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By Intibah Kadi 9 September 2017 (Updated 14 November 2018)

The social media based movement for the defense of Syria has been rocked in the last couple of years or so by a host of nefarious characters with various agenda who say the things Syria and her people so much want to hear but whose own backgrounds and details suggest agendas/qualities not conducive to Syria's values or security. It is very troubling as their efforts, their reports,their words and passion displayed are confusing in the presence of facts that indicate agendas that clearly contradict with Syria's security issues, what Syria's law stipulates and shared national values. I am going to talk about the Christian Zionist component. I recently wrote an article about these issues at a more general level after coming across an alarming document from NATO.

Janice Kortkamp/Jan Fearing.
Ghassan Kadi and a few others from Syria were kind enough to help a woman from the USA learn about the war on Syria by the name of Janice Kortkamp. In the USA she is only known by her married name, Fearing, but she chose to deal with Syria, including the Syrian government, in her maiden name, Kortkamp.

Kortkamp, by April 2015, had somehow managed to become an admin of the largest pro-Syria Facebook group. Her networking increased exponentially from that point with her eventually redirecting much of the membership of the group to her own personal page.

In August 2015, Ghassan noticed Kortkamp had relayed his words on Islamic issues to another alleged supporter of Syria, Senator Dick Black, in a manner where they were twisted around and presented as such in an article written by the Senator.  In retrospect, this pair perhaps would have no idea how this mistake of theirs early in the piece gave them away.

Ghassan privately discussed at length his concerns about this with Kortkamp and that he felt his work and thoughts he'd shared confidentially with her about issues pertaining to Islam had been distorted and parts cherry picked in order to inflame anti-Muslim hatred. Kortkamp promised Ghassan that she'd relay Ghassan's concerns to Senator Black. However, neither Senator Dick Black nor Kortkamp responded to Ghassan about this or even denied misusing Ghassan’s words. 
Of interest and relevancy, reports later emerged that in private conversations around Black and his religious clique, they blamed Sunnis for every ill in Syria. This rang very much like the strategies of John Myhill from Haifa University and the Moonies (Unification Church) who had infiltrated the movement, aiming to create anti-Sunni sentiments and hoping to recruit Alawite Syrians. But in this case, Black and Kortkamp were all about Christians. The support letter from Senator Black for Kortkamp's visa application mentioned minorities in Syria needing to be protected, ignoring the fact that Sunnis have taken the hugest beating.
Black completely ignored the feedback from Ghassan, and this to Ghassan indicated that his misuse was deliberate. Ghassan felt he had no other alternative but to write an open letter to Black appealing to his sense of wisdom. Remember, the strength of Syria relied on being constantly alert to sectarian plots and, Ghassan having lived through a terrible civil war in Lebanon and witnessing the Muslim Brotherhood’s attempts in Syria in the 1980’s, and earlier sectarian conflicts in pre-civil war Lebanon, smelt the danger signs and alarmed. There were others from Syria and region who felt uncomfortable about this all as well.

Western Gatekeepers Jump in to Protect Assets.
In what became an increasing practice, an academic from Australia who is not from the Levant or has any relationship to it, Dr Tim Anderson, felt entitled to take on the concerns of Ghassan Kadi and others indigenous to the region and, like a judge, would adjudicate on all matters pertaining to Syria. He defended Senator Dick Black, deeming him as fine because he says good things about Syria.

This is like someone deciding by himself that it is ok to defend a pedophile to his victims and the family of his victims, because he happens to be a philanthropist. This academic, who in my opinion acts as if he is the self-appointed gatekeeper of the Syria movement, conjured up for himself and his followers a de-facto  law for Syria that was above Syrian law. Anderson continues these practices to this day, including his defense of Kortkamp despite the proven Christian Zionist background of the church and her referees on her Visa application. Another supporter of Syria described a "Cabal" of these Western "supporters" with their local clients.
But really? How can one in the case of Syria which the West, particularly the United States, for over six decades has tried to find every way to take down, simply state that someone's words spoken mean they are "good" and a "friend" of Syria? And who has the right to say this, someone who didn't know where Syria was on the map a handful of years ago?

The Gateway for the Christian Zionist Church Planter. His Tactics.
Let us look closer at how Senator Dick Black got into the Presidential Palace as a "friend", as he claims, and not just as a visitor that needs to be hosted.

Black presented his credentials to our movement by announcing in his local media that he had come under an ISIS threat printed in a magazine called “Dabiq”, purportedly the organ of ISIS because he had published publicly a letter in support of President Assad.

