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SOROS, NATO AND THE ALBANIAN GANGS By Intibah Kadi 30 October 2017

Intibah Kadi
30 October 2017

It is mind blowing and mind boggling trying to understand how Soros benefits from the plans that he evidently is linked to or actually driving. We've had startling news of a former NATO soldier (Albanian-Kosovan, German national) spending months this year in Syria, having free reign over the whole country, spinning stories about himself that absolutely don't stack up with his history or statements and him hanging out with the people we've been warning about. He is now a charity funds raiser inside Syria. Well at least he raises money unlike the other operatives who instead endlessly receive Syrian hospitality, with the attitude that they ought to be rewarded by Syrians. 
Apparently Soros' plans for Europe involve Albanian gangs working as sleeper cells for NATO and Soros. Just in Greece alone there are big plans to destroy her inside out with Albanian gangs and infiltration of extremists. Soros and various other cult like movements including that of Gulen, also Grey Wolves, are involved with the CIA and NATO, both having countless shop front NGO's that run in many cases mutual projects and interests; that is - controlling world's energy sources, power by using NGOs.
I will keep researching about these Albanian gangs and agitators for hire.

This is an ex NATO soldier who had no interest in politics other than his love for his country Kosova and Albania but has German citizenship. He was visitor to Syria who has spent several months this year in Syria with Christian Zionist Kortkamp and Tim Anderson. What a mix! What a convergence of interesting agendas!

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By Ghassan Kadi
26 May 2013

Any major political event that happens in Syria reverberates in Lebanon, and vice versa. And to understand how a Syrian Army win in Qusayr can echo in Tripoli Lebanon, we have to go back to the drawing board of Lebanese politics.

Ever since the Republic of Lebanon has been an independent entity, politics in Lebanon has been a combination of democracy and feudal hierarchy. Not only the Lebanese Parliament is based on sectarian representation, with quotas that are meant to give fair per-capita representation of different religions and sects, but the leaders themselves are in reality feudal leaders who pass on their leadership to the eldest son.

Sectarian and feudal as it was, it was kept “functioning” as the feudal lords had some role to play in attracting votes. Those feudal lords had to compete with their local competitors with the aim of attracting votes to put them in the Parliament.

No less competitive was the competition between Sunni leaders, both within their own electorates and regions, and also nationwide.

The position of Prime Minister (PM) in Lebanon is exclusive to Sunnis (according to the Lebanese Constitution). Ever since independence, this position has been the outcome of a game of musical chairs played in between the prominent Sunni families of Solh (of Beirut), Karami (of Tripoli), Salam (of Beirut) and few other minor ones.

The change from one PM to another did not mean much, but the same could be said even about Western democracies. Recent events have shown that not even Obama was able to implement real change. However, the change in the leadership and the person of the PM in Lebanon did a lot of good and as times it meant that certain reforms and/or changes had to be implemented, and the competitiveness between the legacy leaders kept the population buzzing with news of failures and scandals, and it was difficult for any politician to find a façade to hide behind.

Moreover, apart from swinging voters (who would have to be minorities in Lebanon), political loyalties were often based on personal acquaintances with the actual leaders. Those leaders had to have “open salons” for their constituencies where they often offered sweets and refreshments and people went there asking for special favours; such as fixing the village roads and even personal ones such as finding jobs for their children. Those loyalties were very personal and very strong, and quite often, the hardcore loyalists were prepared to put their lives on the line in protection of their leaders.
Then suddenly, this delicate, archaic, but somehow functional system was hit with a political atom bomb; the Hariri bomb.

Rafik Hariri was a self-made billionaire. He was an entrepreneur who was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. When he wanted to get into the political scene in Lebanon, he did not have a legacy to capitalize on, he had to create one. He spent hundreds of millions of dollars on national projects including rebuilding Beirut’s CBD which was ravaged during the Civil War. His Hariri Foundation sponsored the tertiary education of thousands of students. He did do a lot of good things which no traditional politician has ever done. But at the same time, he rose to political power by bringing into Lebanon the American style of campaigning with an open and overt corruption that his son Saad was later on better able to be shameless about.

At leadership level, Saad Hariri has literally bought the Sunni leadership legacy with the power of money. The Karami legacy in Tripoli under the leadership of the patriarch Omar Karami did not kowtow to him, but Hariri managed to create a split in this family and found splinter groups who are now pro-Hariri Karami’s. The other Beiruty and/or Sunni legacies had to either tow the Hariri line or simply vanish.

