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ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. Ghassan Kadi July 2011

Root of the problem

July 13, 2011
By Ghassan Kadi
In response to an article on Haaretz in which Saad Hariri claims that the root of the problem in Lebanon is that Hezbollah has a military capacity, this is what I sent as an editorial comment:
"The root of the problem was by Israel creating such thing as Palestinian refugees. When the PLO was pushed out of Jordan under Israeli pressure, Lebanon had no alernative but to welcome it in. Totally aware of the grave consequences, the Lebanese preferred to die standing rather than either succumbing to israeli tyranny or letting their Palestinian brothers down. Lebanon rose above all odds, defeated Israel twice, and cowards like Hariri have no place left it."
This is the link to the article on Haaretz:

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