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A MUSLIM SPRING By Ghassan Kadi 12 June 2017

By Ghassan Kadi
12 June 2017

Ghassan’s take on the fallout of the Qatar crisis and its possible wider implications



By Ghassan Kadi
11 June 2017
When President Assad and the gallant Syrian Army decided that Syria was to stand up against the multi-national conspiracy against her, fought against all odds, certain of victory but preferred to risk to go down standing rather than surrendering long before she earned the respect and support of friends who eventually came to her aid, she had nothing up her sleeve other than her redlines.

Those redlines were and still are underpinned by her sovereignty and integrity, and her laws that reflect those principles.

Like all other nations and states, it is up to Syria and Syria alone to decide what her redlines are, and in times of crisis, when friends come to one’s aid, Syria is not alone in expecting her friends and supporters to know and understand what her redlines are; otherwise, how on earth can those friends and supporters discern where the defence lines would be drawn and what to uphold?

Not even Syria’s President would cross those redlines, and the very reason why he received so much popular support, why the overwhelming majority of Syrians stood by him and regarded him as the voice, the embodiment of all of what is good in Syria, why the Syrian Army remained defiant against all odds, and why Syria won her war, was because President Assad has set the precedent, the perfect example as he cherished and symbolized Syria’s unwavering principles, redlines, and the laws that define those principles and redlines.

It is therefore most unacceptable for patriotic Syrians to see supposed supporters trying to impose what their own redlines are; not only on other people who are meant to be supporters, but on the nation as a whole.

Until the laws of Syria change, if they change by the natural course of the democratic process that is in place, those laws need to be respected and adhered to, just like the laws of any other nation. And if and when those laws change, they will change in accordance with the will of the people; not in accordance with the fantasies and agendas of couch activists, personal profile builders, fund-thirsty opportunists, gate-keepers, propagandists and religious freaks and zealots of different descriptions.

And when any of such suspicious characters are not Syrian, if they have any integrity at all, they must understand that there is a bigger onus on them to stay away from the law-making process of Syria; because this is a matter for Syrians and not for them. And if they truly support Syria, they should be demanding to stay out of imposing their own vision, but do they?

The true friends of Syria do, and they are highly appreciated for their unconditional support, but those who pretend to be friends are in a totally different paradigm.

Some alleged supporters of Syria, alleged Syrian patriots or otherwise, think that they have a mandate to decide how to stretch the laws of Syria and put themselves in a position to decide what laws can be stretched and broken. Among other things, they believe that they have the right to decide what constitutes a breach of Syrian laws even when it comes to matters relating to national security; including matters that relate to the steadfast position of Syria against Israel.

What is more ironic and most audacious is that those same people accuse anyone, including genuine Syrian patriots, who question their self-given mandate to break Syrian law as enemies of Syria. Inadvertently and perhaps subconsciously, they are referring to those patriots as personal enemies, only and simply because they feel challenged by them as they expose their agendas.

But redlines can only be seen by people of colour vision and those who are able to discern red from black. But those with colour blindness are only able to see a reflection of their own shades of grey and confusion.

It is not within the power or mandate of anyone to make claims about what Syria should accept, who to allow on her soil, what should be deemed acceptable and not acceptable by Syria; outside what is stipulated within Syrian law.
To those who believe they are above Syria’s law, we say: Hands off Syria.

QATAR AND THE FORTY THIEVES By Ghassan Kadi 8 June 2017

by Ghassan Kadi
8 June 2017

This article analyses the events leading up to the underlying reasons and ironies of the farcical situation of Qatar being declared a terrorist state.
"The sudden, unprovoked and coordinated outrage of Middle East regional powers, as well as international powers, against Qatar is something akin to a story in “Fables de La Fontaine”. With a bit of a twist, it resembles the story of “The Animals Seized with the Plague”."QATAR QQQQ