Even prominent and highly respectable Sunni politicians (such as ex: PM Salim Al-Hus) have lost their seats, and Hus had to lose his seat to a virtually unknown bimbo named Ghonwa Jalloul to the outrage of many Lebanese.

One of his Akkar MP’s (Muin Merhibi) has recently lost his cool and brandished his AK47 and emptied its magazine in the air in defiance of a Lebanese Police check point.

At the hierarchal political level, Hariri makes it clear to his puppet MP’s and regional leaders that he wants numbers and not necessarily brains within his ranks. All they have to do is to follow his orders, unquestioned.
Other self-made leaders in Lebanon have gained support and loyalists in the past by having charisma and their ability to round up people with agendas of reform, promises of freedom from feudalism, etc…. but Hariri cannot even speak. His only asset is his deep wallet.

At street level, Hariri has literally bought votes for cash, and even sent free return tickets to Lebanese ex:pats who live in places as far as the USA and Australia to go and vote for his candidates nationwide. The loyalty of this new age of loyalists is not based on personal relationships that connect the leader with the community. They are only on money. That said, there is a new form of loyalists, those who have an Islamist fundamentalist agenda, and they are using Hariri’s money to have free access to arms so they can go and fight their Jihad wars in Syria and prepare for their Jihad war against Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Hariri has also bought a huge percentage of the religious Sunni leadership and when, for example, Malek Shaar, the Mufti of Tripoli opens up his mouth to speak, he would only be regurgitating the words and emotions of Hariri.

More can be said about this dangerous Mafiosi, Saad Hariri. But in relation to the recent developments in Tripoli, he is the only reason behind the perpetuation of the fighting. The blood is on his hands. This is the only place where he is able to vent his hatred on Shiites, and the only reason this is possible is because Jabal Mohsen is a tiny area that is totally surrounded from all angles by his thugs. And in the wake of the advances of the Syrian Army in Qusayr, he sent his thugs to retaliate in the hope of taking over the Alawi region of Jabal Mohsen. They failed and failed abysmally.

In doing this, he is truly playing with fire in the most dangerous manner possible. If this Tripoli conflict is not resolved, and if the Jabal Mohsen community capitulates, Hariri thugs will march in and kill every man woman and child.

If the Jabal Mohsen militia reach the enough-is-enough point and start attacking rather than defending (as their leader Rafaat Ali has said recently), then the fire will be highly like to spread to engulf all of Lebanon.

Among other hate-mongers, in Saida South Lebanon Hariri has his puppet Sunni Imam, Ahmed Al-Asir who has been making it very clear that he wants to fight Hezbollah and kill Shia. This half-wit is waiting for half a signal from his ulterior master Saad Hariri to send the South into a blood bath.
Ironically and sadly, Hezbollah does not only need to focus on averting Israeli danger, but also to deal with those sectarian war mongers and blood thirsty Jihadists.

What is more ironic, is that Hariri and his Jihadist policies are all happening with the blessings of the West, the same West that is mourning the innocent slain British soldier.

Originally published here: Screen shots provided to prove this is Ghassan Kadi's work. It was stolen and republished elsewhere (see below these screen shots for details)

This work of Ghassan Kadi's was taken and presented on "Arabi Souri's" website as his own. He did not seek Ghassan's permission and put himself as the author. In the comments section a USA-Israeli dual national who co-writes with "Arabi Souri" heaped praised on the article. What other writings of Kadi over all these years has been plagiarised word for word and presented  as "Arabi Souri's" own?
Screen shots from Arabi Souri's website of the work he passed off as his own.

And the USA-Israeli who helps write praised the article which was presented as the work of her colleague "Arabi Souri" but is in fact the work of Ghassan Kadi.
"Arabi Souri" who actually lives in Dubai now uses this profile.

HAMAS' DIRECTION REGARDING SYRIA. By Ghassan Kadi 21 December 2011

Ghassan Kadi
21 December 2011

I don’t know how reliable this bit of news is, but it seems that Haniyyeh is visiting Turkey. How interesting!! Unless he is planning to make Tel Aviv as his next destination, there is little point in him going to Ankara first.

The man cannot go to his bedroom without being watched by Israeli drones. How can we not but believe... that his visit to Ankara is done under the blessing of Israel?

