to continue to allay doubts about themselves and give others the impression that they still have prominent Syrian online activists on their side. After they used her short-sighted stupidity to get into the door, they are still holding on to her tokenistic friendship, but Hiba is none-the-wiser, and she continues to lack the foresight and wisdom to discern patriots from implants, because her stubborness does not enable her to see friend from foe. Had she been the judge of Eli Cohen, she would have let him walk free.

If Hiba has anything of substance to say in debunking any of the above, if she has anything to say in defense of her over indulgence with her ego and allowing it to take precedence over the cause, if she has any reason to explain what is the origin and nature of her anti-Kadi stand, I call her out and invite her to debate this publically.

She has blocked me, but her many informers will bring this to her attention. Unblock me Hiba and face the music.

Despite her history, Hiba/Salam received an acknowledgment in our book, because we don’t forget the good she did in the early years. But even though your role and outlooks might have changed Hiba, the foot prints are still here. They have left a huge and long trail of havoc and destruction. The carnage and damage you caused is unforgivable.
A response to Ghassan from Syrian Activist Naassan Turk

Well Ghassan, I would rather say that the fracture and chaos in the pro-Syrian movement is th e result of Salam Shaheen’s doing, but not by any mistake. Similarly to what was happening on the ground, the mayhem on the pro-Syrian cyber space was not happening by accident, but by the doing of people like Shaheen.

As you know at the proposal of Salam, I became Admin in the TUS group. She needed to replace the Kadis when they left the group. The group at that time was counting some 8.5k members. Salam briefed me right away about the conflict she had with the Kadis due to the disagreement about the treatment of Arabi Souri. I had no opinion at that time about Arabi Souri and had big respect for both Shaheen and the Kadis.

My position was that good people defending Syria should find a way to mend it and shake hands. The ultimate goal deserved some humility. In the following weeks, I tried my best to build bridges between the two parties. While I found a listening ear from the Kadis and preparedness to shake hands. Shaheen was adamant that Arabi Souri was a great patriot and that he was mistreated by the nasty kadis!

While Admin, I tried my best to do my duties to check and vet every new member and to keep the group wall focused on the core issue of telling the truth about the dirty war on secular Syria. Observing characters, posts, comments and revisiting some subjects, I came to the conclusion that Arabi Souri together with his right hand the ugly Mary Woodward/Miri Wood that we all know she’s an American/Israeli operative working to put stains on the main Syria’s allies reputation and most importantly spread the FEAR PROPAGANDFA among the Syrians, telling them that their allies are not as they appear, but they are plotting against them. The aim was to create doubts about the capacity of Syria to stand any chance in defending herself and as a result to push the people to change camps and accept defeat.

I tried several times to re-open the subject about Arabi Souri/Kadis with Shaheen, but every time she brushed it away.

When the story of the Christian Zionist, the other Admin in the TUS, broke out in the spring 2016, I made an extensive research about the subject and found damning proofs of the Admin being not only a Christian Zionist, but actually she was holding several roles within the Church of the Holy Spirit, a proven CZ church, of which the most significant and concerning for us was “All Neighbours, International Neighbours Outreach Minister”! For those who are not familiar witch such a role, this is the person who is responsible for “planting” churches and missions in distant lands. We discovered that her church had already planted churches/missions in Haiti, Uganda and Pakistan and that they were in advanced moves for doing the same in Egypt.

As soon as I had the solid proofs about the CZ, I approached Shaheen by private message and explained to her the grave situation. I was expecting her to be shocked at the first reaction and that she would look at the evidence for her own peace of mind and that finally she would kick out the CZ Admin and make a statement on the group wall to explain what was uncovered.

Hmm.. I’ve been mistaken! To my shock she accused me to be manipulated by the Kadis and that the CZ was a genuine Syrian supporter! How disrespectful!

This is Hiba/Salam Shaheen, trading the most talented English writing indigenous writers for the traitor Arabi Souri, choosing to work with a Christian Zionist American housewife over working with a true Syrian patriot… This is Hiba!

Since then and as we know, nasty trolls from all corners of the world (like the ISIS/Nusra hyenas) were nurtured and given absolute freedom to defame true Syrian supporters and most of all control the narrative and spread the Evil Empire propaganda.

