Wednesday, October 16, 2013

FROM TEA TO TEA: Ghassan Kadi 16 October 2013


Ghassan Kadi
16 October 2013

It seems that the “ Tea Revolution” that heralded the American uprising against the British colonialists and eventually led to American Independence, is now likely to be repeated, albeit by name only, in the form of a TEA, a TEA Party Revolution that has within in the unmaking of the United States.

The Tea Revolution Take One and the events that followed it were based on nation-building and forward vision. They brought forward to humanity one of the greatest success stories and a nation that had the potential to reign in greatness and needlessness of colonies, as the wealth of this nation was truly beyond description.

A nation rich in fresh water, millions upon millions of acres of fertile soils, great climate, mineral deposits, oil and gas and plenty of them….there wasn’t almost a single inch of land in the newly-formed 13 United States of America that was waste land. As the nation expanded more towards the Western frontier and then added Alaska to its territory, it truly became the richest nation ever known in human history.

To say that this has all been squandered would be a gross understatement. Reality tells a story of great wealth has been used by corrupt ultra-right wing American politicians to create havoc in the world leaving America heavily in debt and virtually with no resources left. Even ground water has been almost depleted.

This is TEA Revolution Take Two. What is ironic this time is that many of those lunatics who are currently behind the standoff, who orchestrated the American shutdown, who are refusing to lift the debt ceiling, who are putting more pressure of the already weak and squeezed US Dollar, they are themselves the ones who have created the situation that they are protesting about.

What is concerning and rather dangerous is that they do believe that they have a mandate from God to fight the anti-Christ (ie Obama) and that God will provide a way out of the economic disaster they are creating once the anti-Christ has been deposed.

What is really dangerous is the way that those fanatics will deal with the demise. Will the Union withstand the re-emerging and ever-growing schism between South and North? Will America see another Civil War that will break it up?

Having grown up in the Middle East and listening to songs such as “I want to live in America”, living in America seemed the universal global dream back then, and when the Beach Boys sang “everybody’s surfing, surfing USA”, it seems that this slogan has now changed into “everybody’s dodging, dodging USA”.

The demise of America will ultimately bring down the nasty culprits as they become powerless, but it will sadly close a great chapter in human history. Despite its many misgivings all the way from its wars against native Americans, slavery, Korea, Vietnam and Iraq to name a few, America will always be remembered by its true great men and women and many great achievements.

This may sound like a eulogy for the United States, and it is.

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