Tuesday, November 22, 2016


More Heads Are Rolling Amongst the "Assad Must Go" Gang!

From an Assafir article.
Explanation of article by Intibah and Ghassan Kadi. 21 November 2016.

There seems to be a Trump equivalent who will take power in France and he's going even further than Trump.  The article,when describing this new person (Francois Fillon), says that he wants  "a coalition between Hezbollah, Iran, the Syrian Army, the Kurds and President Bashar to spearhead an international alliance to stamp out terror and to consider them as legal and serious partners in fighting Daesh, quoting  Fillon, "because they are already fighting Daesh and that if we are really serious to destroy Daesh." 

Francois Fillon expresses a growing trend within French establishment that it should reconsider its relationship with Saudi Arabia which it considers one of the key sources of exporting terrorism to Europe and calls for reconsideration of the relationship with Saudi Arabia and Qatar .

Fillon is considered a pleasant surprise for Russia because he's also calling for a reconsideration of European policy that's pushing Russia towards Asia as he said "when Asia grows economically it will become more likely to play a international military role, and pushing Russia away towards Asia is the outcome of our current policies which ought to change."


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