Tuesday, September 3, 2013

UNGRATEFUL LIAR. By Ghassan Kadi August 2011

Ungrateful Liar

August 18, 2011
Ghassan Kadi
Yasser Abed Rabbo and the PLO and the PA have sold out Palestine and they are begging Israel for scraps. Had it not been for Syria's support to the Palestinian cause for the last 40 years or so, and had Syria not provided safe refuge for good and honest Palestinians leaders, the Palestinian struggle would have lost a lot of momentum. Instead of finding out the truth about what happened to Al Raml Palestinian refugee camp near Lattakia Syria, in a recent interview, he confirmed the alleged attacks of the Syrian Navy on the camp, condemned Syria, and compared the situation of Syrian residents to that of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation. Shame on you Yasser and your cohorts. Shame shame shame for telling lies and for being so ungrateful.

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