Tuesday, May 13, 2014

HOMS OPENS UP THE DOOR FOR HELP by Ghassan Kadi 12 May 2014

Ghassan Kadi
12 May 2014

Al-Manar has been "used" as a medium to expose what happens behind the scene, and to report what other news agencies do not dare to publish for various reasons.
It was on Al-Manar that we learned about the infamous first Bandar visit to Moscow. Not only Al-Manar broke the news, but also reported the details of Bandar’s desperate attempts to sway Putin to his side. It took weeks for mainstream media to even mention that the visit took place.

It was also Al-Manar that reported the truth behind the 2 American missiles that Russia shot down over the Mediterranean in September 2013. Whilst this report is not yet widely accepted, its support is increasing.
There are many such incidents and reports in which Al-Manar has made some statements, some directly, some in a tongue-in-cheek manner in order to make some hints, warnings, and important pointers.
In this respect, 3 days ago Al-Manar made a televised report explaining the importance of the strategic position of the Province of Homs and its return to government control.
If transcribed into do points, the reports talks about linking Syria’s south with north, securing the Damascus-Homs road, securing the borders with Lebanon, all of which is plain to see and deduce even by the not-so-keen observer and analyst.
Towards the end however, the report makes a paramount statement. The liberation of the Homs Province now connects Iran with Lebanon by land via Iraq. It has opened a safe corridor for Iranian supplies, and even troops. This means that should the war expand, and should Turkey and Israel and Saudi Arabia make yet another desperate military gamble by escalating the war, they will not be facing Syrian forces only.
Syria does not need this help. The elite airforce units have not yet been used, neither was the rocket power. The Syrian Army is now stronger than it has even been. The Israeli cities, the Achillis Heel, have so far been kept safe and sound. Their sirens are silent, the citizens didn’t have to rush to bunkers in fear of Syrian and Hezbollah rockets. But all of this can and will change in a whim if the equation changes.
With or without Iran, Syria is doing very well, but should Syria needs help, the liberation of Homs now means that the Suez Canal is no longer needed, and help is now closer, easier, quicker, and unstoppable.

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