Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Qatar Plans Become More Transparent.
By Ghassan Kadi
25 November 2012

Are Qatar's plans becoming more transparent? An important Palestinian leader Mahmoud Zahar has been making statements over the last few days. This is only coming in the Arabic language media. Zahar has made several announcement saying thing...s to the effect that he does not want to meddle with Syrian politics because he does not want to abandon friends and seem ungrateful. He said that in a manner as if he was referring to Khaled Meshaal. He also on other occasions said that Iranian support to Hamas has been unconditional. He said it in a way as if there is some other support that has been conditional. But, this seems to be becoming clearer with news coming out of Gaza with other sources.

According to Al Manar, and below is a rough translation, Palestinians sources of those who have returned from a trip to Gaza last week, said that the meeting between Hanniyeh and Prince of Qatar two weeks back did not end up with any agreement. These sources that are very close to Hanniyeh revealed that the Prince of Qatar has conditioned the following terms for assistance: (1) to stop any alliance with Iran “the enemy of Islam and Muslims”’ (2) to begin negotiations with Israel without any pre-conditions; (3) to acknowledge Israel; (4) to acknowledge Jersusalem as a capital for Israel and to stop insisting on getting back East Jersusalem; (5) to stop armed struggle and to use only negotiation.

The sources say that Hanniyeh explained to Khalifa that this is tantamount to giving up Gaza to Israel and that as a member of the executive of Hamas and the Prime Minister of Palestine he cannot accept these conditions at all. As a result the Qatari Prince shortened his visit and reduced the amount donated to 350 million.

Those same sources have also revealed that Jabaari, the military wing leader who was recently assassinated, was a staunch supporter of the Hamas alliance with Iran, Hizbollah and Syria. His assassination points to a plot to exterminate the military wing of Hamas, something akin to what was done to Fatah many years ago. The sources added that Qatar wants to put all of its political, Pan-Arabic and International resources, including Gaza, to serve one objective which is to topple Bashar Al Assad and to tame the Palestinian resistance using Khaled Meshaal who currently lives in Doha as a tool.

Along the same lines, according to those sources, Qatar is trying to drag Jordan into this and it seems that Qatar is putting Jordan under economic pressure to force it to intervene in Syria. Those sources also say that what is happening currently in Jordan is highly related to what is happening in Syria and also related to the American-Qatar politics in Syria and they are trying to use Jordan as an alternative to Turkey after Turkey has failed in the mandate that was given to them to topple Bashar Al Assad and that all that is happening in Jordan is related purely to Syria and Palestine


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