Tuesday, September 3, 2013


King Abdullah and His Saudi Kingdom

August 9, 2011
So His Majesty King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz is taking the strides of Ban Ki Moon and feeling deeply concerned about what is happening in Syria.

Is he not the same man who sent troops to crush the very legitimate rebellion in Bahrain? Are his troops not still there working as mercenaries to protect Al Khalifa who robbed their way into power and have been robbing the oil of the island state to fill their coffers?

And what about the Saudi tradition of dealing with dissent in Saudi Arabia? Does this man truly believe that he will be taken seriously when he heads the most primitive and most oppressive state in the world?

Saudi Arabia is a country without any form of people representation as it does not have any elections, no parliament, and its legal system is based on a primitive and distorted form of Sharia law.
It is a country that run, hijacked and owned by the royal family and its cronies.
It is a country that buys and sells women in the name of religion.
It is a country in which women have no rights at all, not even the right to drive a car.
It is a country that condones paedophilia and considers it a part of the culture. It is regarded as a “stage in a man’s life”. When he is young, he has to accept it, and as he matures, dividends mature with him.
It is a country where bestiality is not uncommon.
It is a country in which the number of wives and divorces are a reflection of a man’s wealth and success.
It is a country whose men have two and two things only on mind when they go on a holiday; sex and alcohol. They pretend to live like saints at home, and the moment they lay their feet on Europe, they storm brothels and pubs.

It is a country that amputates the hand of a thief without a trial.
It is a country that makes out of beheading a public ceremony.
It is a country in which domestic workers from poor Asian countries are often beaten, maimed, and raped with total impunity given to their “masters”. And if they report those atrocities, they are the ones who often get punished and even beheaded as happened recently.

In brief, this is the country that embodies all that gives all Moslems and all Arabs a bad name and a bad reputation.

The so-called Al-Saud grabbed power by the sword and claimed possession of the country and had the audacity to give their family name to the state. If they had any respect of Islam, they would not have taken away the regional name of Hijaz. If they cared about Moslems, they would be supporting the people of Gaza. If Abdullah claims to be the defender of Islam, he would be at least trying to negotiate an agreement to have some Islamic sovereignty on Jerusalem.

In reality, King Abdullah is not the protector of Islam and Moslems. He is the protector of that status quo that defines what Saudi Arabia is.

Furthermore, on the regional scene, he openly endorses the Wahhabi movements and their Al-Qaeda-like tactics. He is spreading and financing civil unrest in Lebanon when he knows well how vulnerable Lebanon is. He is financing a backing the fundamentalist Sunni rebels in Syria, the very people who are calling for Sunnis to rise and take up arms against Alawites and Christians.

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