Research demonstrated that this magazine was extremely likely to actually be a creation of The Clarion Project, an organisation set up/backed by a radical Israeli settler organisation called Aish HaTorah, thereby indicating collusion between these Zionist, Neo Cons and Senator Dick Black to concoct a faux threat and to gain credibilty with the Syrian Government and movement.

Black and Ted Cruz the Ultimate Lover of Zionism and Israel.
Directly before Senator Black left for Syria to meet President Assad, he resigned from his position in the Presidential campaign of Senator Ted Cruz, a fanatic supporter and lover of Israel. It doesn't take much research to understand the position Cruz has on Syria or Palestine or that he believes that the day he manages to become the President of the USA then Jesus sits in the Oval Office. We have to remember also that President Assad meets with all kinds of people and this does not mean he endorses them as friends of Syria. Of interest, Black has repeatedly, to this day, stated the stock mantra of "Israel has the right to exist" but cites humanitarian concerns for the Palestinians.
Gateway to Syria
Senator Black, with his likely ill gotten "enemy of ISIS" credentials and his publically published letter to President Assad, made his entrance into Syria. Of interest, Kortkamp later claimed she had no idea Black was visiting Syria, despite telling us later that she regularly met with him for early morning prayers and of course, a big surprise to all who had come to know her in the Syria movement, that she was actually his "aide'...later on denying that.

Black, a former Attorney at the Pentagon, a supposed man of God and of principles who proudly accepted a "Purple Heart" military decoration for his participation and injuries from a battle considered by many to be the biggest war crime in Vietnam, managed to pull off this plan to enter Syria, get his on the ground person in with her ready made networks and widespread, vitriolic if needed, support from the already positioned band of "supporters" of Syria.

Deceiving the President of Syria's Advisor and the leadership in the online Syria movement.
Kortkamp, was on her way to Syria at the time of Black's visit there. She went via Kuwait and was stuck there for weeks, unable to get a visa for Syria. She claims that the advisor to the President of Syria, Dr Bouthaina Shaaban, was asked by Senator Black to help get her a visa, telling her that Kortkamp was his "aide". Kortkamp laughed to her friends about Shaaban being fooled and the President's advisor expediting immediately the visa for her, despite her visa application saying nothing of being an "Aide" to Black. Kortkamp, hence entered Syria on "official scheduling".

In Lattakia, the media announced Kortkamp as Black’s “Aide”. For all who knew her in the movement this was a big surprise. That announcement in Lattakia where she re-defined her role, in the face of her visa application details, was a remarkable feat and an oddity that the Syrian government would accept this. This clearly was deception on the part of Senator Black and Kortkamp and done with such cynicism towards the Syrian government.

After much comment from many of us in the movement about this sudden announcement of Kortkamp being Black's "aide", in a joint interview with the Schiller Institute, one where Black and Kortkamp never mention for one second the role Israel has in the war on Syria, both made it clear that Black went to Syria in an official capacity and Kortkamp went as an ordinary "housewife" mingling with the common people. She even admitted that Senator Black helped solve her visa problem. This is how brazen they were in their contempt for the intelligence and integrity of the Syrian government.  .

Somehow these rolling examples of one deceptive act after another seemed lost on everyone and many other examples will follow below. The wonderful supportive words and reports of these two in contrast to the facts on the ground and the deceptive acts are most worrying. Even more concerning is the support given to Black and Kortkamp by other "friends" of Syria, at the cost of patriotic Syrians who exposed or questions what was going on. These included Dr Tim Anderson, Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett and many others who all associate with each other and in groups or individually defamed and endangered the Syrians and family members like myself who asked questions or uncovered facts.
Damascene Family Used and Abused
Another Syrian from an old Damascene family, Zak Alsawaf, along with his family, for over three weeks tried to assist Kortkamp to get her visa, hosting her in their home in Kuwait. Coming from a culturally impoverished background, Kortkamp had no understanding of old cultures, of reciprocity, loyalty to those who help and shelter you, instead enthusiastically availing herself of everything and anything on offer. The Alsawafs had no idea what her nefarious plans (Christian Zionist church planting) were until the moment she ditched Zak who, in her visa application, she'd put as her guide and instead met up with her "Zalmet" (fixer-minder) in Syria who she'd secretly planned to use all along.  Later, this fixer went to Beirut, on the run from Syrian authorities and remains there to this day.

