Friday, March 7, 2014


By Ghassan Kadi
7 March 2014

One wonders if the international US policies are just hypocritical or just utterly stupid.

Thugs, including nations that act like thugs, look at their moments of “victory”- or better described as moments of infamy- as defining moment for them to construct an image of themselves, an image that makes them look big and powerful in the perspective of their own egos, an image that they use to fuel their self-proclaimed stature of grandeur and power.

In the Middle East, we have seen this happen when and after Israel won the Six-Day War of 1967. After that war, Israel defined its army as the one and only mighty power in the region, an army that has air and land superiority, an army that was invincible.

It is the rifle on the ground that controls land and streets; not fighter-jets in the skies. The thuggish state of Israel continues to refuse to acknowledge that it was never able to control that land its fighter-jets paved the way for its tanks to roll into in 1967. Israel continues to pay for the price of the technologically-won victory. But this is not all, defeat after defeat from that “great” moment in Israeli greatest military achievement, Israel seems to continue to run on the euphoria of that 1967 win.

America is neither any better nor different. America became the world’s greatest superpower in the wake of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear strikes, and even though the USSR back then was only a few years behind in developing its own nuclear capabilities and arsenal, the USA remained on top by virtue of its strong economy and ability to funnel more funds into its military research than the USSR was ever able to.

But who cares about the USSR anymore? this is now all history and the New World Order (NWO) has seen the USA as the world’s only super power; something that hasn’t happened in the history of humanity since Rome.

But let’s rewind the clock a bit and dissect the numerous, the countless military ventures of the USA that happened in between that of Nagasaki and what is happening now in the Black Sea.
America’s first venture after WWII was Korea. The result was failure and America’s loss was face-saved with Korea’s partition.

Korea’s southern eastern Asian neighbour Vietnam was much less forgiving, and America had to leave its soils with its tail between its legs; even abandoning its own native allies.

In 1982, America sent “peace-keeping” forces to Lebanon only to soon engage militarily in order coerce Lebanon to capitulate to Israeli demands. A few weeks later, a truck bomb killed 241 American Marines and soon after America picked up the pieces and left Lebanon and this was during the time of the powerful and mighty Ronald Reagan presidency. The same type of sudden withdrawal happened in Somalia in 1992 after two Blackhawks were downed in a failed attack on the HQ of General Aidid.

But no failure was thus far even close to America’s failure to attack Syria. It failed before it started, or just as it did.

Yet, America seems to continue to fly high with the belief that it is invincible. In reality, the only conflicts in which it scored any success since WWII were in areas in which it did not receive much resistance or any at all.

In Iraq, the Iraqi Army was weary of a huge array of issues, and it did not fight to defend Baghdad in 2003. Libya and Serbia were abandoned by the international community including their ally Russia, and their resolve and fight-back capabilities were weakened, but the situation in Libya is at best not one that can be seen as a case of American success. The war in Afghanistan is not one that America can claim that it has won.

So the question is, where and when did this mighty America score any real military victory ever since the end of WWII? The correct answer to this is nowhere.

During the Bay of Pigs showdown in 1961, America claimed victory over the USSR, but Cuba remained a Soviet ally and continues to be a thorn in America’s backside.

The irony of the similarity here is that booth Israel and America continue to feel that they are invincible despite the many failures they have had since the moment that clinched in their minds their fantasy of military superiority.

Israel is now unable to secure any of territory and not only what it gained in 1967. It well knows that every inch is within reach of Hezbollah’s rocket power. Whilst back in 1967 Israel defeated the armies of Egypt, Syria and Jordan in six days, in 2000 it retreated and left Lebanon defeated under the fire power of Hezbollah alone. Later on in 2006, it lost another war against Hezbollah and in 2009 it wasn’t even able to defeat Hamas in Gaza. Yet and yet, the arrogance of the Israeli hierarchy is still based on the post 1967 euphoria and the fantasy of invincibility.

Thugs are thugs and they speak the same language and move by the same tactics of intimidation and bullying. Not before they suffer a blow that brings them down to reality in a manner that they cannot even try to stop to pretend that they are not aware of, they will continue to believe and act as if they are powerful.

This time, America is playing bully with Russia on Russian soil. Ukraine is Russian and it’s only perhaps Stalin’s “greed” to give the USSR the advantage of sixteen votes in the UN General Assembly that kept Ukraine as a state that was later on “entitled” to claim independence from Russia after the USSR had fallen apart.

For Russia and its strong man Putin, Ukraine is home, and if this is not alone enough reason to foresee the outcome of this conflict, it would be just enough to remember America’s post WWII performance.

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