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By Ghassan Kadi
5 June 2017

Initially, when the online social media-based Syrian defence groups took off, they were meant to fill-in the social media gap that the Syrian Government was not prepared for. For this reason, concerned and responsible Syrian citizens took upon themselves the task of using the new communication medium to do their bit in defending the homeland.
In the beginning it was monumental, and reached out to the world, and most importantly, the English-speaking world.
It was perhaps because of this initial success that the movement was soon to be attacked and become subject to information warfare. It would be foolish to think otherwise and believe that the enemies of Syria would leave this very successful movement alone.
Before too long, that online social media-based Syrian defence movement, especially the English-speaking version of it, turned into a forum for implants and weak links of a multitude of motivations including, but not restricted to, the following:
1. Hired (ie paid) trolls who were planted into the online Syrian defence front just like the terrorist militants were hired and paid to go and fight inside Syria.
2. Individuals who jumped on the band-wagon in order to gain personal accolade for their own gratification and satisfaction.
3. Money-hungry opportunists who capitalized on crowd-funding for their own personal benefit, and did so repeatedly without showing any evidence of passing on any portion of those funds to needy Syrians.
4. Religious zealots, mainly Christian Zionists, who grabbed the opportunity of the rise of Jihadi Islamism to promote their own doctrine and their own version of Christianity and presenting it as a religion that is better than Islam.
5. Highly suspicious Syrians who have allowed enemies of Syria to infiltrate into social media groups, allowed them to become admins of such groups, and defended them against Syrian patriots.
6. Corrupt and complacent Syrian government personnel who did not properly vet out would be Western visitors to Syria and ignored warnings about the above repeatedly and did nothing about it.
7. Orientalists, ie Westerners who believe that nothing good can and will happen in the East in general, the Levant to be specific, without their involvement and seal of approval.
8. Well-intentioned Syrians with bad judgement who were deluded enough to follow wolves in sheep’s clothing.
9. Weak Syrians who were unable to see the forest from the trees and followed their enemies against their own compatriots.
10.Corrupt Syrians who were prepared to sell their souls to the highest bidder, be prepared to lie, fabricate stories, and attack other Syrians for no reason other than being told to do so by their sponsors.
Six years, going on seven, after the “War on Syria” started, a good look at what is left of the online English–speaking defence groups makes one wonder; where are the genuine indigenous Syrian patriots? There seems to be none left!
But this is not all.
The moment a Syrian stood up to expose the truth, any truth about any of the above culprits, despite their vast differences, they all rallied up together to call that Syrian an enemy of Syria. They used everything in their power to defame him, destroy him, and shone the spotlights on themselves as THE defenders of Syria and the custodians of her war. Many of the non-Syrians among them even dared call genuine Syrian patriots as enemies of Syria, and the weak Syrians and corrupt Syrians and personnel shamelessly danced to their drum beats, seemingly unmoved by the blood of tens of thousands of Syrian soldiers and many more tens of thousands of civilians who have perished defending the homeland.
Eventually, many Syrians who joined that online movement initially have either been bullied out, walked away in disgust, or have been destroyed. But as time goes by, the tides have been turning.
History is recording everything and once exposed, the non-Syrian trolls, ego-trippers, money-grabbers, Zionist-church-builders and other enemies of Syria will be temporarily put in a specific basket and then forgotten and relegated to the rubbish bin of history.
The ones who will not be forgotten or forgiven will be the Syrians who took up arms to fight against Syria.
In this particular context herein however, the ones who will not be forgiven the most are Syrians who have betrayed the online Syria defence movement. After all, it was them who have allowed the enemies of Syria to infiltrate the online social media-based Syrian defence groups despite all evidence that was presented to them. They are not any better than those who carried guns. They are in fact two of a kind. The first group gave the militants the key into Syria and the second group gave the key to the media infiltration agents.
Those Syrians who are at best spineless, perhaps shameless, but most probably deliberate troll-admins, who knowingly and deliberately covered up for the enemies of Syria, have eventually driven away Syrian patriots, and even had the audacity to appoint Christian Zionists who clearly belong to Churches that endorse Israel, against evidence provided, to be admins in online social media-based Syrian defence groups. Furthermore, they defended them when they were exposed, and turned the attack against the Syrian patriots who highlighted the evidence. Their actions are akin to treason, and they know it.
The once biggest online Facebook Syrian defence group “The Syrian Revolution; The Untold Story” which I was a proud member of for many years, and had written many articles for, has turned into a group run by Christian Zionists and Syrians of highly suspicious agendas who endorse their actions.
Moreover, those Syrian admins have even knowingly allowed the Christian Zionist admins to perpetrate lies, slander, endanger and defame Syrian patriots. And when they were given the benefit of the doubt and alerted to what they were doing, knowingly or unknowingly, they remained defiant and steadfast on their path of destruction. This can only indicate that they knew exactly what they were doing, and they knew that it is against Syria’s interest.
They do not need to be named at this stage, but a time will come when they will be named and shamed, and this time is coming soon, and eventually they will face justice.

AL-SAUD'S ONLY GAMBLE OPTION By Ghassan Kadi 22 May 2017

Al-Saud’s Only Gamble Option

By Ghassan Kadi
22 May 2017


MAKING AMERICA GREAT...AGAIN? By Ghassan Kadi 16 May 2017

Making America great… again?