Yes I agree with you that all that the mayhem the Syrian social media space is the doing of Hiba/Salam and I can add by consequence by Chris Assad. But, where is the mistake.
No, all what happened is not done by mistake.

Defending Arabi Souri with her teeth, a character who is clearly working for the Empire (just examine few of the publications on his website has only one explanation! Hiba/Salam is surely working for the same masters, no doubt whatsoever. Defending with her teeth a proven Christian Zionist has one explanation! Hiba/Salam is working for the Empire, probably paid through Arabi Souri…
All the trolls who were talking about fake profiles, did they ever ask who is actually Hiba/Salam Shaheen? Everybody knows who the Kadis are, but they still accuse them of being fake! But who can ever confirm the identity of Hiba/Salam?

While we’re here, to all the trolls; any Levantine is a Syrian. Lebanese, Palestinian, Jordanian and others who live in the historic Fertile Crescent, the South of Taurus Mountains, etc…
All these trolls who want to create fences between Syrians should fu*k off!
If we listen to them, soon they will say that Iskenderun’s people aren’t Syrians but Turks and that the Golan inhabitants are Israeli.

An unOPENed letter to Salam Shaheen!
This is my last personal message I sent on 15th July, 2016 to Salam Shaheen, the owner of “the Syrian Revolution; the Untold Story” group,. Despite the grave subjects I highlighted, Salam Shaheen didn’t feel important to reply!
For those who didn’t follow, I quit my admin role in TUS after I alerted Salam Shaheen to the fact that Jan Fearing/Janice Kortkamp was a Christian Zionist on a plan in Syria. Salam brushed away the facts I presented and accused me of being manipulated by the Kadis!
I don’t think I need to extend in my introduction as the pm is self explanatory!
15/07/2016 22:41
Dear Salam
I recall when you were looking to reinforce the TUS admin team following the departure of the Kadis, you asked my opinion about Jan, as you were considering the idea of naming her as an admin.
I remember telling you that despite her being undecided about the Palestinian issue, as she was saying that Americans support Israel was based on biblical reasons, her stance about Syria was commendable and that I would back her for the admin position.
But hey, that's water under the bridge now!
I also remember in one of my early conversations with you about the fallout with the Kadis, you were very critical of them having unfairly singled out and attacked Arabi.
Later on, I brought up a discussion about Mary Shabiha Woodward and to a lesser extent about Arabi Souri seeing them criticizing time and time again the main Syria ally, Russia. I felt your irritancy when I insisted that friends of Syria shouldn’t have relations with people like them. You were unhappy and it reminded you of the fallout with the Kadis about Arabi Souri, but you admitted that Mary and any person who creates doubts about the intentions of Syria’s allies, is not on our side.
Seeing from my perspective the negative feeling you had towards the Kadis and sensing that you were not at the end disagreeing with their judgment on the subject above, I felt you had some remorse and that you would be probably accept to revise your position about the Kadis. That’s why I tried to encourage you to ease your position and have a more flexible approach towards them for the benefit of the Syrian cause.
You just brushed my effort away. And I really didn’t understand that. I equally tried to mediate with the Kadis who showed more flexibility to consider an eventual handshake.
When the article about Christian Zionism was published by Ghassan, I approached the sensitive subject with an open mind and objectivity. I challenged Ghassan to prove his claims about Jan. In the meanwhile, I started to search for possible evidence on my own. Maybe you still don’t know me, but you know that I don’t believe any claim until I see solid evidence and to have comfort from my own research.
Evidences and facts were there to grab. The picture wasn’t yet clear for me. Why? Because, I hadn’t yet made up my mind as to whether Jan is just careless, or she’s doing everything intentionally.
I approached you about the subject, but again in the pm conversation we had, you blamed this on the Kadis manipulation. I felt really frustrated as I thought you were disrespectful to me to believe, think and suggest that I am just a simple minded man that can be manipulated on such issues.
But, I just shut it up because of my deep respect for you and for what you were doing for Syria.
The end of our conversation led me to quit from the TUS admin group and to open a discussion with Jan to give her the opportunity to defend herself and make her intentions clear. Alas she rejected the allegations in block and started her audience manipulation with the different posts she posted about the subject.
I have to say, if Jan didn’t cross the line by going to Syria and then announcing that she would return with a group of 10-20 Americans later in October, I wouldn’t push and go public like this. I would’ve kept an eye on her and let her continue her great work of informing about Syria. Though, I started to get irritated by the fact that she was trying to make a cult of herself, and hijacking the audience.
