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It’s very nice in theory to say all of this as per the screen shot above.

But here is the problem according to my opinion and the facts I have.

The person:

*applies this rule selectively and definitely not in relation to the people he doesn’t like!

*the moment he took an interest in the Syrian issue it is alleged he made the indigenous Syrian activists in Sydney stand down as leaders and defer to him.

*feels he can adjudicate on whether a Syrian law can be waved or watered down despite being a foreigner. This was mainly in relation to his defence of Senator Black and Janice Kortkamp who we have been warning about for over two years and who recently became so complacement and audacious that they now publicly work with a rabid Christian Zionist on a "Syria Project" (see link below). Syrian authorities find this alarming but none of those who attack us such as the Gatekeeper, Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett and their supporters do. Some of them attacked these findings as baseless and again attacked us "Kadis", naming our real names despite knowing we have a home in an area not much different from Idlib and they continue to virulently defend these Christian Zionists. It is unclear whether the "gatekeeper" takes the same position still after this damning new expose as per link below. He has viciously and dangerously targetted us "Kadis" for our exposure of this Christian Zionist plot for over 2 1/2 years.

*informed me that the Sydney based Hon Consul always organises his visas for him and all his needs in Syria. It seems he did not encourage/advocate for activists in Australia/NZ to get help from the Hon Consul. It appears they all had to try elsewhere such as languishing for weeks in Beirut in the hope of getting a visa or just jump in the lake.

*ridiculed Jamal Daoud when he informed about the Hon Consul’s relationship to his family business (in one member’s name) that has Takfiri fundraisers at its premises with FSA flags waving. The Hon Consul is the accountant for the business and lodges the company returns and there is a clear link and many other troubling details. It is there in black and white proof!

*supported, along with his partner, the lies and accusations of a young Syrian girl who was encouraged by a Moscow based Duginite, his Balkan fascist thug and US/Israeli "Mary Woodward" to defame us "Kadis”. It’s an amazing story where the girl grew a Pinocchio nose, when a year after her initial story she upgraded the story to us threatening the entire Alawite community, completed with a car bomb going off the next day! This massive embellishment of an original lie, which was played out on a public page, saw the "Gatekeeper" enthusiastically "liking" all her tall and dangerous stories. These fabrications the "academic" gatekeeper supported and capitalised on, but expects all to respect his academic standing and that he provides evidence based information on Syria!

*did nothing when I protested about his partner sharing a post that called for my ceasing to threaten this girl. A girl who without shame made this story up from thin air and provided no proof whatsoever. What did she stand to gain from her new Western friends for betraying her own people and putting them in harms way? The gatekeeper and others used the tactics of the MSM that waged war on Syria and used it against Patriots and their families. We should ask why!

*failed to show due diligence as an academic by supporting lies of a group of Duginists claiming that Ghassan Kadi supported Federalism of Syria. How can one be an academic if one can’t read? Or is it more that he was incapable of understanding the complex topic? These people thought this lie repeated often and widely enough could get a life of its own and would shut down Ghassan Kadi's voice, driving him out of the movement to defend HIS own country – yes that’s right, a Lebanese-Syrian. They also knew that if they demonise Kadi enough and spread dangerous lies that he could get killed visiting his homeland.

*the Gatekeeper also is unable to absorb the evidence about the Christian-Zionist plot that he has helped entrench in our hijacked Syria online movement. Instead he only wants to clutch at any straw in order to harm us. One example was evidence of my dislike of Gaddafi and my initial, very short lived, ill-thought out support for his ousting. I was very wrong. I am not an "anti-imperialist" activist who goes from one cause to another. I responded to the call of duty to defend my husband's home from the vicious international attack on her. I wanted to defend a country I have spent much time in, where over half my in-laws live. I am not a professional activist, this was a personal issue for me, not part of an activist platform. These last 8 years have taught me so much about how the world works. I certainly got my political education.

*participated in the posts of a dangerous stalker, Dr Daniel Wirt who has targetted a key whistleblower and investigator of the Gulenist movement, a very dangerous task for this woman, with Wirt promoting cooked up (Gulenist driven) documents to defame her. He then set his sights on defaming us "Kadis" with our real names put out there, our photographs and setting up pages and secret groups which we were told the Gatekeeper was a member of, groups established in order to plan attacks against us "Kadis" and anyone close to us. He also offered people to write to him to get our home address. The gatekeeper enthusiastically participated in all of Stalker Wirt's posts and antics. Why? I think my article from 2017 explains!

