Sunday, April 17, 2016


Ghassan Kadi's introduction to a media report to The Syrian Revolution; The Untold Story
23 October 2013

So now Bandar is threatening of turning away from the USA. Who does he think will support him? A pseudo-nation like Saudi Arabia cannot stand on its own feet. It will sink in its own quagmires of quick sand, and it has a lot of it.
This declaration on the part of Bandar can mean one of two things; utter anger and disappointment with the USA, or telling the USA in particular that he will now be shifting closer to Israel.
Bandar is already an ally of Israel. Will their alliance be overt in the near future? No one knows. But if banking and counting on Israel as his new ally and supporter, he would only be changing seats on the Titanic.
President Bashar said to Al-Mayadin 2 days ago that America does not make friends and cannot be trusted. Bandar is finally realizing that the USA was never his ally and never considered him as a friend. He is still refusing to accept that he was a puppet.
Eat your heart out Bandar. You are nothing more than a puppet.

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