Wednesday, November 25, 2015


By Ghassan Kadi


  1. A very sensible analysis of the facts. Erdogan is playing the EU refugee card for its high cash value to the maximum while still having considerable influence over the Islamic Trojan Horse quality he is giving these EU countries willing to take in these masses of migrants ... one can only hope the EU gets to understand the danger of letting the US have its say via NATO how much trust and support they should give to this Trojan Horse in the future ...

  2. You cannot exclude the possibility of an internal rebellion within the Turkish army. It is quite possible that the order to shoot the plane did not come from Erdogan or Davutoglu. Nevertheless in order to hide a possible treason within the Turkish army, Davutoglu has taken on him the responsibility of the embarrassing event.
    Otherwise why would Erdogan say he is 'saddened' by that event? What does he say 'if I knew it was a Turkish plane, I would not have given the order to shoot it"? Why is he desperately trying to call Putin?
    The rebellion in the Turkish army has be looming for a while but little reported. It is well known that the army leadership is pro-Gulen and anti-Islamism. For decades, Erdogan has avoided using the Turkish army since he took power, simply because he does not want to give it a chance to make a coup and topple him.
    This is exactly what happened. With the media museled, we may never know what is going on in the army now and whose heads will soon fall.
    It shows that the AKP prefers NATO to its own army to defend Turkey in case of an aggression. The trouble is that NATO will be defend Turkey against it own people.
    If it is true that a real crack is appearing in the Turkish army, Erdogan's military threats will become discredited and his weakness exposed. No wonder Erdogan is desperate to mend the relation with Russia for fear of the collapse of Turkey's economy. Yet this event is much to Russia's advantage as it will give it free hand to indiscriminately crush all Turkey's Islamist allies in Syria and thus exclude totally Turkey from the future of Syria. Indeed, the rebels in the Turkish army have given a good stab in Erdogan's back and have thrown him in an endless turmoil. Will he survive?