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23 January 2018

The news of whistleblower media outlet, The Intercept, holding on for three years to an important NSA document, the contents of which lead to understanding which powers were involved in the earlier years of the War on Syria, has brought into question what exactly The Intercept claims to represent. A number of leaks of important documents including from Edward Snowden gave the media site an air of credibility and prestige, with many believing it had the potential to do good in this world. But a report from Mint Press’ Whitney Webb, puts everything clearly into perspective. https://www.mintpressnews.com/intercept-withheld-nsa-doc-that-may-have-altered-course-of-syria-war/233757/. Not only did The Intercept, publish evidence three years too late, but failed to write about important events around this document and what they meant. 

Webb’s article blew away any remnants of the notion that The Intercept is a vital link in the fight for justice and accountability. Her article firmly places The Intercept in the forefront of its proper context, that is; a Deep State “controlled opposition” apparatus.

In the case of Syria, it is clear that The Intercept, at no stage,  had an interest in the truth and in fact has deliberately obscured facts from seeing the light of day. The author’s mind went back to statements a researcher, Eva Gonzales,  made in mid-2016. She reported that she sent a highly sensitive and explosive piece of research, to the head of The Intercept. The other end was deathly silent. It was an important piece of “whistleblower” material but not for The Intercept evidently and, was clearly too close to the bone. One of the many alternative media outlets approached considered the research very important but expressed unwillingness to “put one’s hand in the hornet’s nest”. She claimed that not a single “alternative media” site felt able to publish it, despite several of their well known journalists telling the author that it was brilliant and important work. Reading her research back then, it seemed unbelievable that The Intercept would ignore it.

Clearly it was dangerous material and, as The Intercept presents itself most suitable for such risky exposes, they were the go-to people for publication. After all, isn’t that what The Intercept portrays itself as; fearless? This was something clearly for their basket. Now, reading Whitney’s piece in Mint Press, it makes sense why The Intercept ignored that submission.

The article was titled, “The Clarion Project and the ISIS “Dabiq” Trail”. It was based on detailed research which implicated a number of players in the USA and Israel in a phony ISIS magazine which was used for a variety of purposes, perhaps surveillance and recruitment. But, what caught my eye was the fact that, given everything pointing to the magazine “Dabiq” being a Clarion Project publication, it contained in one of it’s editions a “threat by ISIS” to a Senator for his writing a support letter to President Assad. https://evagonzalesthewriter.wordpress.com/2016/09/06/the-clarion-project-and-the-isis-dabiq-trail/ The Senator promoted this fact publicly and refers to it often when embarking on his activities in “support” of Syria. 

Following a logical line of enquiry, the writer notes that this Senator pragmatically severed links, just a few days before meeting President Assad, with Ted Cruz (he was on his inner election team). In addition to this, the Senator is linked to the Christian Zionist church which has church planting interests in Syria, and the member of the church who has become extremely active inside Syria was rescued by the Senator from the prospect of having to return home without a visa to Syria. This operative got stuck enroute to Syria with visa approval looking unlikely and claims that the Senator solved the visa problem in one afternoon by telling the President’s adviser that she was his “aide”. Her status as an “aide” was later confirmed by her in a media interview in Syria. 

Possibly, in light of no such position being stated on the original visa application, the Senator and his colleague went to extraordinary lengths to “clarify” this inconsistency, repeatedly stating that she was not an “aide” but a simple caring “housewife”. This is the same Senator named in the Neo-Con Clarion Project’s fabricated ISIS magazine “Dabiq” as an “enemy of ISIS”. The massive community of Christian Zionists of the USA are the most crucial allies of Israel and outnumber many times the population of Israel. Of interest here, they have a greater ability in finding ways to penetrate the barriers into Syria.

Controlled opposition in its many forms, whether from social action organisations to political or environmental ones, from the plethora of media outlets, to online petitions, have left many genuine seekers of the truth reeling, exhausted, disheartened and disempowered as they expend endless energy trying to figure out who is truly an alternative source of information and action and who is not. 

Add to this, the role these outlets play in espionage or projects that go against the interest of a nation the “empire” targets. Naturally, people make mistakes, and alternative media outlets can get things wrong, but something like this report about The Intercept clearly indicates it is a “controlled opposition” project. 

Placing Gonzales’ research about Clarion Project’s fake ISIS magazine with my observations about the Senator’s utilization of a fake ISUS threat,  together with this report on The Intercept by Webb, makes interesting reading when considering the many desperate attempts of Syria’s enemies to breach her barriers.

Mint Press itself, is no stranger to possible espionage and the attempts to discredit it as a reliable source in the alternative media community. In 2013 they fell victim to a dirty scheme at the hands of a purported independent Jordanian (or is he Israeli?) “journalist”. In the Arab world, not just the Western media, this Israel couch surfing “journalist” was ridiculed whilst also, maddeningly hinting that the Syrian government was responsible for the attack at Al Ghouta.  http://www.alquds.co.uk/?p=86582

What the world community of genuine activists and supporters of justice and resistance to the designs of “the empire” need to remember is that, it is a constant battle to keep up with the truth and lies within our movement.  As the writer said in her August 2017 article, NATO has every design on Syria covered and why would it leave the social media movement untouched?  http://thesaker.is/social-media-as-a-tool-of-hybrid-warfare-the-case-of-syria/ Hence it will always be a battle to ascertain where the controlled opposition strikes and what kind of operatives  and projects on the ground are really part of that.

* Interesting to watch in relation to this topichttps://t.co/NA2HFHGHN1

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