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Over a year ago, after many experiences of the issue discussed in the articles attached below, I decided to write about it and Ghassan did a follow up on it. The issue is about one of the forms of Orientalism that Syria has been subjected to. These two articles, one written by myself and the other by Ghassan, published in early 2016, caused a huge stir from the very people who are claiming they have no part in being Orientalists, Gatekeepers, Evangelists or Subverters. First, one of the characters, published it on her own blog and others wrote in to say how wonderful the article was and that they agreed with me. But rapidly when it sunk in what this article really said, the mode of reaction switched from "I'm sharing/publishing this to prove it is not about me", to damage control and then to outright attack. As they moved from one mode to another, they exposed themselves even more.

Under threat was their freehand they had been given to drown out the intelligent, diverse, local knowledge, lived history of indigenous writers who they could not secure or keep under their control. Instead they continued to flood the alternative media with repetitive, low quality news and analysis and one particular topic, which although the terrorists are almost destroyed, continues to be played repeatedly like a scratched old record. It is this event which really brought it home for many of us Syrians/Levantines and family members as to what was going on. Cheap, repetitive, catchy news was to be circulated widely and to impregnate the venues that supposedly are to give voice to the nation under attack.

We have learnt over the years about the varied and innovative forms the Empire has in waging war on "non-compliant" nations. With the explosion of activism using social media, millions and millions of dollars were injected into perverting it, controlling it, obstructing it and channelling it in the direction the Empire prefers. We have heard this about so many movements that ordinary, caring people support in the belief that it is a genuine cause only to find out that Soros and other specialists in this war strategy have cornered most of the protest movements all over the globe!

Our movement, since at least mid 2013, has been cornered, subverted and re-directed and the Syrians who took a lead in our online movement (talking about the English language one) either are part of this or were too inept to wake up to this and do something about it. The biggest offender, if truly a patriot, let it all slide due to personal failings of ego and vindictiveness.

Whilst the Palestine cause has had many decades of experience in working with Solidarists and with the West, this was all a new thing for Syria, a nation that only a few years before the War on Syria began was pretty much isolated from the rest of the Western world. Empire, knew this and knew that they could easily recruit a whole army to subvert the online fight. Even in the last few months a flood of new FB profiles are out and about making quite sophisticated pro-Syria posts, when only a while ago their profile has years and years of posts that are totally apolitical, sometimes totally banal and mindless and then, suddenly on an appointed day, they become hard core activists! What's the pay scale? Is there such a high degree of unemployment in some of the Western countries that undercover work as a purported activist is seen as lucrative work?

So we from the actual patriotic Syrian community, stand up and speak out, against the tide, warning about the continuation of the Empire's strategy to control the region including that of the alternative media. So it is the usual business; kill the people, try to unseat the government, and control the narrative from those people!

and Ghassan Kadi's follow up on this.
Recently a member of the Syrian Orthodox Clergy also expressed similar concerns to that which Ghassan did and here is his interview.

Here is an interesting article about the social media manipulator employees. It doesn't delve into the more tricky and pernicious problem of infiltration and tainting of alternative media and the protest political movements but it gives a good background. And, to think that when the whole world stands up against Syria and we find a successful on-line defence group, anyone who denies that such a group would not be infiltrated by agents and trolls, then they would have to be very, very naïve or worse!

Monday, July 17, 2017


By Intibah Kadi"17 July 2017
A few of us warned about this over a year ago and the perpetrators and their tiny group of weak minded (or worse) Syrian supporters tried, but failed to shoot the messengers.

The organization the patriarch heads has got a lot of grants from UNHCR and FAO among other bodies for projects and all this is done by highly competent and professional Syrians; but you wouldn't ever hear about the thousands of Syrians who are doing great things. Interestingly if the "hijackers", "gatekeepers", "orientalist", opportunists and outright agents hear these Syrians do projects with UN funds etc they will most likely condemn them!

We in the English language Syrian pages who stayed on trying to salvage the online movement have spoken out repeatedly about what's going on. Much of this can be traced back to the disgraceful betrayal of a few Syrians who took on leadership of the online English language Syrian cause and were utterly responsible for enabling these agents to disrupt, hijack and redirect our social media movement in order to neutralise this part of the fight back strategy (via social media) of Syria. This is how the empire works.

The empire works in this way using a hierarchy of operatives, with the bottom rung often being unaware of their role in this hierarchy and just happy about the attention and free run of their colonialist, orientalist egos where they can pursue their own organisations agenda, their personal one too.

A few steps up the ladder the more smart ones take on a few pet topics which they flood the social media platform with, drowning out any other news or stories and indigenous writers/reporters that they don't have control over.

As they hijack and completely take over the space and the Syrians retreat, leaving a few who for various reasons stay around, they build up a narrative about themselves and present themselves as saviours and that without them Syria would cease to exist!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

THE MUSLIM SPRING TAKE II By Ghassan and Intibah Kadi 6 July 2017

By Ghassan and Intibah Kadi
6 July 2017

In a previous article titled “A Muslim Spring” published on the Saker, on the 12th of June 2017, the analysis of the then recent Qatar standoff took us into the direction of whether new Middle Eastern alliances were taking form and old ones dismantling.
Developments since then reveal that the distinctive parts of the new embryos are already differentiating and emerging. The initial article foresaw the formation of two new alliances in this manner:


By Intibah Kadi
11 July 2017

Earlier on in the War on Syria, an Israeli operative, an academic at the time based at Haifa University, filled his 5000 friends quota on FB with as many Syrians and their supporters as he could. He wrote private messages to all those he thought were Alawites. He made a private group for Alawites and Jews. He accidentally wrote to a Syrian Christian inviting her to his group and when she said she was Christian he apologized, saying it was only for those two groups.  My friend sent me the screenshots. They are placed below along with the cover details of the academic and his sneaky post in a patriotic Syrian group.

