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NOT ANOTHER CASE OF 'I TOLD YOU SO'. By Ghassan Kadi 3 June 2012

Not Another Case of “I told you so”.

By Ghassan Kadi
3 June 2012

The Houla massacre has demonstrated that the Syrian opposition will not stop at anything in order to perpetrate lies and pour oil on fire. As usual, and without any investigations, the US was quick to condemn the Syrian government knowing very well that for 40 years of Assad rule, any form of sectarianism was illegal.

There is no point trying to defend the ...Syrian government with logic and giving examples. This is because those who have decided to condemn the government belong to either one of the following groups: (1) Fanatics with sectarian agendas; (2) Mercenaries who are paid to stand up; (3) well intentioned people who have been goofed by the lies of Western media; (4) the perpetrators and conspirators themselves.

It is amazing how the Western media are totally ignoring the fact that the Syrian opposition has kidnapped 11 Lebanese Shia pilgrims. There is absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind that the perpetrators are the Opposition and that the act was that of sectarian prejudice. Knowing that this same opposition managed to draw quite a bit of mileage from its Houla massacre this is the scenario I fear: The opposition thugs would now be thinking that if the Houla massacre wasn’t effective enough to instigate foreign military intervention, those mindless thugs may execute their hostages and then plan the execution of some Sunnis in Lebanon in the blatant attempt to blame Hizbollah in order to push Lebanon again into the abyss of tit-for-tat sectarian war.

It should not be difficult for these thugs to identify some Sunnis who do not support them and/or personal enemies, thereby literally killing two birds with one stone and making their own victims appear like martyrs.

I would hate to see myself in a few days saying “I told you so”.

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