By Ghassan Kadi
16 May 2017


French Revolution, Take II:"Apres Soi,Le Deluge" . By Ghassan Kadi. 11 May 2017

French Revolution, Take II: “Après Soi, Le Déluge”

By Ghassan Kadi
11 May 2017


WHEN THE FAKES FLAKE By The Kadis 5 May 2017

(By “The Kadis”)
5 May 2017

There has been a lot of discussion about who is and who is not Syrian. For some claiming to support Syria, it is totally contradictory to what Syria is about when they campaign against those who have exposed or objected to the Christian Zionist incursion into Syria. Tellingly, these characters accuse patriotic Syrians, Lebanese-Syrians or other Levantines of going on a “Jihad” against Christian Zionists. When this happened it was totally justifiable and warranted. Hence we can forever turn the table around on these apologists for Christian Zionism and employ the term they used, “Jihad”, to describe their activities against the Syrian patriots and their family members.
These “Jihadists” are in a constant state of frenzy to support a Christian Zionist on a mission to Syria. They went into a meltdown when serious questions were asked as to why staunch Palestinian solidarity activists associated closely with and defended the Christian Zionists.
Curiously, this group have a worrying obsession with insisting that the Sykes-Picot boundaries are strictly adhered to in line with the wishes of the powers victorious in World War One. That agreement split a region known for most of recorded history as “Greater Syria”, Just about everyone has relatives spanning from Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.
Some of these characters feel compelled to tell some of the people of the region what their identity is and, in their ignorant and twisted existence, pronounce who is a “real” Syrian and who is a “fake” Syrian.
Why would a group of supporters of Syria be obsessed with who is Syrian and who is not when they themselves are not Syrian? What we are beginning to see now is the result of a break down in the alleged on-line Syria support groups.
It all started to fall apart when certain key people leading the larger Syrian groups put their egos before the cause and, as a result, were unable to see the forest from the trees and, in their attempt to save their egos, they opened up the doors for whatever support from anyone regardless. Just like corruption leading up to the War on Syria gained momentum, and thereby allowed armies to cross the borders into Syria unchecked, those corrupt egos opened up the doors for a horde of different armies.
First came the army of 5th Columnists who were trying to dig a wedge between Syria and her international allies. Then came the army of scavengers who, upon realising that Syria was gaining the upper hand, they too wanted a bite of the cherry. From people who didn’t know where Syria was on the map, or even worse, supported her nemesis i.e., Israel, they overnight turned into staunch supporters of Syria and dared to call her their second home.
The scavengers came in different colours and flavours, but the most dangerous of these were and continue to be the Christian Zionists.
Around the same time, another group was formed, the group of dubious characters who can best be described as “hired pens”. But those hired pens needed to have their own little armies to prop them up and keep them up high with the best. They therefore hired noisy thugs within Syria and outside her.
Lying and fabricating stories, especially those meant to defame and discredit genuine Syrian activists, was part and parcel of the daily chores of those thugs.
So there you go, from corrupt egos who employed and relied on 5th columnists, thereby leading to the creation of scavengers, hired pens and thugs, the picture was complete and all they needed was to repeat the lies over and over and over again until simple minded people too lazy to do their own investigation, believed the lies.
But, it was only a question of time before those different groups fought among themselves and within each other, and what we are seeing today is just the beginning. Just like the former anti-Syrian cocktail has broken up, resulting in each element of it scurrying and trying to establish its own gain or instead find an escape route, those supposed non-Syrian pro-Syria activists who ironically claim to love Syria but hate Syrians, will soon be snarling at each other in more ways than anyone could imagine. Just wait and see.
To an outside observer, this may sound like the pro-Syria support movement is falling apart. This could not be further from the truth, because, those implants were never at any stage a part of the movement. They are imposters, and the war they fought was not very different in essence from that of any of the various terrorist military groups. They all fought in different ways and they will all be defeated, each in their own way, because, at the end of the day, Syria is for Syrians, and non-Syrians who are genuine in their support for Syria, and thankfully there are many of them whom Syrians greatly appreciate, they understand that their role is in lending a hand, not in taking lead. They understand the meaning of support and the difference between this great human passion and that of orientalism and exceptionalism.

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By Intibah Kadi. 30 April 2017

Over the past few years Joshua Tartakovsky gained the trust of many in our movement, including quite prominent members who made videos and wrote articles with him or for him. This is no judgement on our comrades as these type of operatives are professional. On exactly what date Joshua suddenly morphed back into his original form, I am unsure, but his recent article about Syria shows his vicious, Israeli attitude to his enemy Syria.

Dear Comrades, this is a warning to you. We have experienced countless such agents from many different but probably related entities including the huge Christian Zionist movement that Zionism relies on for its existence, some strange fascist and fake Left groups from a few corners of the world, the Unification Church (the “Moonies”) and so on. I have no idea about the budget in Israel, but in the USA the budget for creating fake videos about Syria and for paying operatives to infiltrate our movement on the social media is enormous. The figures are mind boggling.

We actually had our first serious experience of this strategy in the Syria online defence movement in the first half of the War on Syria when agents attempted to sway us all away from respecting and supporting the allies of Syria. The operatives still remain among us and are protected unfortunately. That’s when a few of us began to come under serious fire as we exposed their plans.

