Tuesday, June 6, 2017

WHEN THE FAKES FLAKE By The Kadis 5 May 2017

(By “The Kadis”)
5 May 2017

There has been a lot of discussion about who is and who is not Syrian. For some claiming to support Syria, it is totally contradictory to what Syria is about when they campaign against those who have exposed or objected to the Christian Zionist incursion into Syria. Tellingly, these characters accuse patriotic Syrians, Lebanese-Syrians or other Levantines of going on a “Jihad” against Christian Zionists. When this happened it was totally justifiable and warranted. Hence we can forever turn the table around on these apologists for Christian Zionism and employ the term they used, “Jihad”, to describe their activities against the Syrian patriots and their family members.
These “Jihadists” are in a constant state of frenzy to support a Christian Zionist on a mission to Syria. They went into a meltdown when serious questions were asked as to why staunch Palestinian solidarity activists associated closely with and defended the Christian Zionists.
Curiously, this group have a worrying obsession with insisting that the Sykes-Picot boundaries are strictly adhered to in line with the wishes of the powers victorious in World War One. That agreement split a region known for most of recorded history as “Greater Syria”, Just about everyone has relatives spanning from Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.
Some of these characters feel compelled to tell some of the people of the region what their identity is and, in their ignorant and twisted existence, pronounce who is a “real” Syrian and who is a “fake” Syrian.
Why would a group of supporters of Syria be obsessed with who is Syrian and who is not when they themselves are not Syrian? What we are beginning to see now is the result of a break down in the alleged on-line Syria support groups.
It all started to fall apart when certain key people leading the larger Syrian groups put their egos before the cause and, as a result, were unable to see the forest from the trees and, in their attempt to save their egos, they opened up the doors for whatever support from anyone regardless. Just like corruption leading up to the War on Syria gained momentum, and thereby allowed armies to cross the borders into Syria unchecked, those corrupt egos opened up the doors for a horde of different armies.
First came the army of 5th Columnists who were trying to dig a wedge between Syria and her international allies. Then came the army of scavengers who, upon realising that Syria was gaining the upper hand, they too wanted a bite of the cherry. From people who didn’t know where Syria was on the map, or even worse, supported her nemesis i.e., Israel, they overnight turned into staunch supporters of Syria and dared to call her their second home.
The scavengers came in different colours and flavours, but the most dangerous of these were and continue to be the Christian Zionists.
Around the same time, another group was formed, the group of dubious characters who can best be described as “hired pens”. But those hired pens needed to have their own little armies to prop them up and keep them up high with the best. They therefore hired noisy thugs within Syria and outside her.
Lying and fabricating stories, especially those meant to defame and discredit genuine Syrian activists, was part and parcel of the daily chores of those thugs.
So there you go, from corrupt egos who employed and relied on 5th columnists, thereby leading to the creation of scavengers, hired pens and thugs, the picture was complete and all they needed was to repeat the lies over and over and over again until simple minded people too lazy to do their own investigation, believed the lies.
But, it was only a question of time before those different groups fought among themselves and within each other, and what we are seeing today is just the beginning. Just like the former anti-Syrian cocktail has broken up, resulting in each element of it scurrying and trying to establish its own gain or instead find an escape route, those supposed non-Syrian pro-Syria activists who ironically claim to love Syria but hate Syrians, will soon be snarling at each other in more ways than anyone could imagine. Just wait and see.
To an outside observer, this may sound like the pro-Syria support movement is falling apart. This could not be further from the truth, because, those implants were never at any stage a part of the movement. They are imposters, and the war they fought was not very different in essence from that of any of the various terrorist military groups. They all fought in different ways and they will all be defeated, each in their own way, because, at the end of the day, Syria is for Syrians, and non-Syrians who are genuine in their support for Syria, and thankfully there are many of them whom Syrians greatly appreciate, they understand that their role is in lending a hand, not in taking lead. They understand the meaning of support and the difference between this great human passion and that of orientalism and exceptionalism.

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