*on public posts of the gatekeeper, he named our real names next to our activist names and our photographs, referred to us, as "enemies of Syria", "traitors". He targetted our close friends including a great Syrian patriot who has had tens of family members martyred in the Syrian Army. The Gatekeeper referred to him as “The enemy”.

*referred to our indigenous group of friends and of course me the wife as “5th columnists.”

*thanked and told an unhinged character named Amid Yousef that he was “too kind” when Amid made a video calling for our hanging and execution in relation to a group of us “attacking” Janice Kortkamp (a Christian Zionist operative who with Senator Black recently exposed themselves in such a damning way). Kortkamp was "exposed" by us, not "attacked". The irony here is that he defended these Zionist operatives but says he was dismissed from the University for defending Palestine. Hmmmm

*knowing very well that Palestinian activist for Syria, Jamal Daoud doesn’t approve Syrian visas, the Gatekeeper sent private messages around to people sharing an infograph that implied Jamal deliberately brought into Syria an “Israeli spy”. If he is so knowledgeable about the region, he must know the visa processes and above all, he must know that that this could get a Palestinian like Jamal killed. And yes, this character watched on as all these Westerners called Jamal everything but a Palestinian…just like what Zionists do. At that stage that associate of the Gatekeeper, Dr Daniel Wirt, published publicly Jamal's home address. Wirt also offered our address to anyone who wanted it.

*announced with a tone of authority that Jamal Daoud will be arrested the next time he goes to Syria because he "deliberately" sneaked in an Israeli agent, accentuating and furthering the deadly inferences he was making about Jamal.

*”liked”and commented on posts of his Western colleagues who also were gaining prominence in the Syria movement and who made defamatory posts about us "Kadis", broadcasting our real names, our photographs and defamatory statements. The Gatekeeper knew our names, our security circumstances and even our phone number since 2012, but still persisted in engaging in posts of his own and that of others that called us "fakes", 'trolls", "enemies", "traitors" among other things.

*chose to believe the lies of a deranged, racist and sectarian anonymous activist named “Samer” to someone like us “Kadis” who he’d worked alongside all these years, despite being sent screenshots demonstrating the individual is unhinged. Not only did the Gatekeeper and his partner know us but he spent an entire evening with us.

*Publicly and in private to our friends, the Gatekeeper stated that our dear friend Naassan Turk is not himself but in fact Ghassan and offered to tell everyone in a public forum the “real” name of Naassan. This was bizarre!

*It is interesting to note that people engaging with the Gatekeeper online and calling him "Professor", are not corrected by him and he is widely referred to, including in every article on Global Research as a "Professor". In the British/Australian academic tradition, gaining that title is only through VERY hard work and meeting specific, very tough criteria. This is like calling a Colonel a Field Marshall and him not correcting you.

*the Gatekeeper has been the recipient of decades of hate and rumour mongering in his country in relation to the Hilton Hotel Bombing and an attempted assassination of a Member of Parliament. He describes the injustices heaped upon him as he languished in jail for 9 years, only to be released after an appeal and was compensated, whilst one other from his Ananda Marga religious group remained in jail as he had admitted to the bombing, claiming the Gatekeeper ordered him to do the bombing. One would think that after all these injustices, and taking on the causes of other countries, that this Gatekeeper would not heap dangerous injustices upon others, specially a patriotic native of the country he claims to be defending.

One would also wonder how the Gatekeeper's very public meeting with President Assad helped the Syrian cause and the name of the President of Syria when the only media attention it received in Australia was that of tying in a defamatory manner the President and the Gatekeeper together.

The list of transgressions against us can go on and on. But, shall we reflect on the possible motivations?

There has been a concerted effort at "taking down" the first Indigenous writer, writing in the English language on a regular basis, about matters pertaining to Syria from a pro-Syrian government perspective. After much reflection and research I came across a NATO research document that outlined a strategy for hijacking online liberation movements. I have reached the conclusion after much deliberation that a large "cabal" exists in the Syria online defence community aimed at hijacking, dismantling and re-directing the movement. My theory which now a year later I hold to even more so now, is in the link below.