Zak Alsawaf was to later put all the pieces of the puzzle together about his experiences and made a public announcement to the Syrian community and defense movement. His shocking story is found in the link below.

Observations of a Ghostwriter on Kortkamp's FB Posts
A number of well-established activists (indigenous and solidarists) made an interesting observation about Kortkamp the moment she was introduced in the Lattakia media as Black's "Aide". Prior to that day Kortkamps writing style, comprehension of what was going on was very basic, infantile and usually borrowed. They noted a sudden change and upscale in her writing style with far more eloquent, developed language and concepts being expressed.

Senior Syrian Activists and Solidarists Question
From that moment of the "Aide" announcement onwards, quite a few Syrians began to ask questions. It wasn’t just Ghassan Kadi who engaged in discussions with Kortkamp to clarify what on earth was going on, but also Naassan Turk who had also become alarmed. A year prior, as an admin in TUS (The Syrian Revolution; The Untold Story) Naassan had been asked by the group founder known as "Hiba Syriana/Salaam Shaheen" whether he was happy to have Kortkamp join the admin team. He agreed as he had seen nothing untoward back then.

Naming A Rabid Christian Zionist Church for what it is.
Like Ghassan Kadi,  Naassan Turk  was corresponding with Kortkamp, seeking clarification about her church as the evidence that was coming out painted it as quite a radical Christian Zionist Church in a very pro-Zionist town and community in the USA. Naassan, despite the mutual respect between us, was not convinced that Ghassan had reached the right conclusions and embarked on his own independent investigation.

Interestingly, independently of each other, Ghassan and Naassan got very similar responses from Kortkamp where she stated that the Christian Zionist activities of the church were a thing of the past and that she had nothing to do with it, that it wasn't a Zionist church and to both she repeatedly stated she had left the church (mid 2016 statements made).

After both men demonstrated clearly that the church was still steeped in Christian Zionism and that she was an active member and employee of it, including that of a "church planter" (missionary), they suggested that the best course would be that Kortkamp publicly announces she has left that church and renounces it.

Kortkamp angrily informed both that she'd had left (again) her job at the church and that is was not a Zionist church.  She explained that she had to finish her job in the summer holidays as Children’s Minister and during the conversations over a few days, repeatedly said she had left her job.  It would have been possible for her to make this public announcement of having quit, explaining her summer commitment.

Instead, after agreeing to make this choice between a Zionist employer and membership of such a church and being an active supporter of Syria, Kortkamp turned around and accused these senior Syrian activists of bullying her.
Two Rabid Christian Zionists Stated on Kortkamp's Visa Application as Referees.
Apart from church members (or those from their official church networks) going on pilgrimages to Israel and being photographed sitting on captured Syrian tanks in the Golan and the like, this sermon in the link below, given by Kortkamp's Church Pastor, Clancy Nixon, and stated in Kortkamp’s visa application as her first referee, expresses what her church believes in. This is the same for her church's parent body, whose head is Bishop John Guernsay, named in Kortkamp’s visa application as her second referee. Below is a composite of the long sermon that picks out the statements about Israel and the church doctrine and after that is the original link: is the actual link from the church website. In late 2016, the original location of the sermon was changed on the Website and also the URL address changed and a much earlier date was put on the identifier of the actual sermon. Finding the link on the Website was made more difficult. Janice was  listed as the website manager.

Here is a partially redacted page of Kortkamp's 2016 visa application where she only states one of her roles at the church, presents it as ordinary Anglican and states two Christian Zionist referees. Her photos on her application are all with Senator Dick Black who by then had his anti-ISIS credentials organised. Kortkamp seems to have also got the blessings of a number of non-Syrian activists such as Tim Anderson and Eva Bartlett as she stated an association with them.

The second referee on Kortkamp’s visa application, Bishop John Guernsay, head of the parent body of Kortkamp’s church, engages in activities such as leading a service of ordination at the Temple House of Israel . , and here is his service of ordination at this Temple.

(Above: Bishop Guernsay, Kortkamp's 2nd referee)

Having been known for years by her married name of “Jan Fearing” and not ever using her maiden name other than when she was unmarried, her visa application was made in the name of Kortkamp, her maiden name.

Perusing the Church newsletters and website over the years, there was no evidence of Kortkamp ever speaking at her church about Syria or of anyone in her church doing so. She only made very strong anti-Zionist statements after she was challenged on this. Always her stances were reactive.