I did some research on this person and found out that he has written academic and policy position papers on how Israel can bring closer to them the Alawites and offer them a “better” alternative than being with their Sunni brothers. Here are some of his titles:
“The Alawites and Israel” and in the article says
“The current regime in Syria, terrified of a Sunni takeover, might appeal to the Jewish state for help…From personal contact with Alawites, I know that they are already beginning to discuss the possibility of appealing to Israel for help. If they do – and they probably will at some point – and the international community does not help them, Israel should step in to aid the Alawites, which would also mean helping their Shi’ite allies, who will by that point be similarly embattled .” 

We have had other nefarious characters all the way from Moscow to parts of the USA come among us, trying to sow sectarian discord and lies, trying to spark a nightmarish Sunni-Shia war. This attempt of the Israeli academic really puts it all out there quite openly whilst others have been far more covert, or so they think!

The academic now works for a think tank associated with a Tel Aviv based university and appears to be climbing up the strategic ladder and that of national significance. He is one of the creative thinkers on how to advance Israel’s strategies.

Fortunately, this Israeli academic underestimated his targets in Syria and he gave up eventually. So, his next target became the people of South Sudan. The people who have for years now been telling stories to deaf ears of incredible atrocities perpetuated against them because they are either Christians or Animists. It seems the Israel academic hit the jackpot with these people and that his strategies are powerfully assisting the Israeli government to get into the heart of the intelligentsia, government departments, UN officials of South Sudan.
That was obviously the plan for Syria as well!

So to add the 5000 new South Sudan contacts on his FB page this academic had to drop all his Syrian ones (and Syria supporters). However he kept TWO. The interesting thing about these two contacts is that one is a proven operative of a cult, known to have engaged in efforts to convert Syrians, obsessed with getting intelligence, as typical of that cult which is still stuck in the days-gone-by mindset of the Cold War, a cult that built enormous armament and other business interests that intersect with the many dangerous entities that cause mayhem and murder on this planet, including a history of collaboration with US Intelligence.

This particular individual from a cult, the remaining friend of this Israeli academic, curiously, like a number of other proven nefarious characters, has cover and protection from a club who came as “friends” to defend Syria but who seem committed more to assuring their survival for their particular aims and objectives. At times we see them engaging in bizarre acts related to mutually assured support and no one dares ask the pertinent questions in case they get cauterized liked the Kadis did (and survived only to become stronger) in order to prevent the infection of “truth” spreading to those who need to hear it.

That cult member who remains on the Israeli academic’s list of friends, in the past became inconsolably hysterical when faced with the prospect of losing the money launderer of the project as he was being outed for his antics and wild stories. The most surprising was the reactions from a few others to this unravelling and, that is when the red flag went up. A host of other “friends” of Syria came from nowhere, like angry wasps swatting at myself, Ghassan and others who were busy completing the parts of the jigsaw puzzle that we gained from the tall stories in the private messages we had been given. Predictably, in times of war and hardship, a “useful boy” can be found who feels no concern about collaborating with these characters for as long as he got what he needed. Some others who used him no longer are allowed visas for Syria and others are under investigation.

The second one this Israeli operative academic kept has a Facebook profile adorned with Syrian flags and a Jewish sounding surname who also, like the cult member, has been busy defending the many shady and questionable “friends” of Syria in what seems to be a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” arrangement.

Why, whenever nefarious characters emerge and are exposed, a particular grouping of “friends” of Syria rush to protect them aggressively, is anybody’s question, as the variety and contradicting sets of agendas these “supporters” possess is mind blowing and mind boggling. The mutual support they display indicates a banding together to protect their individual agendas from being exposed, and they morphed into what is best described as soldier ants! Their attempts to silence and shut down patriots who obstruct their paths is futile and will only backfire as they fumble and make mistakes under the covert gaze of those patriots with keen observation skills.

As with the Israeli academic’s strategies, it is all about getting into the heart of the country and its institutions, via social media contacts, finding recruits, getting on with the sneaky divide and rule tactics, in order to achieve whatever aim has been set.  We have seen other examples of “friends” coming to us, whispering words we want to hear but in private uttering ugly sectarian words, and being completely caught out and then defended by the cohort group. 
Very strange “friends” of Syria indeed, “friends” for the unaware or naïve only!

Monday, July 3, 2017


By Ghassan Kadi
In The Saker, 3 July 2017
"In an article published on the Saker titled “Kurdish Autonomy; Partition or Masterplan”, and as the unsavoury prospect of establishing an independent Kurdish state in Syria was taking form, I emphasised that this scenario is avoidable, and at worst, if it had to happen, and if all cards were played correctly, then a seemingly impending disaster could be turned around and that any potential harm could be mitigated. The first of many conditions I had put for this turn around to be successful, was that Syrian Kurds should stay under the roof of Damascus" (Ghassan Kadi)