Monday, July 16, 2018


Amazing stuff!  This "friend" of Syria moves from Palestine, to Syria and now to Kashmir and in each case doesn't know anything. Here, her former best friend "Dominic" says Bartlett fights separatism and the attempts to destabilize Syria and her sovereignty but does the opposite about India! You can’t make this stuff up! Who is this Dominic I wonder?

By the way, Modi has turned out to be a little like Erdogan in wielding fundamentalists but he or his actions do not define the entire nation of India and the religious texts of Hinduism contain nothing in them to serve as ammunition for any Hindus who have become extremist.

A view from India is that Modi is, above all, "an efficient corporate big money man, sometimes viewed as only using the Hindu plank as a vote base without doing much for them whilst also continuing the disastrous Muslim extremist appeasement politics of the corrupt Congress dynasty and acolytes" and that, "it's the Western liberal Indians who control the media and who spend much effort in using him as an excuse to paint in a negative light the majority."

We find that the Western NGO's and Western news outlets are heavily anti India and Bartlett is merely jumping on to this bandwagon.

"Dominic" raises very important questions about  Bartlett's siding with Islamist destabilizers whilst posing as merely supporting "Muslim causes" what ever she thinks that is. 

Dominic | دومينيك @domihol Jul 6

... Eva Bartlett is IMO a prime example of Orientalism !

I recognised it when she IMO acted as the "Queen of the pro-Syria space" ... and it is clear to me now as she sides with Western meddlers on India's Kashmir ... using primitive propaganda language on a complex issue ...

Dominic | دومينيك @domihol Jul 14

Eva Bartlett also has in my view ZERO knowledge of India, its culture, history and especially the brutal partition under its colonial master Britain - this kind of jingoistic pro-Russia whataboutism makes absolutely no sense considering USA's attempts to de facto partition Syria.

Dominic | دومينيك @domihol Jul 6
... now all the followers she collected over lame "secular Assad" tweets and articles come in handy - close to 200 "like" something that would be to India like "Rojava" is to Syria ... but do her followers realise what they "like"? What is "secular" about that "Kashmir" movement?

Dominic | دومينيك @domihol Jul 6
... Eva Bartlett regurgitates against India's army the same kind of primitive propaganda that she - supposedly - rejects when it is directed against Syria's army. THAT is IMO neither "journalism" nor "activism" - at best it's another dumb Westerner - liking issues 'black & white'

Dominic | دومينيك @domihol Jul 14
Eva Bartlett - who calls herself "journalist", gets air time on Russia's @RT_com & is part of what I term a "Western pro-Syria space" - promotes an article on "Free Kashmir" by some "human rights" NGO - SMEARING India in the same primitive ways as it SMEARS Syria ... ponder THAT

Dominic | دومينيك  @domihol 14 July ... in my experience ... many Western "journalists" that are supposedly "pro-Syria" are even more brutal in discussions as Westerners that are "pro-'rebels'" ... arrogant pigs IMO ... people who feel entitled to speak for the Global South …

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