Sunday, September 14, 2014


Ghassan Kadi.
13 September 2014

The Saudi Royal family came to power with the help of the father of Wahhabism. They adopted his radical views of Islam initially to gain support, and later on realized that they were able to use that same tool in order to suppress the masses and stay in power.

That was the root of fundamentalism that later on led to the creation of Al-Qaeda, ISIS, war on Syria etc…

With ISIS spiralling out of control and making direct and overt threats to the Saudi royals, the royals now see that they cannot control that monster any longer. The Saudis are serious about curbing ISIS, but they are facing a huge dilemma.

Domestically, Saudi clerics are split into two groups. Sources, including the link below, are not reporting the percentages, but indicating something like an even split between clerics who support the royals in their call to fend off ISIS, and others who literally want to stick to their guns and remain steadfast with the push for fundamentalism.

The huge dilemma that the royals are facing is in the fact that they cannot be seen by common everyday Saudis to be taking stands that are against the very principles of fundamentalist Wahhabism. After all, this is the doctrine of the royal family and the foundation that gave it power for all those decades.

The Saudis are at a loss. They realize that Bandar’s gamble has failed abysmally in Syria and that the repercussions are already hitting home.

Saudi Arabia is currently in survival mode. The wind of change is blowing and blowing hard, and the royals will have to either change their strategic ideology and have confrontation with its own power base or in order to survive, or simply do nothing and act as sitting ducks waiting for ISIS to take over.
For anyone to imagine that the Saudis continue to be interested in a regime change in Syria is rather illogical even for the Saudis. If anything, they are screaming for help from all possible allies. Would it not be ironic if they eventually go the President Assad begging for support?

Al Saud have played with fire for a long time. The fundamentalist Islam they created in the region has not been any less devastating than Zionsim. They will soon reap the fruit of the karma seed they planted.

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