If Haniyyeh truly believes that Erdogan is a friend to rely on, he would have to be totally naive. All that Erdogan did was to huff and puff about Mavi Marmara. Nothing more. He recalled his ambassador in Israel, but did not sever ties. His country suspended the military exercises with Israel, but did not cancel them. He is a NATO member. He is hosting the missile bases etc……
Sell out Iran and Syria, and you shall receive some scraps. This seems to be the obvious carrot that Hamas is chasing up now. It seems that the hierarchy of Hamas is now reconsidering whether or not the organization is to continue with the demand for the total liberation of Palestine.
What is happening with Hamas?

It would seem that Hamas has finally lost its sectarian battle. It has finally succumbed to the pressure of the inter-Islamic divide and decided to rebunk with the new-found big-brother; Turkey. Whether the support funds come from Turkey itself or other Sunni brothers (some of whom like the Qatari’s have strong ties with Israel) does not seem to be relevant any more, for as long as they are Sunnis.
The PLO has already agreed to sell out most of Palestine on political deals that never eventuated anyway, and now Hamas is gearing up to sell out some more of Palestine on Sunni grounds by going to bed with the friends of Israel.

The sell-out I am talking about is not necessarily in terms of territory and geography as some might jump up and start defending. It is the sell-out of Palestinian rights and dignity.
Strange days indeed.

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By Ghassan Kadi 23 November 2017 It is almost impossible to stay up to date with all the developments and changes within the previously unchangeable Saudi Arabia. Here are some of my  thoughts on the most prominent of those recent changes.

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By Ghassan Kadi 11 November 2017

MBS pushed himself to the point of no return, all the while others like Bandar are lurking and waiting to pounce. Here’s Ghassan’s thoughts and speculations about this intriguing and fast-changing situation.

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With Hariri and Saudi Arabia a hot topic currently I thought I would go through and find some of the work Ghassan Kadi has done on this.


At the time Ghassan wrote all these articles no one indigenous to Lebanon and Syria and writing regularly in the English language was talking about things the way he was.

Now these things are common place probably.

There are 30 articles here that I could find but many things were written by Ghassan in groups too.

Specifically about HARIRI

The Fall and Fall of Hariri 5 Nov 2017

This one was in February 2016 and just a few weeks before General Rifi turned against him.

Lebanon’s 14th of March Marches into Oblivion.18 February 2016

Saad Hariri. 29 June 2011


The Second Saudi Dynasty MBS's Reset Button 11 November 2017

The Enigmatic Mohamed Bin Salman. 7 Nov 2017

The Fall and Fall of Hariri 5 Nov 2017

Mohomed Bin Salman’s Do or Don’t Dilemma. 19 Oct 2-17

Bin Laden Remembers; the Rise of The Jihadi Spring. 6 September 2017

The Muslim Spring Take II 6 July 2017

A Muslim Spring. 12 June 2017

Trump’s Show Me The Money World Tour 2 June 2017

Al Saud’s Only Gamble 22 May 2017

Mohamed Bin Salman: The accidental Saudi “King” 10 May 2016

Lebanon’s 14th of March Marches into Oblivion. 18 February 2016

The Mohamed Bin Salman Dilemma; 2 August 2015

Breaking News Breaks Saudi Plans. Translation, Interpretation and Analysis 31 July 2015

The Imploding House of Saud Part vi. 5 October 2014

The Imploding House of Saud Part iv. 4 October 2014

The Imploding House of Saud Part iii October 2014

The Imploding House of Saud Part iii. 2 October 2014

The Imploding House of Saud Part ii. 1 October 2014

The Imploding House of Saud Part 1. 30 September 2014

The Wind of Change Hitting Saudi Arabia. 13 September 2014

Bandar’s Last Stand 24 December 2013

Saudi for Dummies. 26 November 2013

Bandar; The Man Who Would Not Be King. 23 October 2013

The Shift of Saudi Arabia from the USA. 23 October 2013

Bandar’s Gamble. Sept 2013

Some of Many Ugly Truths About Saudi Arabia. 29 July 2012

King Abdullah and His Saudi Kingdom. 9 Aug 2011

Saad Hariri. 29 June 2011


Understand the bigger picture of Syria: history with an agenda (Updated)
Ghassan Kadi’s Three Foundational Pieces on the War on Syria (from 2011),
Introduced and Presented by Tony Seed.

