Monday, June 18, 2018

"The Western Alliance is Waking up, Assad is Winning and Hezbollah is Fighting Daesh". Al Mayadeen Interviews Australia's Former FM Bob Carr. 18 June 2018


The Title of The Al Mayadeen article is:

"The Western Alliance is Waking up, Assad is Winning and Hezbollah is Fighting Daesh".

Here they are interviewing Bob Carr, a former Foreign Minister for Australia (Labor Party) who had called for President Assad's Assassination.

Translation of the opening paragraph and title.

"Interview conducted by Ali Rizk of Al Mayadeen.

18 June 2018

Al Mayadeen conducted an interview with (former) Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr, covering different subjects ranging from the latest American-North Korean summit as well as the latest G7 meeting, and Middle Eastern issues such as the Palestinian one and that of the Syrian crisis. Carr considered that the points of difference that emerged recently between the United States on one hand and its traditional allies on the other hand, reveal that America mistreats its allies and that America under Trump, adopts the policy of “America only” and not “America first”. Carr who was Australia’s Foreign Minister between 2012-2103, points out that the Western coalition is crumbling and that it is not in Australia’s interest to join the United States in any cold war against China. Carr also spoke about the commonly held impressions on the Australian street that Israel behaves in an inhumane manner towards Palestinians. He also added that the Western position in Syria has been exposed after the emergence of the radical groups that fight the Syrian regime and that the West has been taken by surprise by the support that President Assad has been able to rally up, and he pointed out that the West faces the reality that Hezbollah is fighting ISIS."

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