Tuesday, September 3, 2013

SYRIA HAS TO WIN Ghassan Kadi 28, May 2013

Ghassan Kadi
28 May 2013
Syria has to win, and has to win decisively. It has to be a win that does not allow for fundamentalism to continue to fester. If we allow oursevles to accept a win that is short of eradicating fundamenalism in all its shapes and forms, we would leave behind a seed that can and will germinate.

After the military win, we will have to address and cure the hearts and minds of those who were deluded ...to such a level to stoop down to fundamentalism. We will have to be and act responsibly.

We will also have to draw the clear line between patriotism, in its begin sense, and nationalism, which is yet another form of fundamentalism.

In this changing and rather frightening world, we need to make the proper stand, to be free, dignified, and human first and foremost.

Syria has been a world leader for centuries, and this is why we have been difficult to conquer and wiped out. If anything, it is a miracle that our identity has not been totally lost, though at time it looks that it has been.

This war, this current war is our chance to rise again and be seen by the rest of the world for what we are.

This will be the bigger battle.

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