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WINNING THE MORAL WAR By Ghassan Kadi, 4 August, 2018

Ghassan Kadi, 4 August, 2018

I have taken a side step, writing only for The Saker, but when matters of principle and morality come up, I have an obligation to break my silence.
Whether goodness finds itself fighting Hitler or Daesh, one has to always keep in mind that two wrongs do not make it right.
One cannot make claims to be in a position of self-defense, in a position of upholding lofty principles, of fighting for justice, when he allows himself to succumb into the debauchery of his supposed evil enemy.
But sadly, humanity doesn’t seem to be ready to learn from its previous mistakes, and when Brutus was giving his speech after “executing” Julius Caesar, trying to explain to the people of Rome that it was something he had to do because of Caesar’s tyrannical grab of power and dictatorship and that the principles of a democratic republic must be defended at any cost, irrespective of who is standing in the way, a member of the crowd yelled out “let him be Caesar”.
Brutus must have felt he was giving pearls to swine.
And if the “War on Syria” has failed to reach its objective, it is because the Syrian side has had the moral upper hand on the fanatic fundamentalist head choppers who killed, maimed and enslaved others in the name of God, and as if God gave them a mandate to do so, even though He tells them that He is Compassionate.
It is very appalling and disappointing to see that alleged supporters of Syria are displaying the same slogans as those of Daesh, almost to the word; beginning with Allahu Akbar, and ending with “Victory to Islam”.
Which Islam I ask? If those perpetrators are asking for a victory of Shiite Islam, instead of Sunni Islam, how are they demonstrating that they are any better than Daesh if they are calling for death to America and to curse Jews? What about Christians and atheists? Do they want to curse them and wish them death too?
Some six years ago or so, I wrote an article titled “Palestine is not for Muslims”. It angered many who claim ownership of it on Muslim religious grounds. Anyone who shouts a slogan proclaiming that Palestine is for Muslims is not any better or different from a Zionist saying that Palestine is for Jews. Palestine is for all of its people, Muslims, Christians, and Jews, as well as those who do not wish to belong to any of the above.
For some narrow-minded rooky academic to display the hateful Houthi narrative on his shoulder (Allahu Akbar, Death to America, Death To Israel, Curse the Jews, Victory to Islam) is not accepted; especially in Syria.
Syria is a nation reeling from a fundamentalist epidemic. It was torn apart and dismembered by those same slogans. To display this under the national Syrian flag is not only an oxymoronic statement, but also an insult to all patriotic Syrians.
Syria did not fight and win fighting for Islam or any other religion, and any person who pledges death and revenge, and curses people and religions is an ignorant bigot.
In his I-am-the-new-Guevara body language and cocky display, the kid can be excused for being an ignorant novice. But what is the excuse of his seasoned master and protector?
What is more disappointing and appalling is that this kid is a protégé of a senior “leader”, an alleged defender of Syria and a master of one of the most widely spread Syrian defense Facebook pages. Instead of coming to terms that this was unacceptable behavior that neither conforms with any international law nor the spirit of Syria, instead of apologizing or even claiming that they did not know what the Arabic script meant, the master/student duo did not flinch and acted as victims. Victims indeed they are of their own folly. They even had the audacity to go on the attack, attacking genuine indigenous activists, because this is all they know, and this is all they do.
Little do those characters seem to realise that displaying such slogan now, in the name of Syria, is akin to brandishing Swastikas in the streets of London and Moscow during WWII. But this ignorance is not by accident, it is a true reflection of how little those nincompoops know about Syria and their onion skin deep understanding of what she is going through right now. This has inadvertently been an untimely and unwanted exposure of their true substance, or lack of it.
Such display of ignorance is reminiscent of when the self-proclaimed expert on all matters, another kid, another alleged supporter of Syria, was lecturing about Saudi Arabia being circled by a Shiite Circle, at a time when Syria was fighting against all sectarian slogans.
Syria is still fighting against sectarian slogans, and those ignorant troglodytes are adopting and endorsing the rhetoric of the enemies of Syria; all under the pretense of defending it. This is part and parcel of the dirty war on Syria.
It is a shame that such meddlers have come into the defense of Syria and how the gates were flung open to embrace them. Those attention-seeking unprincipled people cannot be shamed, because they are shameless. They have made a career for themselves in being hoppers, from one doctrine to another, one cause to another, and wherever there is unrest, they poke their noses in under the guise of reformers, freedom fighters and liberators, but they haven’t been yet able to liberate themselves from their own need for self-importance.
You can take your bigoted, sectarian, ignorant filth and display it wherever you want, but not under the Syrian flag, not in the name of Syria. Use your own flag, and fight your own wars. Hands off Syria.

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  1. Nice, from the heart a call for sanity. Good piece of writing.