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A Message to Supporters of the Syrian Uprising

June 16, 2011  Ghassan Kadi

In making this address, I am addressing those who are genuinely devoted to supporting freedom movements, equality, and justice in every corner of the world. In saying so, I have little doubt that most of those who are supporting the Syrian uprising are fully and genuinely convinced that in doing so, they are serving a good cause.

When the little-internationally known president of Tunisia (Bin Ali) was overthrown in January 2011, the world looked with utter amazement at the quick and enormous ripple effect that followed in Egypt. President Obama was speechless for quite some time. He did not know what to do and whether or not he should support the old friend or the revolution.

To Obama, Mubarak was a political ally, and hence an asset, but also a dictator, and hence a liability should the USA decide to walk the talk and support the rise of democracy in the Arab/Moslem worlds.

For once, the West found itself in a huge conundrum because this sudden and powerful revolt in Egypt was unprecedented and unplanned.

The quick demise of Mubarak was in America’s favor. As soon as the US realized that it was inevitable, it intensified its anti-Mubarak stand and the rest is now history.

With the revolt in Libya, the USA had already found a precedent in Egypt and decided to go with the flow straight away and without much delay; not out of love and/or care for Libyans, but rather in an attempt to avoid embarrassment.

The uprising in Syria has all the obvious makings of a big revolt against tyranny. Looked at simplistically from a distance, it has all the hallmarks of a revolution that has been inspired by the earlier events in the Arab street. For this reason, it is only normal and natural of the regular supporters of freedom and justice to support the Syrian uprising.

The situation in Syria however has many if and buts and many twists and turns. As a person who knows the history and politics of the area quite well, I have genuine and serious concerns about what is happening in Syria, and I firmly believe that most people outside do not have a proper understanding of the complexity of the situation.

I genuinely fear that those who are supporting the Syrian uprising in good will and with good intention are in fact supporting a movement that is totally against their views of a better world.

Unfortunately, some people seem to make up their minds before they find out what the full story is about. Whilst some of them are prepared to learn, and those have the capacity to revisit their points of view and have them revised. Some however, have fixed views and will never change them.

In an attempt to explain this situation and explain some truths that lie beneath, I have written a number of articles explaining the situation to those who genuinely want to find out the truth. There is no point repeating myself herein. I invite those individuals to read those articles, and I would be more than happy to make further input and discussions if and when required.


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