Later I followed up on this subject of hybrid warfare and targetting our community.

*the gatekeeper knew that natives of Syria and Lebanon who came from areas controlled by extremists but who supported the Syrian government were in great danger of being attacked or killed. The gatekeeper, by his very actions against us "Kadis" put us in very serious danger. Was that deliberate?
Below is one such call from an FSA/Ahrar Alsham supporter in Australia who was looking for "traitors". Remember Sunni "traitors" (who support the government of Syria) are considered far worse that their other targets.

*Why was Ghassan Kadi deemed as such a threat to these "friends" of Syria?

The story of these hijackers is a huge story, it is a story of the social media side of the war against Syria. One day the whole story will be recorded and serve as a warning for future liberation movements or just causes.

Here are a few links related to the infiltration attempts and attacks on Ghassan Kadi.

The first serious attack that was instigated by an American who lives in Moscow - a Duginist. "The Defamation Campaign Against the Indigenous Analyst and Writer Ghassan Kadi" tells the shocking story. Here was our defence after this shocking and dangerous attack by the Moscow based American.From there onwards the attacks on both of us snowballed. It is very involved and most likely very boring reading for someone who may not have been around witnessing the unfolding of this assassination campaign.

However, this article I published in The Saker really got these infiltrators riled up. At that stage I had no fully formulated in my mind what really was going on in the online Syria movement.

Ghassan followed my 2016 article with the one below explaining what had been a strategy in the past and would become one again in order to gain ground for Israel in the region. The logical conclusion of this plot is in the link at the top of this blog entry which outlines these people being caught red handed in October 2018.

I continued my expose of the brazen infiltration of our social media based defence movement by the Christian Zionists. But nothing equalled the revelations of October 2018 (see first link in this blog entry)

More information on this Christian-Zionist plot (from 2016) that got all these "friends"/"activists" into a mortal campaign against us.

Ghassan wrote about the Redlines and Greylines of activism

And we kept warning about this problem of a Christian Zionist plot

Here as well, Clergy in Syria warned of the dangers.

And then I laid out the issues, but still it fell on deaf ears of these "friends" of Syria.

The Christian Zionist infiltrators and their countless proponents became increasingly brazen, aligning and cooperating with people linked in with the most rabid Christian Zionist lobby group/s in the USA.

Ghassan was outraged at the latest antics of this group where they claimed Syria was "good" because it had supposedly "peace" with Israel over the last 40 years

Here I have outlined in August 2018 the issues so far with the infiltration of destablising agents in the online Syria defence movement.

Some screenshots of the attacks on us by "friends" of Syria.

Gatekeeper calls Patriotic Lebanese-Syrian family "vulgar" and "fake friends of Syria" whilst defending proven Christian Zionist Church Planter operative.

Ghassan Kadi's family history is one where the father was the regional leader of a party that wanted to reunite Lebanon with Syria, he was a champion for secularism. The father, actually at his young son Ghassan's suggestion, initiated peace and cooperation between his party and the Syrian Baathist party in the early 1970's and the rest is history. Ghassan's father was jailed 17 times, the longest for 4 years. He was tortured and the family were bullied for all those decades. Ghassan's father negotiated the release of over 120 kidnapped Christians during the Lebanese Civil war, just to name a few of his virtuous acts. ANd whilst his own son (Ghassan) went missing for 7 months (he was held hostage) his fatehr had no idea if he was dead or alive or what had happened. The father could have done awful things to get his son back but he was a deeply spiritual man and had faith his son would be ok.
So this is how much of a "traitor" Ghassan and his family are to Syria according to this Gatekeeper, Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett and cabal! They have demonstrated what they really are in their dogged defence all these years of a proven Christian Zionist plot against Syria.

Syrian Patriot Activist Told by Gatekeeper that he is "the enemy", that he isn't himself and other racist trolls chime in to tell him he is a fake person and not a Syrian! Welcome to the Gatekeeper's bizarre world!



Tells this patriotic Syrian that he is not himself. Anyone who disagrees or disobeys him or doesn't put him on a pedestal is Ghassan Kadi or an agent of his! Note the racism and superiorist attitude by the other "friends" of Syria.



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