Wednesday, July 25, 2018

When Non Syrian Community Members Police our Community. 25 July 2018

When Non Syrian Community Members Police our Community.

In 2017, eager to share some good activities of Diaspora Syrians, I shared something from an organisation named "Jusoor"who are Diaspora Syrians who get scholarships at top international universities for Syrian refugees. I didn't examine them closely enough to see if they tick the "Tim Anderson Compliant" box.

Lo and behold Dr Tim Anderson found they're not pro-Syrian Government. Tim Big Boss Man of Syrians (and Syrian's wives like me) made an Infograph about my crime, putting my real name with my activist name for all the Takfiris and whoever to see, perhaps hoping someone will take care of us for him. He may also have made Infographs which name our activist names as well as our real names AND our photos with "friends" of Syria like Bartlett and Beeley sharing them around enthusiastically.

That's perhaps how hopeful this bunch are that the Takfiri terrorists who have sent death threats over the years to "Ghassan Kadi" catch up with us. My husband, a well known and published Lebanese-Syrian writer, one who'd taught much to Tim Big Boss Man of Syrians in the early years of the war, had requested I use the pseudonym for our safety.

Tim Big Boss Man of Syrian's Infograph went far and wide with all Syrians but a few silly ones ignoring it in disgust. Sadly one Syrian who'd known us since the beginning of the war, smitten with the bleached blonde Christian Zionist church planter exposed by my husband and two other Syrians, shared the Infograph calling me a "Mossad agent". The British husband of a Syrian lady residing in Damascus shared it in his group too, and a North African Arabic lady, a retired doctor, apparently not related to Syria, someone who loved our work and knew us from the beginning of the War, shared it in the group she is now Admin of, a group I gave approximately 60 hours a week to, over nearly four years as an admin. Many months after deleting my "criminal" post, these people were still posting Tim Big Boss Man of Syrians Infograph.

Needless to say, the usual bunch of thugs, trolls, paid FB "likers", Mythomaniacs, Orientalists and NATO operatives shared the Infograph enthusiastically perhaps forgetting that if they want to look like genuine activists they ought not to out the names of those in the community/country they claim to be assisting who require/choose to use pseudonyms/activist names. It really shows them up for what they are.

So bad was my crime! I decided to go and check on how terrible Jusoor really was. I even wrote to a "liker" of the Jusoor page, a Syrian much loved and respected by all and whose writings these thugs approve of and see no threat in him and finally publish through their networks. Even Tim Big Boss Man of Syrians approves of him. He told me he's often shared posts of Jusoor, knows the founder of the organisation and that they try to be neutral but don't support the government. Naturally I deleted my post after learning that.  I noticed many Syrians from my own SSNP community had liked the page of Jusoor, as well as other Levantine friends from Syria.

So how did these Patriots dare to disobey Tim Big Man Boss of Syrians? Why has he not punished them? Is it just that he sees me as a soft target being, female and the non-Syrian wife of a Lebanese-Syrian, one Indigenous writer and thinker that was targeted for silencing?

Shall I put all the screenshots of the posts from these "friends" of Syria including the one from that disgraceful Syrian and husband of a Syrian here with my real name redacted? Family members including from the SAA live just near him in the Old City. How does his Syrian wife feel about his insults to us? Shall I put the shots of Big Boss Man of Syrians thanking a person for calling for my friends and my hanging too?

Shall I put all the names of the likers and sharers of Jusoor? They are all solid, amazing patriotic Syrians. I wonder if Big Boss Man of Syrians Tim Anderson will make Infographs on them too?

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