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HAMAS SHAME. By Ghassan Kadi August 2011

Hamas Shame

August 23, 2011
By Ghassan Kadi
Hamas seems to be selling its soul to the devil. Hamas has turned its back against Syria and Assad, knowing very well that without the support of Assad, Hamas would not have flourished to reach its current status.

It was Syria’s Assad that gave Khaled Mashaal refuge and saved his life after his assassination attempt when the Mossad poisoned him with a mysterious toxin. He later on made out of Damascus a home base and a fore-front for the political base of Hamas in exile.

Assad supported Hamas directly in many other ways, and also indirectly via Lebanon’s Hezbollah.
How is Hamas now “returning” the favour? By following its fundamentalist Sunni agenda against what it sees as an Alawite regime. It seems that to Hamas, sectarianism comes before Islam, before principles, and obviously before the interests of the Palestinian cause. Shame on Hamas.

And what is Hamas getting back from the fundamentalist Sunni axis? Nothing, or at least nothing yet. Perhaps, Hamas hopes that a new Syrian regime will be one that is fundamentalist Sunni Moslem, a regime that won’t only be strategically inline with their cause, but also fundamentally. Perhaps Hamas also hopes that the new Libya will become their new surrogate mother, but there is nothing in the horizon to show any signs of that.

All that one can see is that the current Saudi/Qatari Sunni alliance does not give a hoot about Gaza. Gaza is not even on the news of Al-Jazeera. Aljazeera is too busy celebrating the downfall of Qaddafi to report the recent Israeli atrocities against Gaza. That alliance never before supported Hamas, and it won’t do it now.

But the Saudi/Qatari axis is not the only fundamentalist Sunni axis on the rise. It has a major rival from the north, a rival that is trying to repeat history. This means that there is one ace up the sleeve of Hamas; the Erdogan ace. Hamas and Erdogan have been flirting with each other for some time. Will this eventuate into a love affair? Time will tell. But logic implies that Hamas is angling on this prospect to the extent that it is prepared to dump its current supporters.

It is not at all surprising to see Iran withdrawing its support to Hamas.
It is as if the PA is not a big enough predicament for the Palestinian cause. It is as if the sell out and treachery of the PA is not enough. Now Hamas is selling its soul to the Turkish Sultanate. Shame shame shame.

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