Friday, March 23, 2018


Ghassan Kadi's introduction from his Facebook page:
Newsbud is a privately owned news agency. It prides itself on its independent views and respect for free and true investigative journalism. It made its mark by distancing itself not only from the mainstream media, but also from emotionally-driven alternative media that adopt causes, defend them unconditionally and refuse to look at the “other side”. 

We unapologetically defend Syria and do not make any claims otherwise. However, it is not always black and white in any conflict; there are always many shades of grey. We will not get into this, because, as mentioned above, we are defenders of Syria and her government, and by virtue of our charter, we refuse to consider whether or not there was ever a legitimate reason for an uprising in Syria, because the quest for reform is one thing, and demanding reform at a time when 83 nations are attacking your own nation  is an act of treason.

The Newsbud report features most of us tagged in this post. This does not necessarily mean that we fully agree with all of the views presented in the report.  We stand by our words in the interviews, and if other views have been presented by others, then they would be their views and not ours. To this effect, we feel that Mufti Hassoun has been unfairly represented, but if we take this small segment of the report aside, we believe that the report has been exceptionally well done and we congratulate Newsbud for its hard work.

Here is the link to the Youtube post which has a lot of comments underneath it.

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