International Church Planting (of a Christian Zionist Church)
Interestingly, despite Kortkamp's key roles in church planting, having openly been identified as the outreach person for "All Neighbours",
Kortkamp omitted that information in the visa application, only including the feel good role of Children’s Minister and presenting her church as an ordinary Anglican church. Please note “All Neighbours” is clearly stated in the church literature as “church planting”. Kortkamp is a “church planter”. The church has activities in Pakistan, Egypt, Ukraine, Haiti and parts of Africa. Pastor Clancy Nixon, a former Wall Street man, is a famous “church planter”.
Interestingly after it was widely exposed what "All Neighbours" means, the church has dropped this title and their activities are very secretive now when it comes to church planting in countries that are predominately Muslim. These Church planters below in the screen shots are from Kortkamp's church.


Unbeknown to all except in recent times, within weeks of Kortkamp being made an admin of the largest pro-Syria Facebook group, her husband was engaged in a prayer session, draped in a “tallit”, the prayer shawl of religious Jews, with a Rabbi who to this day conducts ceremonies with Christian Zionists draped in “tallits” and with their head and face completely covered by the Israeli flag.
Kortkamp's husband Syd.

Here is the same Rabbi engaged in his special Israeli flag ceremonies. The "Tallit" prayer shawl and the Israel flag and interchangeable.

Further Deception and Then Agression and Cooperation of Western "Friends" of Syria to Defend Kortkamp.
Both Naassan Turk and Ghassan Kadi felt they had independently and separately successfully explained to Kortkamp the historical, cultural and psychological background to why such a church and those practices were totally incompatible with her Syria activism role. Both thought the problem had been solved with Kortkamp's undertaking to publicly leave and refute her Christian Zionist church
in order to  continue seriously with Syria. However, as explained above, Kortkamp did a total turnaround, publicly stating she refused to leave her church, that it wasn't Zionist and that these Syrian men had bullied and coerced her. Up till that stage, Kortkamp had repeatedly told both men in private messages that she had resigned from her job at the church.

Christian Zionist Church Planter Increases Her Workload.
Publicly Kortkamp announced in mid June 2016, well after her return from Syria,
“I have stepped down from my position as Children’s Minister to be able to focus more on Syria activism”. She failed to state all her other positions. However, five months later after this announcement, we saw the updated Web page (updated 29/11/16) of the church which stated the publicly acknowledged positions Kortkamp held. A former confidant of Kortkamp insists she never left the church or became less active and actually became more active. To this day she says she has nothing to do with her church.

Janice INCREASED her church activities as soon as she returned from her first trip to Syria. However, she began to hide files after we exposed her. She was also in charge of the Church Website and began to hide files.

These groups were listed on the Webpage that stated it was updated 29/11/16, long after Kortkamp's claims of stepping back or out of the church.

(1) All Neighbors - outreach to international neighbors. Jan Fearing at xxx-xxx-3862 or

(2) Children’s Ministry – Jan Fearing (interim) xxx-xxx-3862 or Teachers, Teacher’s Aides and Helpers, Administration

(3) Marketing– Jan Fearing xxx-xxx-3862 or Idea People and Helpers

(4) VacationBibleSchool – Jan Fearing (interim) xxx-xxx-3862 or Teachers, helpers, set-up and tear down crew

(5) Web Site—Jan Fearing xxx-xxx-3862 or Updating, design, quality control, content.

(6) Bible study group

The only current reference to roles Kortkamp has in the church now is a bible study group on Tuesdays and that was entered this year (this article was updated 05 May 2018). *See screenshot. In the US Kortkamp's surname is "Fearing". The Website has the 2018 Copyright update stamp on it and was accessed and witnessed last on 21 September, 2018.

24 January 2017 updated and yet another position Kortkamp holds that we knew nothing of and months after she stated she resigned.

"All Neighbours" the International Missionary, Christian Zionist Arm of Kortkamp's Church.
Although back in June 2016, defiant about leaving her church, Kortkamp claimed repeatedly from there onwards to many friends and publicly, that she had left the church. Sources dispute this and she was even photographed at a December 2016 "All Neighbours" (international Christian Zionist church planting) event. If Jan saw nothing wrong with her church then why did she (or as she claims) leave her church all of a sudden after she vehemently defended it tooth and nail?
Most likely, in preparation for her on the ground in Syria role of Christian Zionist church planting, Kortkamp in November 2015, eight months after being made an Admin of a Syrian FB group and just months before entering Syria for the first time, created an "All Neighbours" (international Christian Zionist Church Planting) Face Book page; How clearer can the deception be?

