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RUPERT MURDOCH. By Ghassan Kadi July 2011

Rupert Murdoch

July 14, 2011
By Ghassan Kadi
Rupert Murdoch and his infamous Fox News (among other assets) are instrumental in spreading propaganda, lies and deception and keeping Westerners, especially Americans, in the dark with only 2 objectives; making more money and protecting Israel.

The man had bought many reputable news media with good track records of free investigative journalism and turned them into a circus of bigotry and cheap gutter journalism.
His empire includes a world-wide chain of newspapers, satellite/cable TV stations, movie productions, internet servers, etc…

In the West, he is a very powerful man, he makes and breaks governments. He often meets with Western world leaders and supports the campaigns of those who suit his dark and evil agenda. What is most dangerous perhaps is that he controls the minds of millions of people who do not take the effort to research and find out the truth and just simply believe what they hear on the news. His News agencies supported Bush blindly into invading Iraq and moulded the opinions of millions. He is now a staunch supporter of the infamous TEA party.

He is more dangerous than the likes of Bush, Cheney, and even Kissinger because his position of power is not election-based and whilst politicians come and go, he calls the shots and appears like he is here to stay.

It is not surprising to see that cracks are appearing in his empire and that the British legal system is finally digging its teeth into him. It is not at all surprising that corruption and cheap illegal journalism tactics are finally getting exposed and are increasingly appearing to be part-and-parcel of his modus operandi. Rumour has it that the USA might follow suit. Doubts remain because he probably ranks in the top 10 strongest men in the USA. The Forbes Magazine listed him as the 13th strongest man in the whole world in 2010.

Murdoch is a stealth Zionist who operates under rules and regulations that are not too distant from those outlined in the highly debatable book; “The Protocols of The Elders of Zion”. Whether the material of this book is real or a fabrication, the similarities in the tactics are uncanny.
He is also probably in the top 10 most evil men alive. A monster and a demon. The monster is sliding, I hope he slides all the way down to hell and that his empire slides with him.

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