““Many of you can see through the eyes of the media you chose to follow about the crisis in Syria. Many of you believe the over-rated propaganda that hundreds of channels or papers place out there meant to sway public opinion. But to understand the truth of a situation, you must first study the history of the situation. There lays the truth and lies in what is known as a media war. Understanding how Syria rose, and what she is going through right now is the most vital tool to fight with fact, not fiction.” | Three articles by GHASSAN KADI*”

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THE ENIGMATIC MOHAMED BIN SALMAN By Ghassan Kadi 7 November 2017

By Ghassan Kadi
7 November 2017

Ghassan Kadi’s take on the fast moving developments in the region.

THE FALL AND FALL OF HARIRI by Ghassan Kadi 5 November 2017

By Ghassan Kadi
5 November 2017

Politics in Lebanon is exceedingly complex. Ghassan gives a brief background on Hariri and offers some thoughts on the reasons behind Hariri’s sudden resignation. With events in the region proceeding at a dizzying  pace , and especially the news of arrests in Saudi Arabia which happened after Ghassan submitted his piece, some of the thoughts in Ghassan’s article may merely represent a snapshot in time as the landscape keeps changing, but essentially the article discusses Saudi Arabia’s attempts to regain control over Lebanon.


From our book we published in May 2016.

Ghassan comes from a political activist family in Lebanon. He is in his early sixties, a Lebanese national with both parents born in Syria and, with family equally spread across both Syria and Lebanon. Due to his family and community background, Ghassan felt he could express himself more freely in his efforts to defend Syria and to tackle highly contentious subjects, by using a pseudonym, “Ghassan Kadi”. His writings are informed by his interesting, rich, but rather traumatic background.  

Ghassan grew up in the household of a very influential SSNP figure. It was the young Ghassan who urged his father to end the SSNP-Assad feud. In 1976, he told his father, “…they broke your bones in jail because you said “Tahiya Suria” and yet your party is still allowing this wedge to continue between it and the Syrian government.” It took two days for his father to start making initial contacts with Syrian officials which eventually led to the first meeting of Abdullah Saade, the then President of the SSNP, and Abdul Halim Khaddam and, the rest is history. That was the first ever link between the national movement in Lebanon and the Syrian government after the rift that Jumblat created. After that, all the other parties joined in.
Ghassan grew up witnessing many struggles in his city and region and also the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, starting with a non-militant version that his paternal uncle introduced to the Levant from Egypt. His uncle can be best described as the intellectual and spiritual father of the Levantine Muslim Brotherhood but, he never advocated violence. His father, as a great secularist, and this uncle struggled with each other throughout their lives. 
Ghassan lived mainly in Beirut for 9 years of the most difficult part of the civil war and was even held under home arrest by Christian ultra-right wing extremists for seven months. Ironically, his father, who had no idea whether his son was alive or dead, had negotiated the release of about 120 people of all backgrounds during the civil war and, in fact, had secured the release of a member of his son’s kidnapper’s family without realising that it was his own son who in exchange would be released but, he was still trapped in that hostile environment and managed to escape later on. 
Ghassan has been very active in the social media (Facebook) defence of Syria, mainly through writing articles, explaining the history and background of this war, explaining current issues and future scenarios of the “War On Syria” to his English speaking target audience. 
With his wife “Intibah”, he also occasionally produces translations of important reports or analyses that never make it outside of the Arabic speaking world. These include pieces by Sami Koleib, Ibrahim Al Amin, Ogarite Dandache, Tarek Tarshishi, Abdel Bari Atwan, Nahed Hatter and translations into English of “The Saker” interviews. Regrettably, the importance and significance of this contribution seems mostly lost on “pro-Syria”, Western analysts who preferred Western analysts to that of the Indigenous insight and expertise. 
Ghassan and Intibah, endeavoured to inform as wide an audience as possible via social media, for the first three and a half years of the war in the Facebook group “The Syrian Revolution: The Untold Story” and then in the group, “REDLINE SYRIA”. 
Since August 2014, most of Ghassan’s work is published on well-known sympathetic media sites. He is a regular guest writer for The Saker ( and gets interviewed by Sputnik, Sputnik Radio, and has been published a number of times in Katehon, in Global Research and Oriental Review with his work being republished widely on other sites.
Intibah comes from a European heritage. Her professional background involved working mainly in roles of advocacy, community development and management of projects. She has also managed a number of organisations. 
When the attack on Syria began, Intibah swung into action to counter all the rhetoric and propaganda. By mid-2011, she was invited by the founder of the Facebook page “The Syrian Revolution; The Untold Story” to be one of the three Admins. Intibah took her role very seriously and worked countless hours towards this.
Late in 2014, she left that role and, with Ghassan and a few friends, established another group on Facebook called REDLINE SYRIA which aimed to highlight the Levantine narrative and priorities for the defense of Syria. This was in response to and in contrast to a growing issue of Western generated efforts to coralle the narrative into a narrow, non Indigenous, leftist, anti-imperialistic, “politically correct” framework and also as a response to the infiltration into the movement of “controlled opposition”, other entities and agenda. Many of the voices of Levantine analysts, journalists and activists had been silenced and even pilloried and control over the on line defense of Syria had been largely lost and diverted from the indigenous Levantines resulting in loss of control over what issues to priotise Intibah set up a blog to collect her and Ghassan’s work

