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It’s very nice in theory to say all of this as per the screen shot above.
But here is the problem according to my opinion and the facts I have. 
The person:

*applies this rule selectively and definitely not in relation to the people he doesn’t like!

*the moment he took interest in the Syrian issue it is alleged he made the actual Syrian activists in Sydney stand down as leaders and defer to him.

*feels he can adjudicate on whether a Syrian law can be waved or watered down despite being a foreigner.

*informed me that the Hon Consul always organises his visas for him and it seems he did not encourage/advocate for activists in Australia/NZ to get help from the Hon Consul apparently including his cousin. It appears they all had to try elsewhere or jump in the lake. 

*ridiculed Jamal Daoud when he informed everyone about the Hon Consul’s relationship to his family business (in one member’s name) that has Takfiri fundraisers at its premises with FSA flags waving. The Hon Consul is the accountant for the business and lodges the company returns.

*supported, along with his partner, the lies and accusations of a young Syrian girl encouraged by a Moscow based Duginite, his Balkan fascist thug and US/Israeli "Mary Woodward" to defame “the Kadis”. It’s an amazing story where the girl grew a Pinocchio type nose, a year later upgrading the story to us threatening the entire Alawite community, completed with a car bomb going off the next day! This massive embellishment of an original lie, put on loose cannon Dr Wirt's public FB page, occurred when SSNP Rafiq (Comrade) Murtada, a Syrian smitten with Janice Christian Zio fever, encouraged the girl to repeat her lies. This academic discussed here, was present on Dr Wirt's page, with many of the things mentioned here happening on Dr Wirt's page. He has "liked" the lies of this girl.

*did nothing when I protested about his partner sharing a post that called for my ceasing to threaten this girl. A girl who made this story up from thin air and provided no proof whatsoever. Perhaps he and others learned too well from the tactics of the MSM that waged war on Syria and used it against Patriots and their family.

*failed to show due diligence as an academic, supporting the lies of the Duginists, that Ghassan Kadi supported Federalism. How can one be an academic if one can’t read? These people thought this lie repeated like a scratched record enough times, disseminated far and wide, would shut down Kadi and drive him out of the movement to defend HIS own country – yes that’s right, a Lebanese-Syrian.

*participated on stalker Wirt’s posts and his secret groups (according to one insider) against Kadis and anyone close to us. Stalker Wirt repeatedly named our real names next to our pseudonyms and offered to send people by pm our home address.

*on public posts referred to us, particularly in that case to Naassan Turk, as “The enemy”.

*Referred to our indigenous group of friends and of course me the wife as “5th columnists.”

*Thanked and told Amid Yousef that he was “too kind” when Amid made a video that called for the hanging and execution of those “attacking” Janice. Actually she was "exposed" by us and not "attacked". His university apparently said that he had not broken any rules. How interesting! 

*Knowing very well that Jamal doesn’t approve visas, sent private messages around to people sharing an infograph that implied Jamal deliberately brought into Syria an “Israeli spy”. If he is so knowledgeable about the region, he must know the visa processes and above all, he must know that that this could get a Palestinian like Jamal killed. And yes, this hypocrite watched on as all these Westerners called Jamal everything but a Palestinian…just like what Zionists do.

*Announced with a tone of authority that Jamal will be arrested the next time he goes to Syria, accentuating and furthering the deadly inferences he was making about Jamal. 

*”Liked” posts that were absolute lies and which he knew to be, and which betrayed the golden rule in activism of never outing the real names of activists from the region who chose to use pseudonyms. He knew our names and even phone number since 2012. But he participated in posts of his own and others that called us "fakes" among other things.

*Made his own defamatory posts of us with photographs of us and our true names.

*Supported the defamatory posts of Western activists who broadcasted our real names next to our pseudonyms and which had photographs of ourselves.

*"Liked" posts where we, family members and people from the region are called "trolls", "agents", "enemies' etc.

*Preferred to believe the lies of a deranged, racist and sectarian anonymous activist named “Samer” to someone like us “Kadis” who he’d worked alongside all these years, despite being sent screenshots of the deranged individual’s rants about us. Not only did he and his partner know us but spent an entire evening with us.

*Publicly and in private to our friends, said that Naassan Turk is not himself but in fact Ghassan and offered to tell everyone in a public forum the “real” name of Naassan. 

It is interesting to note that despite replying to those addressing him online, he does not correct those who call him "Professor". In the British/Australian academic tradition, gaining that title is only through very hard work and meeting specific, very tough criteria. This is like calling a Colonel a Field Marshall and him not correcting you.

The list can go on and on….need I say more?

Shall we reflect on the possible motivations?

There has been a concerted effort at "taking down" the first Indigenous writer, writing in the English language on a regular basis, about matters pertaining to Syria from a pro-Syrian government perspective.

What can we say about the self appointed "world expert on Syria in all of this?

* Comments:

This academic has been associating  on-line with a crazy, totally unhinged character we call "Dr Dirt". Dirt is nothing but a source of entertainment. He is of some use as he exposes what's really going on with the infiltration, redirection and destruction according the NATO strategies of our once successful Syria FB defence movement. He has taken to a new level the strategy to defecate on the movement and on Syrian patriots, other patriots from Greater Syria and family members. He defecates on Syria and its true people. It was his actions and seeing the so-called friends of Syria who have received a lot of attention and praise, enthusiastically supporting his defecation, that finally made me wake up to it all and put it into a framework. And behind so many of these kind of attacks we see "likes" and occasional comments of this academic.

Dirt's role in recent times seemed to have encouraged an insane "Israelite" from Kafroun to make a long video calling for the hanging and execution of those who "attack" the Kortkamp character...if providing evidence can be termed as "attacking" then really all these supposed analysts, academics etc need to have a basic IQ test done on them. The great academic "world expert on Syria" liked that video and said "Thank you Amid, you are too kind". He knew all too well that we and another Syrian who had played a leadership role in the on-line Syria defence movement were the ones to expose this Christian Zionist church planter and that, hence, this video was targeted at us and the others who supported this exposure.

In the face of evidence, these supposed very active and well known "friends" of Syria all gathered together to defend all of the things that we know are wrong. So when I saw that NATO research document it all fell into place and I wrote a piece good enough to be published in The Saker.

Dirt's posts, smear groups, secret Nazi like groups that make plans on what to do with the 300 odd people who are friends with "Kadis" and their close friends, attacks on Syrians and their families, some living in the middle of this war, attacked for not complying to his and his handlers demands, sending people to threatened them and their family members...was seen as ok to do by these high profile "supporters" of Syria! Dirt did all this on behalf of Beeley and Bartlett duo and evidence on Dirt's page shows this academic interacting with him.

Dirt did us a service. His actions and the fact that those "stars" were right behind him and with him, tells us everything. The biggest enabler of these devils (till recently)  inside Syria is a crazy half witted woman in Lattakia and the Syrian corrupt, violent, dangerous, criminal thug she got involved with all the visitors to Syria, and who became to go-to-guy for spies from the west. He is on the run from Syrian security at the moment and a close, close friend of the son of this half wit woman in Syria. It is time her husband gets informed properly about her actions.

This Gatekeeper and his Western associates who seek to make a name for themselves from the war on Syria knew all along our circumstances and need for using pseudonyms. He knew all too well the threats Takfiris were making of those from the region who support the Syrian government. See below one of the Takfiris.

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