This was well before she was seriously challenged on her church membership. In the time-line of events, this act of Kortkamp establishing the "All Neighbours" FB page, happened merely a few months before she and Senator Black misled the Syrian Gov by telling Dr Shaaban that she is Black's aide.

The church's Syria file is undoubtedly top secret. The word "Syria" is not mentioned in any manner, shape or form in any literature of Kortkamp's church. The church works in Haiti, parts of Africa, Ukraine and very much concentrates on making Christians in Pakistan to love the Christian Zionist version and converting Muslims into Christians. With this all goes the political values of Christian Zionism. And where such church planting goes, interest and loyalty to the USA and ultimately Israel develops and intelligence operatives move in, recruiting local converts in those countries. This is how it has always been in the region since the establishment of Israel.

International missionary page created just before going to Syria

Kortkamp's Important Enabler in Syria.
Janice Kortkamp could not do anything in Syria without her "Zalmet", her fixer, Qusay Khamis, who was in the habit of demanding very high prices (minimum of $US500) for organising a visa among other things.  Khamis is reported to be in hiding outside of Syria, unable to return to Syria after it was discovered and reported to Syrian authorities that an American activist, an aero-nautical engineer, was giving him tailored made electronic equipment as well as a laptop.

The "fixer" Khamis, went to Khartoum in May 2017, Sudan to meet a British person in the Rotana Hotel. He stayed in this hotel for a week, paying approx. $US356 per night and also boasted of buying a camera for $US4000 and that he had been travelling in the past few months extensively through the Middle East and Europe. He claimed he was a lecturer at a university in Syria, despite never being there. In Syria, a soldier gets $US30 a month; some food for thought!

Qusay Khamis was indispensable to Kortkamp and oddly enough became the "fixer" ("Zalmet") for almost every other visitor that had even the most remote connection to Kortkamp. A new "fixer" ("Zalmet") has been found apparently but, inroads into a Syrian Minister's office has become deeply entrenched perhaps reducing the extent and power any "fixer" would wield.

It did not end there:
In the 15 months following, almost every Western activist in our movement who has some kind of a profile or status, whether it is as an analyst, journalist, academic, writer, group leader etc., vehemently defended Senator Black and Kortkamp and joined together to try to shut us all down as writers and activists. There was not a single thing they did not accuse us of and anyone remotely connected to us was defamed and for those very close they were targeted, some very dangerously.

Why? And Why do Some Who are Avowed Palestine Activists Defend Viciously a Proven Christian Zionist Church Planter?

Kortkamp Opens Doors for Many Suspicious Vistors:A host of questionable characters, some already banned from getting visas, others still undetected from this time onward, flooded into Syria, mostly as part of her groups. ALL these suspicious characters would either come in via Kortkamp's group or link up with her, this supposedly simple housewife who claims God came to her in a dream to "save" Syria. They would defend Kortkamp against our questions and exposure of facts we presented and go as far as defame us in retaliation.

Just recently a link was made with one of the many visitors Kortkamp brought into Syria, to a bogus NGO in Nigeria that runs programs from US State Department and USAid (CIA). That visitor stated that "Jan ministers to people in Syria" funds. 
Kortkamp's Military Background and NATO Soldier She Brought to Syria.
Incidentally, Kortkamp as did her father, has a military background and is a pilot. Below are some details of another pilot she brought to Syria.


In 2017, to our utter shock, Kortkamp brought into Syria a NATO soldier or as he says a "former" one. Kortkamp organised for him to have a television interview. This soldier is a Kosovan-German named Ilir Morina who effortlessly described on TV that he was a "former" NATO soldier".  
Like Kortkamp, he is a pilot

Ilir Morina for over a year resided in Damascus where he claimed to run charitable activities. He is very wealthy, a pilot, and is reported to have a bank account in Lebanon with an enormous bank balance. Read more about this curious story.

Kortkamp's associate, Ilir Morina, has had access to ALL the sensitive military areas in Syria, he has been close not just with Janice Kortkamp but also with Tom Duggan, Tim Anderson, Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett and many, many Syrians, including the ladies!

Kortkamp and her associates never explained what a German National who openly celebrates his Albanian Kosovan identity, one who must have recently been a NATO soldier as he's quite young and pilot training takes many years, was doing in their company and how he got to stay for well over one year in Syria.