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'Traitors': Why Armed Opposition Fails to Win Hearts and Minds of Syrians . 28 Jan 2017 Ekaterina Blinova Interview

'Traitors': Why Armed Opposition Fails to Win Hearts and Minds of Syrians
Ekaterina Blinova

28 January 2017 

A wonderful interview with Film maker Olga Nakkas and other analysts.

"Syrian political analyst Ghassan Kadi echoed Nakkas.
"Syria was never perfect and probably never will be.  Racial, religious and sectarian divides have plagued humanity everywhere. If anything, because of its kaleidoscopic demographic fabric, Syria is more vulnerable to strife than most other nations," Kadi told Sputnik commenting on the issue.
"Nonetheless, Syrians of different ethnicities and backgrounds have lived in harmony for centuries. It is worthy to note that despite the current strong Sunni/Shiite rift, the last 'battle' between the two camps was 1,300 years ago," he stressed.
"Pictures speak louder than words. This photo, taken in a Damascus rally in 1925 against the French occupation, displays in its bottom right corner a cross, a crescent and the Star of David. Such was Syria pre-Wahhabism and Israel," Kadi remarked."

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A little piece from 2011 that I had forgotten about and found the other day...
By Ghassan Kadi , 21 September 2011.
As someone who cares about Palestine in specific and in justice in general, I find that the main purpose behind any writing I do is to serve this objective. The road towards such an objective is long and narrow and can get at times foggy. In other instances, one may have to make interim alliances that serve a common objective. The eyes have to be wide open and the mind needs to be alert.
Israel and its lobby have been running a very diligent propaganda campaign for decades and there is nothing new in this. The campaign is multi-faceted and does not always necessarily come out as black and white. Some of it is very covert and subtle and hard to identify as Zionist propaganda.
Perhaps whole books can be written about this subject, but the main objective of this note is to highlight a danger that Israel is capitalizing on, namely the issue of the relationship between Iran and Hezbollah.
In its attempt to gain international sympathy and support, Israel is always trying to portray that it is surrounded by ruthless and powerful enemies. Iran is now being portrayed as the big bully that is threatening Israel. It is also trying to make Hezbollah and Iran appear as inseparable entities; twins, and hence is always trying to promote the idea that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization and should not have any representation in the Lebanese cabinet even when it wins votes with an overwhelming majority.
But this view of Hezbollah does not only serve the Israeli propaganda, but it also plays on domestic Lebanese politics which are very vulnerable and always underestimated.
The anti-Hezbollah camp in Lebanon is also constantly trying to portray Hezbollah as an Iranian satellite. They argue that any support for Hezbollah means a support for the regional Iranian rise to power and its hegemony. When sectarian Sunni/Shiite passions are added to the argument, the final cocktail becomes very easily taken in by Sunnis who feel fearful about what has been recently dubbed “Tashyeeh”, a word that is best translated as Shiit-ification.
Hezbollah is an organization that is protecting Lebanese sovereignty by guarding the Lebanese borders from Israeli incursions. The liberation of South Lebanon from Israeli occupation in 2000 and the subsequent defeat of Israel in July 2006 were thus far its greatest achievements.
Hezbollah undoubtedly relies heavily on Iranian and Syrian support, but within Lebanon, Hezbollah has its own independent political modus operandi that finds it having common grounds with the Tayyar movement, a political party headed by the ex Army Chief (General Aoun) who is a Maronite Christian.
Whether one supports Hezbollah, Syria, Hamas, the PA, Turkey, General Aoun, Iran or any other power player within Lebanon or the region as a whole, facts dictate that there are two major political and military forces in the Levant; one that supports Israel and its agenda, and one that is against it.
Sadly, there are many divisions within the latter side. Those divisions are so powerful at times that they push some very staunch anti-Israelis to argue and fight within themselves.
In the ideal world, those who oppose Israel and its oppressive policies should be united by that cause and be able to realize that what unites them is far stronger and more substantial than what divides them. When they cannot work together, the least they can do is not to work against each other and not to get into propaganda war against each other throwing around accusations of corruption and treachery.
Sadly also, a very active FB member, under a nom de plume, is very active in  strongly promoting the concept of unity of Hezbollah and Iran. This very vehement affirmation can easily serve Israeli propaganda and can also inflame anti-resistance sentiments and more divisions within Lebanon. 
The regurgitation of Israeli propaganda and the divisive rhetoric of ultra right wing Lebanese politics cannot be of any good in serving the main objective of the struggle against Israel and ensuring justice for Palestinians. 
The objective here is not to slander that particular person and/or get into a tit-for-tat FB war with any one. This is about offering a view about a very seemingly benign issue in the hope that its ramifications can become clearly visible.

