Tuesday, September 3, 2013


By Ghassan Kadi
June 14, 2102

In any community, there are certain percentages of wise and stupid people and Palestinians are not an exception. And just because Israel has been brutal in its treatment of Palestinians, and just because Palestinians have a just cause that is worthy of support, this does not mean that Palestinians, all Palestinians are wise people and capable of making rational decisions. Likewise, it does not mean that because of the injustice inflicted upon them they become “entitled” to do and say anything they wish to do or say and expect this to go unchecked.

Some people with terminal illnesses and some elderly also behave in a manner that indicates they believe to have certain special entitlements and privileges that other people do not. This does not mean that they should not be treated with special compassion, but it does not mean that their opinions have to be accepted.
Sheikh Raed Salah is the archetypical stupid Palestinian. As a matter of fact, the whole hijacking of Hamas and fundamentalist Sunni Islam of the Palestinian cause has been a very stupid move.

Israel’s existence has been based and continues to be based on land grabbing. When Israel stole Palestinian land, it did not distinguish between Moslems and Christians and between a mosque and a church.

The conflict between Zionism and Arabs is one that has land in its core; not religion. It serves Israel’s agendas, short term, to give the conflict the taint of a religious war. Such a description depicts Israel as the victimized isolated threatened nation that is surrounded by a sea of hostile Moslems.

And any Arab, any Palestinian that accepts that the conflict is a religious one is playing Israel’s propaganda card and beating its drums.

Hypothetically speaking, if all Israeli Jews suddenly decided to convert to Islam, this will not mean that they will accept the return of Palestinian refugees. It won’t mean that they will take their personal possessions, homes and land and hand them back to Palestinians even if they wanted to.

Again, this is all hypothetical, for all Israeli Jews to turn Moslem is way too far-fetched, but how about just one Israeli Jew converting to Islam? It is possible. What if the grandfather of that Jewish man took the land forcefully from a Palestinian family, and the converted grandson truly wished to give it back? But the grandson would stop for a moment and say, hey, I don’t want to be unfair to myself either. When my grandfather stole this piece of land, there was an old house on it, we knocked it down, we built a huge brick home with a lavish garden. We put central heating in it, state-of-the-art solar power system, etc….. the land may have been stolen, but the building was built with our sweat and blood so how can I give the whole thing back?

It would be idealistic of utopic proportion for the conflict to be resolved and for justice to be restored without a single drop of blood shed on either side, but sadly, the situation is such that it clearly indicates that violence is going to rule.
Religion is not the root of the problem and conversion will not resolve it. It is about land, nothing but land.

Some Western pro-Palestinian activists take the words of Palestinians, all Palestinians as Gospel, and if/when they find a stupid man like Sheikh Raed Salah calling for the support of the rebellion in Syria, they automatically jump to support his point of view, because of course, he is Palestinian, and Palestinians cannot be wrong.

Let us get real. Not long before he died, Yasser Arafat decreed a law that gave mandatory capital punishment to Palestinians who sell land to Jews. Does this mean that such sales were still happening at that time? One wonders. The cement that was used by the Israeli government to build the infamous Sharon Wall was bought from a tender offered by a Palestinian business man (the cement itself is by the way is an Egyptian product).

When Israel invaded Lebanon, I was witness to many Palestinians coming out as Israeli agents and they were given the protection of the IDF. Most of them were either assassinated later on or fled the country after the Israeli defeat.
Targeted bombing in Gaza is the result of active feedback between the IDF and its Palestinian agents within Gaza who give instructions about the whereabouts of assassination targets.

If anyone thinks that all Palestinians are rosy wise patriots, then they truly need to re-examine this fantasy.

Palestinians who believe that they are fighting a religious war between Islam and Judaism are dead wrong.

Palestinians who replaced Syria for Saudi Arabia and Qatar believing that they are in the midst of a Sunni war against all non-Sunnis, and that joint Sunni “Jihad” needs to be galvanized, will soon find themselves at odds with their new friends when they find they have many conflicts of interest.

Palestinians who are calling for the fall of Bashar do not stop for one moment and wonder why the Israeli cabinet is asking for the same outcome. The reason they don’t, is because they are stupid.

Palestinians of the above attributes regard all non-Sunnis as infidels and enemies, they do not see any difference between a Zionist and a Christian Syrian or Alawite. They are just driven by sectarian blindness and hatred and they will sooner or later fall on their swords. They are darn stupid, and they are entitled to be so, and being Palestinian is not a carte blanche for wisdom.

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