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NETANYAHU’S CHOICES By Ghassan Kadi 21 May 2013

By Ghassan Kadi
May 21 2013

 Victory in Syria is looming. It could be a few weeks or even a few days away. But we should not lower our guards and keep fighting at all fronts.

The Anti-Syrian Coalition is now in a deep quagmire, to put it politely.... The party who is deepest is no doubt Israel and specifically its PM Netanyahu who has been huffing and pufffing right, left and centre throwing threats around when his “mighty” IDF was unable to stave off even Gaza and when his “Iron Dome” was unable to even stop the home-made Qassam missiles.

Netanyahu has a few choices left, and he hates them all no doubt. He can sit back and abandon his allies in Syria and allow them to get slaughtered. No skin off his nose, after all those who believe they are allies are no more than tools and instruments, and this not only includes the FSA and their cohorts, but also the Gulfies all the way up their hierarchy ranks.

His second option would be to engage in an all-out war with Syria, and he knows well the consequences. He well knows that this will have the potential to drag in all regional powers into the battle field; including Iran and Turkey. He well knows that all Israeli cities will be showered with missiles and that the superiority of his airforce is now in doubt.

The third option is to just shut up and keep redrawing his red-line in order to save face.

The danger is in the fact that this man is crazy and criminal. Will he consider a fourth option and flex his nuclear muscle and use it to restore the myth of the undefeatable army? If he does, the consequences will be much graver than a regional war. But Israel has always maintained that it will use its nuclear power if its existence is under threat. How do they define this threat is yet to be seen.

The inevitable loss of the Islamists in Syria will see a demise in their rising power in the region and the new un-declared Islamist/Israeli alliance will be aborted before it becomes an open reality. The domino effect will follow soon in Lebanon, and this may give King Abdullah of Jordan an incentive to “black-September” them in his kingdom. The MB stand in both Egypt and Tunisia is not looking very good and the Islamist regime in Tunisia is already clashing with the Salafists. But most importantly perhaps, after losing the war in Syria, the Qataris and Saudis will be re-evaluating their policies and alliances and their continued financing to radicalism will most likely stop. If they do not take this decision themselves, they will be coerced to do it because the USA will not allow the Islamists militants to get out of Syria to fight NATO troops elsewhere. If anything, the US will insist that they stay in Syria and get killed there.

Back to Netanyahu, in reality only the use of nuclear weapons in the region can change the new emerging balance of power in the Levant. Netanyahu is not only sitting between a rock and a hard place, but his only escape from this is through a swamp.

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