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History’s Shortest Epic

We did not author this but played an active role in promoting it to the West.
It was received with great scepticism and misunderstanding of the role and prestige of Al Manar as a presenter of accurate reports and also an important disseminator of information through “leaks” from Russia, Iran and Syria – the allies of Hezbollah. For those who doubted this report, confirmation in their minds may have resulted when it transpired that Obama made a last minute call to Hollande to call off an attack on Syria.

Daoud Rammal from Assafir Newspaper, Beirut. 13 September 2013

(from a link on Al Manar) * Please note Al Manar is very careful to only publish valid, verified information

Translated/Interpreted by Ghassan Kadi and Intibah Wakeup.


The Offensive Came to an End When the Two Ballistic Missiles Fell in the Mediterranean.

A well informed diplomatic source has revealed to Assafir very serious information that is relevant to the development of the Syrian crisis which clearly shows, first and foremost, Russia’s military capability and secondly, its diplomatic one in playing this game. It has placed the American aspirations and options subject to the ethical standing of the Russian administration which is exhibiting an icy Siberian temper, rationality and clear knowledge of what it wants and where it’s heading to.


The source reveals that the American war on Syria has already started and ended the moment two ballistic missiles were launched, the full story of which remained subject to conflicting reports, Israeli denial and Russian confirmation. This culminated in an official Israeli report claiming that they were a part of a joint American-Israeli exercise and that they fell in the sea and had nothing to do with the Syrian conflict.


But what’s the true story that is pertinent in this event? Are there any other relevant matters that were not brought out to the surface because of serious considerations, the most pertinent of which perhaps is the struggle on world domination after the monopoly of the United States ruled supreme in the New World Order?


The same source reveals, assuredly, that those two missiles were launched by American forces from a NATO base in Spain.  They were detected by Russia’s early warning systems and Russian defences were immediately launched to intercept them. One was shot down in mid-air whilst the other was deviated from its course and fell into the sea.


The source added: the Russian Ministry of Defence Report, which refers to two ballistic missiles having been launched towards the eastern Mediterranean, has deliberately ignored two issues: the first, the source of the launch and the second one, shooting them down.  Why? Because, as soon as this happened, the chief of Russian Intelligence contacted the American Intelligence and told them that targeting Damascus is tantamount to targeting Moscow. He added that they have deliberately omitted from the Report any reference to shooting down the missiles because they did not want to damage the (Russian- American) bilateral relationship and to prevent further escalation. He added that America needed to quickly reconsider its policies, directions and intentions about the Syrian conflict and they could rest assured that Russia cannot be kept out of the Mediterranean.


The source added: this direct and undeclared confrontation between Moscow and Washington has further compounded Obama’s administration and its certainty that Russia will go all the way until the end in the Syrian crisis, and that there is no way out of this trap for America except through a Russian initiative that will save America’s face. It further means that there is no peace or war in Syria that excludes Russia, he said.


The source also added that: to avoid further American embarrassment, and after Israel denied any knowledge about those two missiles in its first statement, which was the truth, Washington asked Tel Aviv to adopt the story in a way that saves America’s face before the international community. This was particularly because those two missiles were meant to be the first of a series of attacks last week and a signal for launching the American operation.  Obama was then supposed to go to the G20 afterwards to negotiate with Russia (from a position of power) and make negotiations concerning the head of the President of Syria, Bashar al Assad and, instead, found himself going there looking for a way out of this trap.


The source indicated that after the American-Russian missile confrontation, Moscow increased the number of its military experts inside Syria and bolstered its presence in the Mediterranean by sending more vessels.  It further chose the timing of its initiative concerning the prevention of attack on Syria after the G20.  Many meetings occurred during the period of the Summit which were followed by two consecutive visits (to Moscow) one by the deputy Iranian Foreign Minister and the other by the Syrian Foreign Minister. During these meetings the Russian initiative was cooked up with Syrian pre-approval suggesting the handing over supervision of Syrian chemicals to  International Observers and assuring Syria’s willingness to sign up to the UN Chemical Weapons Convention.


The source argues that one of the first results of the American-Russian ballistic confrontation was the UK House of Common’s “No” vote against partaking of war against Syria which was followed by several similar Europeans stands, the most prominent being that expressed by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.



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