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HE SHALL NOT STAND ALONE By Ghassan Kadi 27 July 2013

By Ghassan Kadi
27 July 2013

Syria is the last standing Arab bastion where Moslems and Christians of all sects, and people of all ethnicities live together in peace and harmony. It has laws that enforce those rights, and people who criticize Syria are not aware of those laws and rights and are buying into the Western propaganda that wants to demonize Syria. In fact, Jews lived in Syria for thousands of years, and they opted to leave when Israel was created. No one pushed them out.

And the US, the alleged world leader of freedom and democracy is doing this demonizing for no reason other than the fact that Syria is also the last Arab bastion standing against the full hegemony of Israel in the Levant.

Israel and America have a lot of vested interest in creating a world-wide anti-Assad fever, and after the Saddam and Qadhafi experiences, the USA is “better” prepared to play that role again.

And who will America reach out for local support but the most rotten, suppressive, corrupt, oppressive, totalitarian, dictatorial, sectarian regimes of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, especially Qatar.

This is a mass hysteria of biblical proportion. Bashar stands like the legendary King Theoden of Tolkein’s Lord Of The Rings. But just like King Theoden, Bashar shall not stand alone. True friends always come together and share the baptism of blood by choice, because they prefer to die with dignity rather than live like slaves.

Bashar has a war raging within Syria. His Arab “brothers” are flooding Syria with arms and men. A significant sector in the Lebanese community is against him and facilitating smuggling arms and men into Syria via the 100 km long northern Lebanese borders. The world media are running a vicious campaign of lies and deception attributing the crimes of his opponents to his army. They are going to the extent of using Hollywood tactics. NATO is threatening of military intervention. NATO warships are in the Mediterranean and they are increasing their presence to 5 aircraft carriers. US-backed Israel is always lurking in the background and making its own threats. Turkey to the north is huffing and puffing, supporting the rebellion logistically, militarily and also by using media wars and lies. Jordan to the south is a puppet pro-Western state. Iraq to the east has its own problems. There are continuous calls from the USA, France, Britain and many other nations to take decisive action against Syria. The UN under Ban Ki Moon is not honest enough to portray what is really happening on the streets and are blaming the government. Trade and financial sanctions have been implemented against Syria. The very Arab League, of which Syria is a prime member, is asking for sanctions against Syria. Muslim clerics the world over are calling for Jihad and thereby creating a formidable recruiting force that does not need advertising.

People, including leaders would be running for shelter under such an avalanche of weaponry and treachery, even under much milder ones. They would be sending their families to their privately-owned island retreats. They would flee, stand down, succumb…. but not Bashar. King Bashar stands, just like King Theoden, and against all odds, in every step along the way, he is demonstrating strength, determination, and defiance to the oppressors.

He downed a Turkish fighter jet the moment it entered Syrian space. His intelligence tracked a secret visit of Ehud Barak to the Golan Heights and greeted him with 3 missiles, and his envoy said that, yes, Syria has chemical weapons, and the decision to use them is Syria’s only, so buzz off.

The world must listen when King Theoden Bashar speaks, and must listen well. Syria is not Saddam’s Iraq. Syria is not Afghanistan. Syria is not Lybia. Syria is not afraid. If you want a fight, a fight you shall get. If you try to squash us, you too shall be squashed. With or without Russia, we shall fight you because this is our fight. We count on our people, their dignity, our true brothers and friends who will stand with us, and we set the rules of combat, not you.

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