When did he get time to be a NATO soldier if he has been non stop travelling around the world for the past decade, trying to be on a site called "Nomad" the one who has travelled to the most destinations? Where did all the money come from? He moved from one place to another having fun, staying, dining moving around in five star establishment, not caring about people, politics or humanitarian issues in all the places he visited, some which had many problems, until he arrived in Syria. Then all of a sudden he became a great humanitarian.

Recently he got a "business visa" and now has gone to Libya where he engages in "Charity" works like he did in Syria; both countries targetted horrendously by NATO.

Morina states about himself that after 2006, he finished his military in Germany and then went to Austria and Switzerland to start his own business. He was working so hard without any day off and finally in the summer of 2011, he decided to start the biggest trip in his life. But there is a difference to doing one's military service as a German in the ordinary German army and describing yourself on Syrian TV as a former "NATO soldier".

Morina has been in Mindanao Philippines (where ISIS is present), in Myanmar and other areas that are experiencing problems or under the eye of the empire. He has been a few times to Israel as late as January 2014 and all over the Levant.

Janice Kortkamp Travelled all over Syria with Morina.
Morina worked a great deal with Tom Duggan and Sinan Saeed.

Trump's Ally Media Gets Front Seat at April 2018 Trump Bombardment of Damascus.

The latest shocker in those Kortkamp brought to Syria was a Trump ally TV anchor, one Kortkamp's husband offered to pay to go to Syria. Now the entire Cabal (Tim Anderson, Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley etc) are promoting this anchor as a "reliable" voice on Syria.

This OAN anchor Kortkamp's husband is addressing is Pearson Sharpe, from a fairly new network called OAN, known as a great supporter of Trump's, so much that they got a coveted seat in the White House media room. So OAN, described as shilling for Trump, has an anchor that gets a box office seat in Damascus, witnessing Trump's bombs on 14 April, 2017, gets into Douma/Al Ghouta ahead of the OPCW, all the while presenting as a great friend of the Syrian government. Was he there to get information for Trump? It is not surprising as it is consistent with the double-face of Kortkamp and her Christian Zionist associates who say what we want to hear but whose facts don't add up in the remotest manner. This article describes OAN as taking "pro-Trump" to "new heights"

Kortkamp's Husband Raises Israeli Flag in his Missionary Work in Haiti.
Kortkamp's church has many projects going on, Pakistan looks very interesting too as does Ukraine. Her husband, Syd Fearing and her two sons did some "ministering" in Haiti. Here are some photos from their activities. The first screen shot shows Rev. Nuzum, a key cleric at Kortkamp's church, who heads the Haiti Missions. The bottom right photo shows a man in a white hat and that is Kortkamp's husband Syd. The Israeli flag is draped over their mission's building and photos of the Israeli flag being displayed are also put on the FB page about Rev. Nuzum's mission in Haiti.


Christian Zionist Organised Conference Washington DC Eventuates in 2018 into formal alliance between Senator Black camp (himself, Kortkamp and Ortiz) and USGLC Leadership. 
In December 2017, Kortkamp and Senator Black encouraged Syrians and those from the solidarity community to participate in a conference in Washington DC held by United States Global Leadership Council, founded by Reuben Egolf who, like all his associates he put on the Council, received honorary PhD's from Christian colleges. Upon examination of this council and of Reuben Egolf, it was clearly a Christian Zionist group, with wide and deep Christian Zionist connections and the founder, Reuben Egolf, is the Washington person and FB admin for the U.S National Prayer Council, a rabid Christian Zionist outfit.

When the Syrian community was alerted to this, Kortkamp immediately withdrew from the conference despite indicating she would be speaking at it. However, Senator Dick Black was very enthusiastic about the Conference and urged Syrians and their supporters to attend. What's confusing, and this is the same for Kortkamp, is that the words, deeds and sentiments they express in our movement which please our eyes and ears, totally contradict the evidence gathered.

Senator DICK BLACK. Black and the "PhD's" of USGLC.

Reuben Egolf prays for Israel

Reuben Egolf made admin of the U.S National Prayer Council by his late father-in-law Ted Rose who also got an honorary PhD from a Bible College. It is very easy to find references to the late Ted Rose and his support and adoration of Israel as a central part of his faith.

It has always been the duty of Syrians and her patriots to defend her and to be “ever on duty”. That has been a key feature of the strength and robustness of Syria, a nation and people who have, against all odds, stood up to an attack of Biblical proportions. But, plots never go undetected forever, those involved get complacent and mistakes get made and, eventually, the nation is alerted, takes notice and action is taken.

        THE HUSBAND                                         THE WIFE 


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