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هناك مؤامرة  جديدة طَي الكتمان تحاك ضد سورية

لمن يهمه الأمر،

بعد التحية. 

هناك مؤامرة  جديدة طَي الكتمان تحاك ضد سورية الحبيبة.  واجبي كمواطن هو لفت نظر  قادتنا الكرام لذلك الإمر الخطير و ذلك بغية لجمه الآن ، هو لا يزال في المهد، و قبل أن يتفاقم و يصبح  عسير المعالجة. 

بعد مضي أكثر من خمس سنين من الحرب على سورية، لا يزال أعداؤها يتربصون و يتزاحمون بغية كسب ما باستطاعتهم. فمنهم راهن سابقاً على الإنتصار العسكري، و عندما رؤوا أن ذلك بالمستحيل، باشر بعضهم الآخر بالرهان على ما يمكن كسبه بعد فشلهم العسكري. و من هذا الباب، دخل علينا ما يسمى بالمسيحيين-الصهاينة

المسيحيون-الصهاينة هم الغزاة الجدد  الذين يتحضرون لغزو لسورية

فمن هم المسيحيون-الصهاينة؟ هذا هو تعريف جماعي يحتوي العديد و الكثير من الكنائس الغربية، و الأميركية منها على وجه التحديد، و التي تتبنى نظرية مفادها أن ملكوت الله الذي تكلم عنه المسيح هو دولة إسرائيل

و لقد دخل العديد من أولئك الصهاينة المتسترين بالمسيحية بشبكات التواصل الإجتماعي، و بالأخص الفاسبوك و باللغة الإنكليزية

و نظراً أن نشاطي الإعلامي قد تركز هناك بغية نشر حقيقة ما يحدث في سورية، تبين لي و للعديد من الأخوة و الأخوات أن عدداً لا يستهان به من المشكوك بأمرهم من عرب و غربيين قد تسللوا بيننا من أجل أهداف و نزوات خاصة بهم لا تمت بأي صلة لدعم سورية. و ما تبين أخيراً أن من أولئك الأفراد من هم مسيحيون-صهاينة

بالخداع و الكذب و الدجل، تمكن بعض أولئك المسيحيون-الصهاينة من مصادقة المئات من السوريين تحت غطاء الصداقة لسورية. و قد  استغلت إحدى كبارهم (و تدعى بالولادة  جانيس كورتكامب Janice Kortkamp  و تعرف أيضاً بإسمها بالزواج جان فيرينغJan Fearing ) استغلت  صداقاتها لكي تحصل، و بطريق الخداع و الكذب، على تأشيرة دخول لسورية

جانيس تنتمي لكنيسة صهيونية ترسل دفعات من الزائرين لإسرائيل بشكل منتظمو من الجدير بالذكر، أنه بعد فضح أعمال كنيستها على صفحات الفاسبوك، فإنها لم تنكر ذلك و لم تنكر علمها بالأمر و لكنها تصر أن تبقى عضوة في تلك الكنيسة بالرغم من دعمها الواضح لإسرائيلو بوقاحة صارخة تقول أن ذلك لن يثنيها عن تأييدها لسورية و زيارتها، و كأن مسألة تحديد سياسة سورية تجاه التعامل مع إسرائيل هو رهن بها

