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SOROS, NATO AND THE ALBANIAN GANGS By Intibah Kadi 30 October 2017

Intibah Kadi
30 October 2017

It is mind blowing and mind boggling trying to understand how Soros benefits from the plans that he evidently is linked to or actually driving. We've had startling news of a former NATO soldier (Albanian-Kosovan, German national) spending months this year in Syria, having free reign over the whole country, spinning stories about himself that absolutely don't stack up with his history or statements and him hanging out with the people we've been warning about. He is now a charity funds raiser inside Syria. Well at least he raises money unlike the other operatives who instead endlessly receive Syrian hospitality, with the attitude that they ought to be rewarded by Syrians. 
Apparently Soros' plans for Europe involve Albanian gangs working as sleeper cells for NATO and Soros. Just in Greece alone there are big plans to destroy her inside out with Albanian gangs and infiltration of extremists. Soros and various other cult like movements including that of Gulen, also Grey Wolves, are involved with the CIA and NATO, both having countless shop front NGO's that run in many cases mutual projects and interests; that is - controlling world's energy sources, power by using NGOs.
I will keep researching about these Albanian gangs and agitators for hire.

This is an ex NATO soldier who had no interest in politics other than his love for his country Kosova and Albania but has German citizenship. He was visitor to Syria who has spent several months this year in Syria with Christian Zionist Kortkamp and all associated with her. What a mix! What a convergence of interesting agendas!

On Syrian national television he casually drops a bombshell to the nation under attack of NATO for all these years! He tells us he was a NATO soldier.

How old is this guy?
How long ago could he have been a NATO soldier and what is his current status?
To be trained as a helicopter pilot in the military would take how many years?

*When was this man serving as a "NATO soldier"? He looks young so it can't have been too long ago.

*What was his role? He is a pilot of helicopters and planes. Did he get that training from NATO or from where? That takes many years and the guy looks fairly young. All we see in the last decade are photos of him constantly travelling and living the high life.

*As he was travelling extensively in Israel in 2011 and then back again in 2013 and staying over till 2014, what are his views about Israel? He wouldn't have gone there on a solidarity trip to Palestine as he sports the Israeli flag in his blogs including saying he makes a "fresh start" there and that Israel is "calling" him.
*He proudly sports the Kosovo flag, even inside Serbia. What are his true feelings about Kosovo. Everything indicates him to be a Kosovo patriot, NATO style.

*How does this guy's ties with NATO, Israel and Kosovo add up with his sudden interest in politics and humanitarianism after evidence shows a life time of adventure, thrill seeking, wealth and a hollow life? How did he suddenly transform into a totally different type of person? Syria is not the first or only country he visited in a state of war, troubles or recent war.

*How has this former NATO soldier managed to gain permission to spend most of 2017 and ongoing in Syria and access sensitive Syrian areas?

*He is always around questionable Western characters and in those sensitive areas with his big cameras and tripods.

*How much is he costing the Syrian government to observe him?

*He seems to be close to another Westerner, a British man who has no past, but says he advises the Syrian Foreign Minister.

*How did a former NATO soldier get to go on Syrian national television and link up with Arabic RT. What keys has he been handed, how and why?

*As a person who in the Syrian scene is presenting himself as a peace activist, why are his photos over the years full of him holding big guns?

*Looking through Morina's many photo collections, we see a life of privilege, adventure, a man dressed like a prince, always connecting with other privileged looking people around the globe, enjoying shooting at the Royal Thai Military Base, in Las Vegas, anywhere that has guns. He gets into planes and helicopters and flies around, having a quick stop at Monte Carlo and wherever else. He zig-zags around the world, not being mindful of costs and visiting places nearby and then moving on to the next region. Visits to remote Pacific Island nations are incredibly expensive, but he does them all.  On his "Nomad Mania" profile he shows his count of countries visited but doesn't always show his repeat visits such as Israel. So where is his NATO background story, when did he fit that into his life of adventure and privilege?

*He appears to have hopped onto the back of another charity established by an ex-pat Syrian but presents to the world that he has a charity and seeks donations. He calls it "Morinas Foundation", but searches don't show anything about it. He apparently collects all the donations and stores them in his apartment.

*Indeed kindness, generosity and sincerity towards Syria should be lauded. But, this is a country that has been under attack since the establishment of the Zionist state of Israel in 1948 and for decades Syria has been put under the harshest of sanctions from at least the early 1970's. It is only normal to ask such questions when a man casually drops on Syrian national television that he is a former NATO soldier and has never shown a sign of political or humanitarian interests. And,
it is only normal to ask questions when he is deeply involved with a proven Christian Zionist operator (church planter) and others who have links with USAid funded projects in Nigeria, and in fact so many strange characters.

Like other rather "interesting" characters, he came in via Janice Kortkamp's group and has associated with Vanessa Beeley , Tim Anderson among others.

With Janice Kortkamp (known in her church and the US as Jan Fearing_

With Vanessa Beeley

Working in with a registered charity. A charity where some of the attendees begged for money for themselves to attend a rampant Christian Zionist hustler outfit running a "conference" in Washington DC.

The self-professed former NATO Soldier (did he ever leave or is he high up?) lives an endless life of luxury.

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