Thursday, September 7, 2017


By Intibah Kadi
7 September 2017

A Johnny-come-lately has appeared on the scene claiming to be a supporter of Syria, and, as usual, asking for funds to visit Syria, not to give to families of Martyrs, not to give to injured soldiers, but to pay for his trip, hotel bills, meals, taxis, tips, translators (see his gofundme page). This character has been endorsed and invited by none but Janice the Christian Zionist. This is what I found out about this person when he came to my attention lately as a participant in the attacks on real Syrian activists.

A brief background; this person, Chad, states that he was “offered an opportunity” by Janice to join the group and informs his potential donors that “Janice has helped "MINISTER" to the people there in countless ways”. He praises the Syrian Minister for Tourism for the special treatment the group gets which goes beyond being mere tourists. Some of his words sound like they have come straight out of Janice’s visa application and Dick Black’s utterances! Peruse the gofundme page which gives a breakdown of his requirements.

Here is the shocking news I have uncovered:

Apart from his comical claims about himself and atrocious spelling, Chad stated he is an “ambassador” for “The World Institute for Peace” WIP (Nigeria). It does not come up in any searches of Nigeria’s NGO’s and the founder has set up several other important sounding organisations that seem to be unheard of. However, the founder does host gatherings in Nigeria run by “Foreign Policy”. Foreign Policy is funded by the American government. Have a good look at these links, with the last one showing the link to the US Government.

(1) Below is a conference held by the founder of WIP’s previous organisation.
(2) So these guys go to the target countries and run the recruitment activities

(3) And this US government body sits at the top

also see

Well, well, well, the guy gave himself away when he talked about the shop front in Nigeria! Has he got ideas for such a shop front in Syria? America is hopeless with its intelligence…just hopeless!

But why does the guy ask for money? Why does he look like he’s on a bit of a loose end…to put it politely? He is clearly trying to present himself as someone with no means and an innocent agenda!


*And of course my contacts and friends in Nigeria say they have never heard of such an organisation! And one contact there informs me saying ..."I think Christian Zionism is springing up lately in Nigeria, not only Lamina Kamiludeen Omotoyosi. The Biafran Separatist movements in South Eastern Nigeria are associating their roots to Israel and also claiming that US is their main supporter. But, I have never heard of this so called World Institute for Peace."

So why did Janice specially invite to Syria Chad Harris - the "Ambassador" to this Nigerian propped up NGO that works with the US State Department?  WHERE in Syria did Chad Harris go? WHAT did he see in Syria? WHO did he meet?

Lamina Kamiludeen Omotoyosi who set up the Nigerian fake NGO that Chad Harris, Jan's great friend, is "Ambassador" to, has set up other “shop fronts” that run United States Institute for Peace (USIP) activities. Let us understand what Janice’s latest “Ambassador” who she INVITED to Syria is Ambassador of……..

USIP  is an arm of the State Department with funding coming from their bucket and some from USAid and their office was signed over to them from other property belonging to the Military. Do the other "saviours" get funding from here? Does University of Sydney get funding from there?

Try not to laugh at their euphemisms! Their budget from Department of State is just under $40 million per year.


USIP is effective because of its unique placement—in close partnership with U.S. government agencies, but separate from the Executive Branch. Congress mandated this status for USIP to prevent partisanship in its governance and ensure the independence of its research and analysis. At the same time, it ensured the government full visibility into USIP’s operations by including the secretaries of state and defense on a bipartisan Board of Directors appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate. (See details on USIP’s governance on page 6.) This status has been vital to USIP’s conduct of research and analysis; fieldwork outside U.S. government security perimeters to reduce violence in conflict zones; and high-level policy reviews."

"USIP’s fieldwork in conflict zones requires it to be separate from (even when partnered with) U.S. executive agencies"

As you can see this program used a virtual non entity in Nigeria which Janice's choice for Syria, Chad Harris, is Ambassador for. If it was a genuine program there are many large and successful organisations in Nigeria that this program could work with. It is just the usual story, decade after decade, cheap spy programs! Was Chad supposed to scope Syria? How would they hide the origins of the funding?

They are already in Iraq.

Sarhang Hamasaeed is Middle East director

*Scott Lasensky

Expert on Syria from State Dept organisation

*TIM ANDERSON, EVA BARTLETT, VANESSA BEELEY ETC ETC...all these guys who claim they are great at hunting down stories and uncovering things...but any evidence we get they ignore and attack us harder and DEFEND Janice and her gang. This makes them part of it all. I think Jamal is right! All the pieces of the puzzle are coming together and all the evidence is now collected. We won't bother with the little flies they send to annoy and distract us. We are after the big infiltrators, yes the "Eli Cohens".

*Hair raising information in the link below about Janice's friend's key partner in the dodgy non NGO in Nigeria that works with the US State Department.

Those key "friends" of Syria who defended Janice to the hilt and shot us the messengers are ACCOMPLICES

*Here is more information. There is no USIP program in Syria YET

* USIP coordinates its work through five main centers:

Center for South and Central Asia (SCA)

Center for Governance, Law, and Society (GLAS)

Center for the Middle East and Africa (MEA)

Center for Applied Research on Conflict (ARC)

The Academy for International Conflict Management and Peacebuilding

Board of Directors

Stephen Hadley, Chairman - Principal, Rice Hadley Gates, LLC

George E. Moose, Vice Chairman – The George Washington University, Adjunct Professor of Practice

Judy Ansley – Former Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor at the National Security Council (NSC)

Eric S. Edelman – former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, U.S. Department of Defense

Kerry Kennedy – human rights activist and former executive director of the Robert Kennedy Memorial

Ikram U. Khan – Quality Care Consultants, LLC

Stephen D. Krasner – Stanford University, Graham H. Stuart Professor of International Relations

John A. Lancaster – National Council on Independent Living (NCIL), former Executive Director

Jeremy A. Rabkin – Antonin Scalia Law School, Professor

J. Robinson West, Chairman – PFC Energy, Chairman

Nancy Zirkin – Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, Executive Vice President

Members ex officio

James Mattis – Secretary of Defense (or his designee)

Rex Tillerson – United States Secretary of State, State Department (or his designee)

Major General Gregory S. Martin – President, National Defense

*So WHERE did Chad Harris go in Syria? WHO did he meet? WHAT did he do? WHAT did he see? USIP was active around Syria right at the beginning of the war on Syria.

I am so glad I found his name on a group that was set up to vilify us.

Some of the Gang are depicted below. But the top, top ones are hiding behind these useful fools.

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