Having respect for a Professor who avidly read anything new Ghassan wrote in order to speed up his big learning curve about Syria in those early days, I asked him why some of our new rising stars from the West support or even work with an agent from this duo whose Syrian partner’s fingerprints, according to several highly informed Syrians, only fit that of Rifa’at al Assad. The opinion offered was that as long as the agents or suspects make the right noises about Syria, bar the condemnation of Syria’s allies, then they have free game to roam around our community. In my opinion that is, at the very least, poor leadership coming from the Western supporters pro-Syria camp

Back to Tartakovsky. Like a true operative, he created a story of redemption about himself. That was in late 2014. He rapidly gained the trust of so many. Joshua is a graduate from the London School of Economics and another one of these who applied to Stratfor for employment and hence, courtesy of Wikileaks dump on Stratfor, we got access to his CV.

Joshua appears to not be formally employed, doesn’t get paid for media appearances, travels incessantly, runs an add free website from a stand-alone server, and had oodles of cash to pay contributors to his, “gianalytics” website (seems to be gone now with another one getting established). He paid much more than anyone else apparently and hinted at wanting exclusivity. We know the payment scale as Joshua tried to recruit Ghassan Kadi after one of his employees recommended Kadi. Fortunately, already I had worked out that something wasn’t right with Joshua and Ghassan politely declined. On offer back then was 150 Euros for “6k or more characters without spaces, or 100Euros for 2.5kor more characters without spaces”.

So, Joshua launched himself into our movement in late 2014 and, by 2015, with his seemingly endless resources, travelled to many hot spots in the world and set himself up in Greece. Just from his FB posts, and who knows how many other travels went unannounced, he travelled to these places in that year; January he was in Hungary and Ukraine, February around Greece, April in Poland and Russia (Moscow) and then Donetsk, in May he was again in Moscow, then July in New York, and zipped back to Donetsk a few days later, then back to Moscow in October and again to Donetsk and then on to Cuba and so on. Apparently he was desperate to get into Syria.

I believe I am quite diligent with my investigations into matters that I think threaten the State of Syria but more so inside the FB Syria Defence community as that is my main forum for defending Syria. I don’t do things out of vindictiveness. I inquire and act on things based on facts. So at the end of January 2016, I respectfully approached a Professor, knowing he is close to some of Joshua’s employees. I gave the evidence and he agreed that definitely this Joshua was “almost certainly an Israeli agent” and that maybe we should have a FB page to share information on “these types”. He told me that he informed a close friend who is a “gianalytics” employee and that indeed he was employed to write “pro-Syria and pro-Iran” stuff. So that was good.

And here is the wash that became so typical in our online movement.

Evidence is shown, the facts are glaring at members of our community, but, they go into denial. The irony is that when it suits their comfort zone, many are adept at research and exposing issues that the main stream media lies about, but engage in “suspension of disbelief” when an inconvenient “conspiracy” is staring at them or has actually engulfed them.

I thought the evidence I had provided and the endorsement of the Professor would alert all to quit their jobs at “gianalytics” but alas, it didn't happen and even worse, shortly after one of our Syrian icons made a video with Joshua. I am sure, had she been given the evidence I provided, she would have steered clear from this Joshua.

(1)What is the lesson here?

(2)What was the ultimate aim of Tartakovsky when he re-modelled himself late 2014 to become “one of us” and then pushed the “eject” button later on?

(3)Why did he go about with all his cash and resources to collect all the well-known writers and analysts in our community, allowing them the freedom to write their stuff on his website?

(4)Was it all some very elaborate information collecting project?

(5)Did he develop close relationships with those he paid to publish and did he learn a lot from them that was of intelligence use?

(6)How do we apply these learnings in this case in order to be more aware of other threats around us?

I welcome discussion on this.

The link to the latest and most damning article of Tartakovsky concerning Syria is attached below


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Ghassan Kadi
18 April 2017

In his latest article about Trump's U-Turn, Ghassan Kadi is combining Trump's behaviour in Syria and Korea, and with Russia and China, and analysing the situation from a different take.


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THE RACE FOR RAQQA By Ghassan Kadi 4 April 2017

By Ghassan Kadi
4 April 2017

Just as the War on Syria approaches its end and just as the anti-Syrian cocktail has failed in every step in every way, America and Israel are having a one last ditch attempt to make some face saving gains and this time they are focusing on Syria’s allies. Ghassan’s article is about what seems to be in the effort to reach a deal that is based on keeping both ISIS and Iran out of the region.

OBAMA'S LEGACY OF FAILURE Ghassan Kadi 19 December 2016

By Ghassan Kadi 
19 December 2016

Ghassan Kadi's latest article which gives a scathing assessment of the legacy of Obama from the view point of a Levantine with a twist of humour in it.


By Ghassan Kadi. 10 Dec 2016