It was a very straight forward move for me to go public about her. Some started shouting “Character Assassination” or something similar. Why would I do that if there was no solid evidence and facts?
I used to love her and call her sister. But the evidence the Kadis first uncovered about her Zionist church and then those more damning ones researched by myself, and because of her deep involvement in the church day to day work and, most of all because of her role of “International Neighbours Outreach” which is simply implementing the church in distant foreign lands, together with the deep Zionist ideology, saying that the reason behind denouncing her was personal or character assassination is simply laughable.
I had to start with the above to get to the point of this pm. Since this CZ subject broke, I can’t help but observe that TUS has been a stage for the Christian Zionist attacks on the Kadis.
I saw you reduced dramatically your input in the group for reasons I do not know. I hope nothing serious happened to you personally.
Despite your fallout with the Kadis, and if we look at the reasons a posteriori, we can only say they were really minor. I find it disturbing to see all these vicious attacks on the Kadis without you trying to do anything to stop them.
I hope despite your disagreement on the Arabi Souri subject, you still consider the Kadis brothers in arms and true Syrian supporters and that their history of activism proves where they really stand. I hope despite your fallout, you still have some sort of respect for what they’re doing for Syria.
I also hope you read Ghassan’s article about the Kurdish question and understood that he was NOT preaching federalization as those CZ claim and try to put words into his mouth. SSNP leaders in Australia read the two articles that were used as "evidence" and they commended Ghassan for his two articles stating they were completely patriotic articles.
These lies are initiated by Andrew Korybko, supported by his nasty right-hand man Solajic Slobodan and relayed by a horde of followers like Samer Hussein, Diane Mantzaris etc.
Then there was Afraa Dagher’s post throwing despicable lies and giving away the true identities and the location of the Kadis, endangering their lives. That was shortly after the CZ article was published by Ghassan. Jan was quick to like and encourage Afraa in such attacks.
Nicholas Gagatsakis posted similar comments in the TUS which stayed 2 days before being deleted by one of your admin. These included photographs of the Kadis. In fact most of the attackers seem to have shared photos of the Kadis, faked screenshots and named them both.
It is this frenzied climate of hatred, which was allowed in the TUS, and which fuelled more despicable lies and defamation and which truly put the lives of the Kadis in great danger. I don’t know whether you saw Samer Hussein’s post that I am attaching here for your information in which he tags others, including yourself, to spread this awful propaganda!
Salam, I hereby, call for your conscience and your patriotism. Our paths parted, but I still believe in you and respect you as a just person. Does your fallout justify the Kadis to be treated as such by dozens of TUS members with some of them doing this on the group wall? Do you measure the gravity of what’s going on?
Will you be sleeping restfully on your both ears if something bad happens to one of the Kadis because of all the lies allowed?
And above all, don’t you see the danger with Jan?
Did you know that Jan lied in her Visa application about her plans and intentions?
In this visa application that I have a copy of, she stated as the reasons for her visit:
- To show solidarity with the people of Syria and their stand against the foreign powers waging the proxy war against Syria.
- To visit friends
- To see Syria for myself
- To increase my accuracy, effectiveness and credibility as an “activist” for Syria.
Weall discovered that everything was planned differently including meeting with high officials. Her plans were also to gather or knit the biggest Web of contacts.
I can write dozens of pages about the subject of Jan and I can gladly do so if you wish to know more.
The potential danger Jan represented prior to us denouncing her was extreme, much more than Senator Black represents as he was and still is under the close supervision of the Syrian authorities, whilst Jan had worked years to polish her image and gather friendships (added to her hiding of the colour of her church) made her appear as a harmless American friend visiting her beloved Syria.
I truly hope you will look at what I said in an open-minded way and try to see the truth in all what has been anything but lies, worse than any MSM propaganda we saw about Syria.
You and Chris have provided leadership over the years in TUS and none of this CZ hijacking of the debate would have happened if you had cut it short in its tracks. I urge you now to take back the voice of Syrians and protect our FB movement.
All the best,

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