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PRESIDENT ASSAD INTERVIEW ON AL-MANAR. Summary in English in dot points by Ghassan Kadi. 26 August 2015

PRESIDENT ASSAD INTERVIEW ON AL-MANAR: In dot point, Al-Manar has reported its recent interview with Syria President Bashar Al-Assad. The link to the interview (in Arabic) is attached below. It is presented in a dot-point format.
The Arabic version was partly translated into English and published on Al-Manar English (link below). However, we feel that some key statements were left out, especially in relation to Syria’s very strong relationships with Russia among other things.
We are therefore presenting the “missing” statements that have not been published on Al-Manar English.
21:38. President Assad: When we reach the stage at which all states put an end to their involvement in the conspiracy against Syria and in shedding Syrian blood as well as offering money, weapons and terrorists, we can then say that we have reached the final minutes.
21:38. President Assad: When external support for terrorism stops, it will become a lot easier to fight the terrorists.
21:40. President Assad: The political path is essential to reach a resolution for the crisis, but thus far it has not yet established all the necessary elements, especially that some states are still supporting terrorism.
21:50. President Assad: The United States has a history of making dodgy statements, and this has become a distinctive feature of American politics.
21:51. President Assad: Russian policies are principled and steadfast, with an assurance that they are not based on supporting a certain person or president, but on supporting well-defined principles that include respect for sovereignty and people’s choices.
21:53. President Assad: We have a high level of confidence in the Russians, and they have proved that they are true to their words, and Moscow has strong relationships with Syria.
21:54. President Assad: There will not be an agreement on anything unless we, as Syrians, sit together to discuss, and this is something Russia does not refuse 
21:54. President Assad: The meetings that are currently taking place in Russia may lead to Geneva 3 or to Moscow 3, and this will largely depend on the international climate.
22:08. President Assad: The crux of the issue is not to topple regimes, these are only tools. The real objective is to destroy the identity.
22:14. President Assad: The relationship with Sayyed Nasrallah is very solid and goes back more than twenty years.
22:16. President Assad: There is an overwhelming understanding in Iraq to fight jointly with Syria, because it is the same enemy and the outcomes are identical.
22:21. President Assad: It is not possible for states that have supported terrorism will fight it, but there is a small possibility that they have repented and realised that they were going in the wrong direction.
22:21. President Assad: The states that supported terrorism for mere interest-based objectives have grown worried that terrorism was going to spread and reach its soil, so they decided to fight it.
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