في الصور المرفقة، نرى الزائرين الأميركيين  الذين أوصلتهم كنيسة جانيس إلى إسرائيل يتربعون على دبابات سورية و مصرية استولت إسرائيل عليها خلال حروبها

في الروابط المرفقة أيضاً صفحات الكنائس التي  تنتمي إليها جانيس. و القس المذكور إسمه داخل الدائرة، كلانسي نيكسون Clancy Nixon، هو  الأب الروحي لكنيسة جانيس، و إسمه مذكور من باب حلقة الوصل من أجل زيارة أسرائيل

و لكن عندما قررت زيارة سورية، فقد  كذبت و صرحت أن كنيستها أنجليكانية (أي إنكليزية) لكي تبعد عنها أية شبهات تربطها بتأييد إسرائيل. و لدي صورة من طلبها للحصول على التأشيرة و هو مرفق

طلب التأشيرة يشمل أيضاً أسماء شخصيات سورية شعبية و حكومية، و ليس لدى أي منهم أي علم بنشاطاتها الصهيونية

و ما زاد الطين بلة أن  جانيس حصلت أيضاً على توصية من عضو مجلس الشيوخ الأميركي ريتشارد بلاك Richard (Dick) Blackو قصة جانيس و بلاك قصة يجب شرحها بإسهاب

في سنة ٢٠١٤ شكر بلاك الرئيس الأسد لحمايته لمسحيي سوريةهذا جل ما قام به من دعم لسورية، و بالرغم من هذا القليل الذي قام به، فهو طبعاً مشكور

و لكن بلاك ينتمي للحزب الجمهوري الذي ينتمي إليه الجزار بوش. و هو أيضاً مؤيد للمرشح السابق تد كروز الشديد التأييد لإسرائيل. خلفية بلاك السياسية فإذا لا تجعل منه مؤيداً لسورية.، بل على العكس. و هنا أتى دور جانيس

لأكثر من سنتين، قامت جانيس  بحملة كبيرة على صفحات التواصل الإجتماعي و ذلك من أجل تبييض  صفحة بلاك ووصفه بالمؤيد الكبير لسوريةو بالمقابل، إستعمل بلاك شبكاته لكي يوسع شبكة  أفق جانيس في ولاية فرحينيا عن طريق تعريفها شخصياً لشخصيات سورية مقيمة هناك

و عملاً بمبدأ "حك ضهري لحك ضهرك"، يداً بيد قام كل من الطرفين برفع مقام الآخر و تقوية صداقاتهم مع مواطنين سوريين في الوطن و في المغترب

و بالرغم من أن بلاك لا إهتمام له في سورية إلا بمسيحييها ، و بالرغم من عدائه للإسلام (و ليس فقط لداعش) ، فقد تمكن بمساعدة جانيس من أن يرتقي إعلامياً إلى درجة صديق قوي لسورية

و قد حاولت جاهداً منذ أكثر من سنة أن أتحدى موقفه من الإسلام و فضحه كمؤيد ذو غاية دينية طائفية، و لكنني لم أفلح بسبب قوة التيار المعاكس و العدد الكبير من السوريين الذين تمكنت جانيس من غسل أدمغتهم

ليس بالغريب إذاً إذا أصبح بلاك يرى في سورية بمنظار البطل الأميركي الذي يعرف حقيقة ما يجري في سورية. و عند زيارته لسورية في نيسان الفائت، قام بلاك بزيارة سيادة الرئيس و صرح أنه سيكون صوت سورية في أميركا، و كأنه ليس لسورية رجالها

مهما يكن من أمر، نعود هنا لطلب  تأشيرة جانيس لدخول سورية. بسبب التوصيات العالية و المرموقة التي حصلت عليها جانيس، جرى استقبالها في سورية بحفاوة كبرى أوصلتها لمقابلة الدكتورة بثينة شعبان و الدكتور علي حيدر و المفتي حسون و عدداً كبيراً من المسؤولين

و لكن هل يعقل أن الدكتورة بثينة شعبان  أو الدكتور علي حيدر أو المفتي أو غيرهم من قادتنا الذين نعتز بهم، هل كان من الممكن أن يكونوا على استعداد لمقابلة تلك الإمرأة لو حصلوا على معلومات صحيحة عن خلفيتها؟ بالطبع لا

