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By Ghassan Kadi
29 July 2012

 The Saudi monarch’s honorary title is the “servant of the two shrines” and/or “the protector of the two shrines”, referring to Alquds (Jerusalem) and Mecca. If he is truly the protector of this land and its holiest shrines, it becomes imperative to shed more light about Saudi Arabia as a whole.

A lot of Saudi dirty linen is known to the world, but somehow some little and very subtle stories do not make it to the outside world.

What Saudis do not want to admit to themselves is that they do not have any friends on the international theme. They do have allies of convenience. This is the closest achievement to friendship that they will ever have.

They refuse to accept that if anything, even those "allies" treat them with utter disrespect and ridicule. They regard them as nothing more or less than rich moronic shameless sex maniacs. In reality, this is exactly what they are.

Despite the glamor of the façade, Saudi Arabia does not have the basic fundamental building block of infrastructure, and that is the human resource.

There is a law in Saudi Arabia that forbids foreign ownership. Partnerships with foreign bodies are allowed to exist for as long as the enterprise is at least 51% Saudi-owned. This law has allowed the emergence with thousands of companies that have a titular 51% Saudi shareholder whilst the 49% non-Saudi owner provides the expertise, know-how, man power, and sometimes even the working capital.

There is nothing, nothing at all built in Saudi Arabia with Saudi brains and brawn. Everything is contracted to non-Saudis. And if those foreign experts and technicians leave the country, everything will stop all the way from airports, to water desalination plants, to hospitals, to rubbish trucks.

So what do Saudi men do for living one may ask and what happens to the Saudi elite who are getting educated?

Many Saudis have 51% partnerships as mentioned above. In the early years of petro wealth, most of such Saudis were illiterate and they had to use finger prints instead of signing. Now, many of such partners have degrees, including PhD’s, but in reality, little has changed.

Saudis get some of their education in local universities, but many of them go to the USA, the UK, Australia and other Western English-speaking countries to further their education, all under sponsorship from their governments.

In the early years of this sponsorship program, those students spent the first 4-5 years womanizing and drinking themselves half the way down to their graves. Eventually, they graduate from universities that have contracts with the Saudi government. In most instances those degrees are granted without proper assessment that is given to Western students, and the gallant Saudi graduates return home still not speaking proper English and without getting the proper expertise that his degree says he has. Now they go overseas married with their wives alongside them. This seems to be stemming out the debauched behavior.

When those graduates become business partners, to the ones who are really doing the work and making the decision, they become no more than a pain in the back side. They try to assert their technical prowess by making nonsense decisions and comments, just to prove that they are experts.

Other than fake business people, traditionally the only other job that Saudis do is cab driving and joining the army, but this is of course for the low class. Everything else is contracted. Even half the army is foreign.

Though they are now finally getting into other areas of expertise, but no one can rely on them. They are never put in real decision-making positions and the reason why the country needs 8 million working migrants is the proof.

Saudi Arabia does not need 8 million migrant professionals and workers because it is a thriving economy. It is all about the world demand for oil and public services that Saudis themselves cannot and will not do.

This country is a joke, a true joke, once its petrol dries up, those sheikhs will have to walk down from the sky scrapers, as the elevators would have stopped, and find their way back to their tents and camels.

Qatar, Dubai, the rest of the UAE Emirates are not any better. Dubai was paying Tiger Woods USD1000,000 appearance fee just to show his face at the Dubai Open. They will do anything to get a fake feeling of importance and fictitious development. The sky scrapers that fill the skies of Dubai are mostly empty and not likely to be occupied. There is simply not enough business to warrant having them.

Saudi Arabia will do anything to prove some worth, ridiculous as this may be. It would for example subsidize the wheat industry and spend a whole US Dollar to buy a kg of wheat when it can buy it on the international market for one tenth the cost.

This is not to mention the base morality standards. There is a percentage of homosexuals in every corner of the world and this is something perhaps genetic and no has the right to say that it is wrong. But in Saudi Arabia (and the Gulf) there is a culture of sodomy. The older boys sodomise the younger boys until they grow old enough to start sodomizing the ones younger than them. Unlike homosexuality, this is totally non-consensual and done as rape, but the victim accepts it as a part of the culture, and as he gets older, he reaches payback time.

There is a ceremonial feast that is practised in the SA/Gulf where a group of men get a young boy, they dress him up as a girl, get him to dance, and then they sodomize him one by one in front of each other to loud cheers from the spectators.

It is not at all uncommon to see and hear of acts of beastiality. Female sheep and donkeys seem to be the favourite. There is no law that forbids it and if a young man is seen mounting a donkey, he will be harassed and pushed off, but this will be the end of the story.

And when it comes to women, a woman is a property that is bought and paid off to terminate the contract (ie marriage). In their slang, Saudis call a wife a “matiyyah”, which means “the ride”, with a sexual connotation of course. Rich men will have up to 4 wives, and richer ones pay them off (a Muslim obligation under Sharia law) so he can marry more because a man cannot have more than 4 wives at a time. A well-known business man from Riyadh back in the early 80’s was having a wedding every month, and certainly, a divorce every month as well to keep the number of 4 under check. Which really meant that any marriage he has lasted 4 months, so when he literally “buys” a girl from her father, the father has to ask for a huge belated dowry (the moneys paid on divorce) to provide his daughter with enough “retirement” funds.

A woman is not allowed to drive, not allowed to be alone with men, and not allowed to travel alone. She has to always be escorted by either her husband or another man to whom Sharia laws does not allow her to marry, and this list is restricted to her father, son, grandfather, grandson, brother, uncle or nephew. No one outside this circle is allowed to be with her.

Historically, this part of the world is called Arabia and Hijaz forms its Western region and Najd its Eastern region. When Al Saud took over the rule, they gave their family name to the land. This is something that is totally unprecedented. They rule the land by an iron fist. It is the most repressive fundamental dictatorship on earth. Their only concern is about staying in power, and they will sell their souls to the devil to achieve this objective.

And the court system does not exist, only Sharia law does. All it takes is 2 men, and/or 1 man and 2 women (of course because a single woman cannot be believed) to testify that someone has committed adultery for that someone to be beheaded. Beheadings are public ceremonies and are quite frequent.

If there is any justification about the misgivings of Arabs in the eyes of the West, one ought not look any further than Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. They give the rest of the world the wrong impression that all Arabs and Muslims are polygamous filthy rich scoundrels.

Because they have no pride, no shame, no dignity, and no sense of self-achievement and self-confidence, they do not want to confront Israel. Instead, they prefer to appease it, allow NATO to use their land as a base to attack their Moslem/Arab brothers. Brothers they do not have other than Satan and his demons.

In any community, some rare gems shine, and Saudi Arabia is not an exception. I pride myself in being friends with a number of wonderful Saudis who have been able to break out of this decadent cycle, but they are not only a minority, but they are totally aware of the problems of their country, and they see no way out of this quagmire other than a total political change. If any country in the whole world in general and in the Middle East in particular that needs urgent reform, it will have to be Saudi Arabia without any speck of doubt.

I simply cannot see how King Abdallah can be dubbed the “protector” of our land, and under what justification he is spearheading the campaign for reform in Syria. He should look close and clean his own dirt.

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