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PUTIN’S ULTIMATE TEST: Ghassan Kadi 21 February 2014


Ghassan Kadi
21 February 2014

The world has already shifted from the single polarity of the post-USSR era of the so-called “New World Order” into a multipolar world in which the traditional stakeholders of the global wealth (ie Western nations) are falling heavily under debt. Needless to say their currencies, the US Dollar and the Euro are under severe threat. This Western predicament is further enhanced by the economic rise of the BRICS nations.

But this is not all. Militarily-speaking, the rise of China has been crowned recently by building its own aircraft carrier. There is little doubt that several more will be built. Chinese naval vessels are gallivanting around the China Sea posing real concerns for Japan, America’s regional ally and protectorate. The Chinese are little intimidated by the US-Japanese defence treaties and are simply doing what they believe is going to serve China’s interest, and in a manner as if the USA does not exist at all.

 India’s rise to military superpowerhood is not to be overlooked either. Apart from its nuclear capabilities, the Indian fleet is a force to be reckoned with.

 But of course history repeats itself, and more so frequently in this time and age. America’s biggest military rival will remain to be Russia, at least for a while yet being the nuclear power that it is and possessing superior military technology.

 Putin’s Russia has already dug the first stake into the heart of the New World Order five years ago, in Georgia to be exact. Later on, even though Russia did not veto the UNSC no fly resolution in Libya, Russia made a loud and clear message to the Americans that Syria is a red line that Russia will not allow them to cross. As a result, America suffered a huge humiliation and its dreams of bombarding Damascus into smithereens were put to rest when in last September Russia shot down a US missile heading towards Damascus and diverted another one by hacking into its system.

 Some observers deny this incident, but no observer with any level of vision can deny the sudden backdown of America not only from attacking Syria, but also how it went into negotiations with the Iranians.

 Any political observer who does not see and recognise those momentous events is either in deliberate denial or suffers from lack of clear vision. But to take this hysteria to the extent of promoting that there is a joint American-Russian-Iranian conspiracy against Syria is vexatious, stupid and even possibly malicious.

The West is so bemused by the Russian rise that it tried to mobilize all it can to use the Sochi Games as a political football by capitalizing on the gay rights issue. Apart from the anti-Russian antics by Western gay activists, the American NGO known as “Russia Freedom Fund” is an organization that receives tax-deductable donations. When tax deductions are granted, this stipulates government subsidies. Now why would the American government give this organization a tax deduction status if it does not see this as part of its media war campaign against Russia?

But this is not all again. The West is taking confrontation with Russia to territories that Putin is going to be very unhappy with; Ukraine.

 The events of Ukraine mimic and mirror what happened in Daraa, Syria three years ago almost to every detail. Snipers are aiming at demonstrators and police personnel. Money is being paid for people to demonstrate. Dissent groups are being financed by the West.

 Even Pussy Riot fit into the anti-Russian evil Western web.

The events in Ukraine are not any less serious than the Russian incursion at the Bay of Pigs in 1961. That event happened at America’s door steps, and now the Americans are hotting up the Cold War by taking this challenge to Russia’s door step.

The question is whether or not there is enough patriotism and clear vision among the Ukrainians like there is among the majority of Syrians who stood by their army and president.

The events of Ukraine can prove to be Putin’s ultimate test. The way out of it needs extreme skill, strength and determination. Thus far, Putin has come out from each skirmish unscathed and smiling. For the sake of world peace and order, one should hope that he comes out as a victor.

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