أعود و أكرر أن جانيس لم تنكر انتماءها لتلك الكنيسة و لم تنكر علمها بالرحلات  التي تنظمها الكنيسة لإسرائيل

سؤال وجيه. هل يقبل أي سوري وطني أن يرى مؤيدين لهؤلاء الأنذال في سورية؟ و هل يرضى أن يرى أياً منهم في شوارع دمشق لا سمح الله؟

المريب بل المخيف أن جانيس تنوي العودة في تشرين الأول مع عشرة إلى عشرين مؤيد إميركي لا نعرف أي شيء عنهم. كل ما يمكننا أن نتوقعه أنهم مسيحيون-صهاينة مثلها

مما لا شك فيه أن هدف أولئك الصهاينة هو التبشير المسيحي-الصهيوني. و التبشير هذا هدفه تحويل الشباب إلى نعاج تطيعهم دون أي تساؤل. و اليوم في سورية هناك عشرات الآلاف من المواطنين الذين هم لحاجة لمساعدة. سيقوم التبشيريون بتقديم مساعدات مشروطة، و من ثم سيقومون بغسل أدمغتهم و إبعادهم عن محيطهم الوطني و الإجتماعي.، تماماً كما تفعل جماعة الشهود يهوة و غيرها من الجماعات التي هي أقرب بكثير إلى اليهودية من المسيحية

عملاً من منطلق "كل مواطن خفير"، أقوم بتقديم هذه الرسالة للسلطات المختصة

لا يجوز أن نسكت و نمكن الأعداء من تجاوز ما لا يحق لهم أن يتجاوزوه و ما لم يستطيعوا تحقيقه بالحرب

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إلى من يهمه الأمر,
الرجاء إضافة المعلومات التالية إلى الرسالة:
أولا: جانيس كورتكامب\فيرينغ, في طلبها لتأشيرة الدخول إلى سوريا في زيارتها الماضية, صرحت
بأن كنيستها التي تعمل فيها منذ سنوات طويلة هي مكان عملها الحالي وقدمت إسم رئيس كنيستها القس
كلانسي نكسون كمرجع لها, مع ان القس كان مشغولا بتنظيم رحلة أخرى إلى فلسطين المحتلة, فمن
الواضح أن موقفه لم يتغير مطلقا تجاه إسرائيل والصهيونية. فإذا كان هناك أي شك بمعتقدات كنيسته
فالجاء الإستماع للتسجيل الصوتي التالي وفيه نسمع القس كلانسي نكسون في خطابه الديني للمجتمعين
في كنيسته أنهم لن يكونو مسيحيون ما لم يدعمو الكيان الصهيوني.

ثانيا: السيناتور ريتشارد بلاك أعلم الدكتورة بثينة شعبان بأن جانيس كورتكامب\فيرينغ تعطي
محاضرات عن سوريا في كنيستها. لكن منشورات الكنيسة طوال السنين الماضية لم تذكر الكلمة
"سوريا" أبدا ولا حتى مرة واحدة! ليس هناك أي برهان عن ذلك. جانيس كورتكامب\فيرينغ تتباهى
عادة على صفحتها على الفيسبوك بأي شيء تفعله وله علاقة بسوريا ولكنها لم تذكر أبدا أنها قدمت
محاضرة أو تكلمت عن سوريا في كنيستها.
من أكثرالإكتشافات المروعة هي أن سيناتور بلاك قد خدع الدكتورة شعبان عندما قال لها أن جانيس
تعمل كمساعدة له. وقال ذلك لمساعدة جانيس في طلب تأشيرة الدخول إلى سوريا والتي كانت تنتظرفي
الكويت جوابا له منذ 25 يوما. وحسب فهمنا فإن الدكتورة شعبان فورا بعئت طلبا بإعطاء التأشيرة.
جانيس روت لبعض من أصدقائها قصة الخداع ضاحكة ومتباهية.
بعد أسابيع قليلة كرر كلاهما في مقابلة تلفزيونية أن جانيس ذهبت لسوريا كونها "زوجة بيت أمريكية
عادية" و"لتختلط مع السوريين العاديين"

ثالثا: الرابط التالي لبحث قامت به إيفا جونجالس يدل على أن إدعاء سيناتور بلاك بأنه مستهدف من قبل
داعش هو قصة مصطنعة.