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BAN THE MAN. By Ghassan Kadi. Aug 2011

Ban The Man

August 1, 2011
By Ghassan Kadi
Mr. Ban Ki Moon. So you are deeply concerned about the killings in Syria. How noble of you! But who would be surprised? You have always taken such great stands to defend the poor and under privileged.

But just to make sure that you will leave a wonderful legacy and that history will write about you within its pages of glory, please allow me to remind you of very minor issues that you have not been able to deal with. We definitely do not want to see any blemish on your records, do we?

The people of Gaza are still waiting for your Excellency to take decisive action against the state that occupies them, starves them, and showers them with international prohibited bombs. I know they are only about one a half million people, I know that you are a very busy man and that this is only a very minor matter, but perhaps you should keep it on your agenda to deal with it at some stage if you have the time.

And while you are at it, you may perhaps also ask Israel about its nuclear stash. I mean not that Israel does not have the right to defend itself, not that it is not above international law, but for the records, we may just need to know if they have only 300 nukes or 500. The statistics would be interesting, wouldn’t they?

And once you have clarified this with Israel, you can then perhaps tell the Iranians bluntly why is it that they are not allowed to have a nuclear programme. Just say it to them as it is. Tell them that only those who kowtow to America and Israel have this right. Let them know that it is time they understand that they are second grade humans. That shouldn’t be difficult for you to do, should it?
And just before you pack your bags and have a long flight, whilst you are still in the area, would it not be good to visit Libya and see the wonders of the NATO achievements? Why don’t you visit the parents of the children who were killed by NATO bombs and congratulate them for their contribution in reducing the world’s population? It is absolutely imperative, with respect, that you go to Libya, because over there, you will need to take that experience to Syria because the gallant people of Syria are waiting for the mighty knight with shining armour, none but you Mr. Ban Ki Moon to save them.
I wonder who will you ask to clean up Syria? The US is busy trying to invent new ways towards bankruptcy, NATO is already bogged down in Libya, so who will you assign for Syria? Who ?

Who ?

Eureka….Why don’t you ask the Israelis to use their nukes? It would be a clean affair, no boots on the ground and no dramas. Just ask the Israelis to nuke Damascus. You will not only save Syria from the tyrant, but you will be remembered in history. Ban the man.
. B

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